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Forsake The Forsaken…

June 7, 2014

Government doesn’t grant rights, it grants privileges at the expense of rights. Therefore, counting on government to preserve rights, at the expense of privileges is insanity. And depending on politicians, to do such, against their own self interests is delusional at best, and insanity at its worst.

Ideologies exist not to free man, but to exempt those responsible from their own hubris and their obligation to the commons and their fellow-man. It is in direct opposition to natural law… and in concert with commercial law.

One exist to secure rights, the other exists to secure capital, and unlimited rights of capitalists, from the rest of society who instead have privileges subject to behavior, or obedience. As they only way they can accrue the necessary capital to enjoy autonomy, is by blanket, unquestioned obedience to the ruling class, and existing social and political order of the day.

This explains why Obama and Rand Paul are BS lost causes… and so useful as distractions… Because they get you to engage in obedience and trade your natural rights to free will for obedience to a particular ideology that is easily controlled and manipulated to keep you in a position of dependence, instead of perfect independence.

Abandoning the sovereignty of the individual for the precarious privilege of the group you subscribe to.

Education and advertising exist solely to herd you into a particular camp, where you can easily be managed and influenced, with a few appeals to emotion in absence of reason, and appeal to conformity, rather than to reason and rationality.

This is why we are told to worship Adam Smith and ignore Thomas Paine.

The only rights are of those of means to free capital to be utilized on behalf of those with means, the property owners, and secure it from those without, meaning everybody else. This is why free trade and the free market is the new false religion. This is where Adam Smith incurs the absent morality of “the invisible hand” leaving aside the clenched fist that is used to decimate those who have resources we covet and means we wish to confiscate and transfer back from them, unto the wealth class, and the property owners. At the expense of the common man. No matter what country they reside…

This is why we are told anyone can be successful while at the same time it is constantly demonstrated that anyone can be destroyed if they piss off the government or ruling order. Any step towards independence that threatens the dependence of that nation upon the global order, or more specifically the racist Anglo-American establishment, MUST be dealt with in the most extreme terms. Not with diplomacy, not with mediation from the nations of the world… But with bombs, arms, ships, and soldiers… indiscriminately killing civilians, in the name of “freeing them.” As for the establishment nations… You can’t have obedience without lies. You can’t have people by in to such tyranny, unless they feel like they are the exemption. And the bigger the exemptions the greater desire to be in that class, and exempt those in that class from any accountability at all.

We all want to be the 1 percent or .10 of 1 percent… When most of that status came NOT from “hard work” but inheritance…

We are no more a meritocracy than the empire we supposedly left.

We follow a religious order in the Vatican, a financial order in NY and a global military order in DC.

Piss those folks off, and the corporations and their media, and their funded intelligentsia class from universities come for your head. If your lucky… and your country, and your resources, if you’re not…

These illusions and delusions are destroying the people and the world.

And if people want to hate the truth tellers… Well then, destroy it ALL, and that, Right Soon!

It is not worth saving…

There are no exceptions.

There are no rules…

Only anarchy and chaos.

Of those who appointed themselves our masters, and the people who demanded they be given the right and duty to do so, without any accountability, or responsibility to the world or the people who came before them, or lived under them.

If that is the world you want, you can have it.

I step aside.

I wash my hands.

And wait for whoever brought me here, to call me, when it’s time.

Until then, this time belongs to me.

My life belongs to me.

And nobody gets anything from me, without my say so.

I volunteer nothing, and reserve everything.

To use or not use, as I see fit.

That is freedom.

And I don’t need your permission to carry it out.

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