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(Welcome To) The Reservation Revisited…

May 2, 2014

Your family has lived on this parcel of land for generations. You have lived with your neighbors, your half brothers for centuries. Sometimes you argue, sometimes you quibble, but you and your family have worked the land, been merchants, live on the land, and make your living from it…. Then all of a sudden some entity that did not consult you, just gave your land and your property to an entity far away. Encouraging this class of individuals to amass in mob like fashion, and descend to your homeland. Overnight turning your neighbors into enemies, and thieves and vigilantes… What changed so quick?

Why now, where before you had a business, a job, a bank account… Now some people are in your home telling you, you have 30 mins. to leave, grabbing only what you can hold… and send you and your family into the desert… without protection from anyone or the elements, or anything…

Congratulations… you have just read about the founding of Israel.

Let’s take it to another example shall we…

Let’s say you have had a parcel of land in your family for generations or have used that land for generations, without incident. Then one day, the government decides to use your land for private use, and seizes it, and decides to fine you for every day you continue to use this land for your property, your cattle, etc. to make a living.

You refuse. You say that you disagree over whether or not this is a legal matter, or a lawful order. You have owned the property, paid property taxes. But now they create a situation where you owe penalties plus interests, for continuing to do, what you have done, in peace for over the past century.

What is the remedy for this situation?

In Israel, it is to bring the US and the United Nations into your dispute, call those victimized terrorists, and claim that they are so angry and violent, the international community and the last global hegemonic superpower, must contain that anger, and secure your unfettered right to your ill-gotten gains, in perpetuity… forever.

Here in the US, the remedy is not mediation or arbitration… no that would be non-violent… And would embolden those stubborn individuals who are willing to fight to preserve their property and the rights that ownership incur.

Here in the US, the remedy is force. Armored vehicles, military helicopters, tear gas, armor-piercing ammunition… and the media calling you everything up to “the White Satan” because you dare to stand on principle and demand a redress of grievance through non violent legal action or outright nullification of an unjust law.

The founders fought a war to push back against much less. Here in 21st century Amerika, mere defiance of an unjust or unconstitutional order is the recipe for armed, violent conflict, or at the very least, dehumanizing mischaracterization and assassination that every moneyed majority does against the irate minority.

To this day, there are still Arabs, in the middle east who cling to the hope of the right to return to their ancestral homeland in Palestine. And leave the refugee camps in Nablus and Hebron in the West Bank. Why? Why after multiple generations do these families STILL long to come back to their homeland and live there and die there and be buried there…

Because it is home.

Why is Mr. Bundy so willing to fight and take on the government over grazing fees on land he already owns… Because it’s his. And the right to use that property through his ownership was taken from him, without consent, without cause, and at a financial loss, let alone the additional loss of having to pay for the right to use his own land, for his own purposes, in this case to engage in commerce to preserve his livelihood.

Are we to cheer this man who stands up for his rights? Or the government so determined to take them at any cost that they threaten his life, and that of those who come to his defense, while also serving to confiscate and KILL his cattle, so that he can be even less likely to be able to make a living, or pay for the privilege to make a living of what used to be his own land.

Now what is “yours” is only yours if you consent. To what? To whatever they tell you.

If you want to associate with your neighbors, even if you disagree with them, the government can blackmail you to be an informant for them, and if you resist they entrap you, and charge you. And if you refuse to answer their charges in their courts, they come in with snipers and helicopters and Delta Force to raid and siege your home, and kill your son, and your wife, while she is retreating from men pointing guns at her, holding her newborn baby.

If you want to have different religious beliefs, but make your living buying and selling firearms, the government can raid your home, without a warrant or notice of cause, with automatic weapons. And if you resist, you are shot, your property is destroyed, your children are taken from you, and the rest of you are gassed for hours on end and summarily, burned alive, and shot when you attempt to escape the inferno. While the media calls you “extremist that did it to themselves…” After all, all they had to do, was comply.

When did the right to have your own property, your own beliefs, the right to freely associate to share those beliefs, and engage in commerce to support your living to be able to live by those beliefs, without force or coercion against your neighbors or fellow-man… become a death sentence?

When did that give the government a license to kill you… Even on national tv. And call you the monster. And your family and your innocent children, “collateral damage.”

And this is the system American soldiers are fighting and dying for to implement in far off lands, overseas…

I can understand the resistance abroad.

What I cannot understand is the absolute lack of resistance at home.

This is OUR country. These are OUR people. Our neighbors, brothers, sisters, wives, and fathers, and children… And we consent to throw them up to the full force of this voracious appetite for blood and treasure… And piece by piece the so-called “outsiders” of society are policed, cleaned up and incarcerated or killed.


But what about the next group they go after.

What if the Republicans want to go after “the freeloaders.” What if you lose all of the privileges through taxes you paid for, while they loot the treasury and say they can’t afford to help because they have no money.

What if the Democrats want to take all weapons from the people, and instead leave the National Guard, the military, or the police to be the last line of defense. You know the military that is infiltrated with mexican drug cartel assassins like Los Zetas, or Muslims like Hassan, who think American men and women in uniform are justifiable targets for assassination because of our imperialism overseas. What if you call the police to help you from being assaulted and they shoot you, or rape you in your own apt.? What if they see you have a dog and shoot first and kill it, and the bullet hits your child on the living room floor. Or good forbid goes through a wall and kills your wife lying in her bed, because they came to the wrong house.

What if even expressing these views online or one the phone, in a private conversation gets you put on a watch list, that you don’t know you are on, and can’t get off. And every time you fly, you are physically assaulted with violent searching for weapons and the like, without cause or a warrant? What if you are not allowed to freely travel and leave the country. What if you are detained at the border…. What if they don’t like what you have to say and decide to keep you there… Then what?

Who can help you? Who can stand up for you? Your attorney, in a federal court? Forget it. Just try taking you being accused of anything like terrorism or obstruction in investigation of domestic terrorism to a jury, let that be put up in the press. Even if you are exonerated, you’re a marked person for life, and ostracized by your fellow citizens. Try making a living now, or freely associating with anyone now…

No chance in hell….

You are a prisoner.


In the largest open air penal colony in the world, the U S of A.

Just like those enslaved inside Gaza and the West Bank.

We even have the inland border Constitution Free Zone checkpoints, just like they do.

But we had it coming I guess….

Just ask a Native American…

If you can FIND one…

As the late great Russell Means said: “America… Welcome to the Reservation.”


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