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-ism’s Isn’t Freedom… And Never Will Be…

May 6, 2014

All “isims” are pseudo-religions, while claiming to not be religions… They have deities, martyrs, and Gods and claim to be for the betterment of man, while at the same time, serving to subjugate him, and isolate him from his brother and fellow man. That is NOT freedom, that is slavery. Trading one master for another, one orthodoxy for another, one ideology at a time…. and so on, is not the same or has any relation to being free, or securing the freedom (ideological as well as others) of another man. This blind faith is converted to bondage, with rivals clamoring to shelter one individual after another into their ideological prison. How can you fight tyranny by embracing it or the principle OF it… ad nauseam… You can’t! Unless… you are intellectually dishonest, just as the zealots you preach against. And the common man is left, NOT free but choosing which bondage he is most comfortable with. That is many things, but free is NOT one of them!


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