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“Downtrend Indeed…”

April 20, 2014


“For anyone that just got done paying your taxes and are in a surly mood, don’t read this article, it’ll only enrage you further. If you work a full-time job in the private sector, congratulations, you are one hell of a philanthropist. More than half of the federal taxes you pay go to fund benefits for someone else. You are one of 86 million employees that subsidize the 148 million benefit recipients in America.

–How much goes to Corporate Welfare, Downsizing, Corporation Tax cuts, Military spending which exists to create new markets and control existing markets, allowing them to do business with the top multinational corporations… Are THOSE counted… And doesn’t being a taxpayer entitle you to those benefits? We ALL pay payroll tax, Medicare, Medicaid, not to mention the inflation tax every time our government borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank, to give to Corporations to provide services at cost, while privatizing profits, and socializing any incurred losses…

“Terence P. Jeffrey did a wonderful piece for, which shows how few working Americans are bearing the brunt of the responsibility for supporting the democrat’s social safety net. You should definitely read it, but here’s the gist:

103,087,000 people work full-time, year-round in the United States. Of that number, 16,606,000 work for the government. Since taxpayers pay the salaries of government workers, Jeffrey discounts this number as irrelevant to the argument. What we are left with is 86,429,000 Americans who work full-time in the private sector or are self-employed.

— Yes, you paying for government workers is off the table.

“Counting those on welfare, food stamps, living in public housing, receiving Medicaid, getting unemployment insurance, and every other social program you can think of, there are 147,802,000 benefit takers in America. That does not count the 3,178,000 veterans that receive benefits because I think we can all agree that the men and women of our military have more than earned what they receive.

— So the record corporate profits and tax breaks and tax refunds GE gets are off the table. The profits from military contractors and the graft and the claims against the men and women in uniform who were electrocuted in the shower in a base in Iraq, that is not to be discussed, or even held accountable for, or acknowledged. That money is patriotic, and is to be sacrosanct. Got it.

Those who come back, surviving the horrible food, weaponized toxic vaccinations, to where their children have horrific birth defects, and the many rape survivors, male and female, yeah, let’s just avoid touching that as well and sweep it under the rug with money.

“So, bottom line: 86,429,000 of us are busting our asses to pay the benefits of 147,802,000 other people. I understand that some of that number represents disabled folks and others that are truly needy. I’m fine with that, but the bulk of benefit receivers are able-bodied and choose not to pull their own weight.

— Did this guy ever hear of technological unemployment?

It’s NOT a question of “able-bodied choos(ing) not to pull their own weight”

Through cost efficiency due to the need to guarantee maximum profit… Mechanization is on the road to ELIMINATING 75% of the CURRENT labor force! A labor force, mind you, which ALREADY is at its lowest participation rate since the Depression.

“Let’s put this into further perspective by heading over to the Center On Budget And Policy Priorities to see where our federal tax dollars go:

19% goes to defense. I’m fine with this. I believe in a strong national defense and don’t cry about my minimal contribution to it.”

–Again the waste, fraud and abuse of the defense (OFFENSE) industry which supports an empire of 900+ military bases in 150 countries overseas… let’s NOT talk about that!

17% goes to various programs that include veteran’s benefits, education, infrastructure, and research. Again, no complaints from me about this piece of the pie.

— Yes, avoid the horrific human cost of the warfare state. The lost potential and productivity… And never mind the research and infrastructure and FREE cost of this, with it being sponsored and paid in full BY THE TAXPAYER in subsides to public institutions on behalf of corporations, while ANY useful innovation found WILL be patented, privatized and brought to market, at cost, for only the benefit of those who can pay for it, at (high) cost, AFTER they already paid for it, in taxes.

“6% goes to paying interest on the national debt. I’d like a better monetary system in this country, but until that happens, we have to pay our bills.

— But WHO do we owe this debt TOO? Could it be the cost of the money from the Federal Reserve, that we supposedly OWN! Why do we have to pay THIS back?

“Okay, so far we have 42% of our tax dollars going to things that are good, necessary, and benefit the country.

What about the remaining 58%? Check this out:

24% goes to social security. Before you say that people getting SS benefits have paid into the system and earned the money they get, ask yourself why nearly a quarter of every tax dollar you pay goes to fund this. It’s supposed to be a self-financing program, but clearly it’s not because there’s way too many people who never paid a dime to FICA pulling down checks.”

–I got a BIGGER theft than that buddy. Since the Federal Reserve system in 1913, the US Dollar has LOST 98% of its value.

A dollar in 1913 is now worth $23.87 a 2286.8 INCREASE in inflation and LOSS of value and purchasing power.

So for every dollar they took from your parents and grandparents in SS. They KEPT 22.87 for themselves. As the government, since they are partnered with the Fed, often gets the new money first, and the inflation filters out through the system, and punishes the savers, and those on fixed incomes who have to pay the higher prices, with less capital. Tell me again about the “takers” punishing “the makers” and that “there’s way too many people that never paid a dime to FICA pulling down checks.”

“22% goes to Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. These are pre-ObamaCare numbers. Why do we need socialized medicine, when we already have it? Or, why do we have to pay higher health insurance premiums to pay for something we already pay for with our taxes? This one bugs me the most.”

–Because DUMBASS you didn’t bring competition to the system, you subsidized an already profitable system! That is what happens when you use law to create an artificial monopoly, and invite the health care industry to write the self-serving legislation, with the ability to funnel that money back into the policymakers in our “free market” campaign finance election laws… I mean economy. And remember according to the Supreme Court in “Citizens United” corporations ARE people, with the same right to lobby, take tax exemptions and lobby for cuts and exemptions from policy, from policy makers, in effect rigging the “free market” in their favor, in perpetuity!

“12% goes to the social safety net. These are all of the government handouts the democrats are so fond of and they cost us almost $400 billion a year.”

–With record unemployment, what happens to “the makers” if “the takers” take the rest? And the police is cut back because of austerity? Just think and reflect on THAT for a moment, if you please!

“So there you have it. 86 million Americans work hard to pay $1.9 trillion dollars in benefits to 148 million others every single year.

How is this fair? How is this a workable model for an economy? Eventually, the needy will grow beyond the working people’s ability to support them. When that happens, the country will collapse.”

— But this self-appointed know it all, thinks his ass is in the clear, because he backs the boys with money.

Yeah, that’s just what Astor thought, when he boarded the Titanic, and what those Wall St. money changers thought, just before the plane hit the towers.

Did money save them then? Can it save them now?


Either we deal with scarcity and inequality, or we ALL go down with it.

This crap aint fixing a thing.

Not for either side.


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