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More Race (Class) Based Hypocrisy…

April 29, 2014


Here is why this is dangerous… In America you have the right to property ownership and the right to engage or not engage in voluntary associations as you see fit. This did NOT affect the product on the court. Or stop Sterling from hiring or paying African-American players… This was not racism in public life but in a private conversation with a close associate/partner whatever… Now if this guy can lose control of his business investment for what he says in his private life… This is dangerous for free speech. And remember how police are suing for illegal wiretapping and WINNING, well shouldn’t that apply here? And ENOUGH of the pious BS coming from NBA players… If they REALLY cared about the abhorrence of his views, they would return the money they got from him, and truly disassociate themselves from his support. Instead they get to keep their money and he gets fined. Wonderful, convenient hypocrisy. Look, I don’t agree with his views on race IF this are his views on race. But shit a conversation with your girlfriend over who she is seen with, when she’s not with you, if THAT gets you to lose your property and your money, EVERY MOTHERFUCKIN guy up in here… would be fined, BROKE and an unemployable outcast/pariah… That is NOT the real issue here… The players discontent is not the issue here. The players have had issues with Sterling for DECADES! But the REAL issue here for the NBA is image and $$$$ When advertisers threaten to stop the gravy train, the NBA, just like ANY corporation clamps down to save their profits! Don’t fucking kid yourself for one moment and say this is a noble effort for the NBA to stamp out racism… BS! They didn’t give a DAMN about Sterling’s behavior before this became public. And even when he was litigated for them. No, this is NOT about RACE… This is about money. Sure the minority players will hem and haw, and still cash their checks… The media will have a field day with their daily two-minute hates on “old, white men…” but the fact of the matter is the NBA doesn’t give one SHIT about race relations and civil rights in their business… they care about fucking money. SO CUT THE BS… AND TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH about what the real issue at hand is here. Or STFU!!! And get over yourselves… NBA players are NOT oppressed…. There will be NO marches on Washington for them… When they refuse to take his money, I will listen. Until then… they are just as wrong as Sterling is, because in this country you have a right to have abhorrent views and express them in the privacy of your own home. You have the right to be an ASSHOLE! As long as you do not act in force, fraud or violence… And if YOU don’t like it, you have a right to NOT participate, take money or give money to the bastard. NOT run to somebody to steal from someone, and to award to someone else, who is smart enough TO LIE TO YOUR FACE and tell you what you want to fucking hear!!! That aint liberty, that is BS!


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