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Why Getting Money Out Of Politics Won’t Work (The Distinction Of Money & Power)

April 5, 2014

You hear it from time to time. “We need to get the money out of politics!”

Sometimes you even hear another… “We need a Constitutional Convention to…. (limit government and make them follow the Constitution!)


Has anybody taken the time to actually THINK about this.

Why do you think there is such a clamor in the media for such actions?

Am I REALLY expected to believe now the left gives a damn about the advance of personal liberty and rights, at the expense of corporate liberty (and rights), while at the same time working to redefine what those rights even are?

Think about it. “We” got Campaign Finance Reform passed. All it did was serve to cut off citizen groups, audit them, harass them into shutting down or being muted. While corporations were exempt. And record campaign contributions, regulated and not flooded their coffers. And the corporate interests lobbyists, even got to write the law themselves and get their rep. (I mean “YOUR” rep) to enact it.

What do you honestly think is going to happen with getting money out of politics?

They will get it out, all right. That’s for sure.

But what does it matter who is giving the money when the financial and corporate class get’s to appoint their representatives to run and be elected TO congress? People like Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine. People who go from administration to administration, like Goldman Sachs Robert Rubin. You think money is the problem?

Hell no.

It’s ideological.

They believe in freedom of capital and of those of means, to be protected from those without means.

Just like Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.

The system exists to allow those with means to have the rights and privileges of such.

To influence policy.

Orchestrate trade and commerce to create wealth and abundance, and use of resources, and have further the right to cultivate those resources into products and services that can be brought to market. Guaranteeing the most profit, while also ensuring those profits are protected through heavy regulations for their competitors, and lax regulations for themselves.

Wait it gets better.

The policymaker who didn’t just happen to go to the same schools as the corporate executives, the one who wants to look out for his constituents… he has to capitulate to this, because if he fights back, he is perceived by the corporations and the corporate media as “Anti-growth, anti-capitalist, even communist.”  Well then, I guess better to be a corporate fascist, and allow big corporations to buy and own 90 of American media. Everything we read in a paper, see on tv, hear on the radio is created, distributed, and preached to the point of exhaustion, to make sure that those with means and unfettered access, continue to  profit off of our natural resources..  and the people who depend on them for their existence; This is seen as virtuous. And anyone who dares to question this, is nothing short of an absolute traitor, and the worse deviant or social pariah. Hell, we even blame those pariahs for the inequality of this system, and tell them they just are jealous or hateful of those who are successful, and want to punish them. But who is really punishing the people here? The activists outsiders, or the realpolitik insiders?

Last I looked the people were not asking to pay the cost of the failure of the fascist alliance, when it comes to oil spills, undeclared wars, financial bailouts after the money was hoarded and confiscated from the lower classes to the highest class, and then that theft acted as a down payment for the next blank check for even more transfer of wealth from the underclass to the super-class, to ensure “they” were solvent… again, at the market’s, I mean–People’s expense.

Nowadays you go to an Ivy League school because your parents did. Even if you can’t hack it with the books. You join your fraternity. You “graduate” or your parents write a check, whatever. Then you get a plush job on Wall St. There you strategize and devise new criminal ways to game the system to create wealth on the basis of perception instead of production. Working hard, to you is attending meetings, having parties, and rubbing elbows with the wealth class. You brag about how good you are. Especially to the media. You pay for marketing and advertising. People become aware of you and your claims. Because somebody in a suit on tv, on a corporate owned finance network show, or the corporate owned nightly cable news says you are worth a damn, the public believes the same. And begins to invest in you, and your company.

But when the numbers finally come out, and the depth of the fraud is  revealed, your employees lose their jobs. Your stockholders lose their savings. (Well at least those who weren’t in on the conference calls) And maybe, somebody goes to jail in a minimum security prison for rich people, or rehab. Or if you are REALLY good, you get to pay the government a fine, and/or donate to somebody’s campaign and their lackeys, to receive a FULL pardon.

Do you really think it’s a question of money, here?

Do you really think that the people who attend meetings with the elite of the elites, do it, because they can get some money out of it. Maybe. But they can’t get anything out of it, without falling into the same ideologies, the same belief systems and values, or lack thereof. That is why getting money out of politics won’t do a damn thing to change the policy.

The policymakers go there TO enact those policies. Hell, most of them have to be rich and fund their campaigns to get there. You think Corzine cared about money when he was pushing for lax regulation on the financial sector. He was already rich. He, like they had a shared interest in freeing up capital and the means to create it, from the people and the market, and keep it for themselves, and those who enable them. In this case his colleagues.

So money in and of itself means NOTHING! Sorry Occupy! Sorry Dylan Ratigan! Getting money out of politics, like campaign finance reform will do absolutely NOTHING! to empower anyone EXCEPT those who are already empowered,  namely the wealth class and agents of such.

History teaches us nothing less.

Now others on the other side of the political spectrum are asking for a Constitutional Convention to make laws to make the government or lawmakers, subject to their own laws, and held accountable under the law for not following the US Constitution.

The theory here is that since the current Constitution seemingly is ineffective at making the government carry it out, and follow it, that well that same government has to fix it or even make a new Constitution that they WILL follow.

Um, just how in the hell is that supposed to work?

So, once this Convention has begun with the  states… is it just limited to states and how they are subject to rule by the federal government,  and limited to the role and responsibilities of a Senator or Congressman? Nope!

They can get in a meeting, and make motions to make that which is unlawful, lawful. They can even create new laws!

Like making healthcare a right! And making the government’s right to tax to provide for such a right, permanent!

Oh sure, they will tell you they will use the new authority to rid the land of Obamacare… But then they would have to answer to their donors from the insurance industry, banking industry, investment class, and shareholders, and stockholders, and since they need money from one, and votes from the other to keep their own privileges and self-created exemptions, you can bet Joe Sixpack, aint got any say in that room!

Hell they can even say that our trade laws must be in harmony with the UN and foreign trade laws. In order to be “more fair” and allow for the free flow of capital, and that rising tide will lift all boats, globally.” Who is going to stop them? It certainly isn’t you. You get to FIND OUT what they decide AFTER they do. And after they get told from the interests they are serving, TO do.

Human rights? Forget it.

With the liquidation of money, and the universal need to transform rights for the many into the privileges for the few, you will see land reform, speech codes, educational reform worse than it already is or isn’t… to put it bluntly.

Health care privatized, while free will will be suspect and criminalized.

Think about it.

How many decisions do you make in your daily life, that are truly yours?

Do you have a say in what things cost?

In what services you will pay for, and at what rate?

Do you have a say with your employer as to your work and what you are paid for. Or does the union act on your behalf and TELL YOU, what they will do “for you” whether you like it or not?

Do you have a say how your child is educated? Fed? Disciplined? Protected on school grounds? What they will be subjected to by the staff, private volunteers, let alone their own peers?

Do you have a say in what is “news” and what isn’t? What is worthy entertainment and what is obscene and inherently offensive to yourself and the community in which you live?

Do you have a say in how your personal resources are used, and not used? Let alone a say in how those public resources are used and not used?

I don’t mean in generalities, I mean daily!

Do YOU have a say, in ANY of this?

Well if not you, then WHO does…

People with means who draft people with similar means, and the same ideologies to create wealth, rights and privileges to create unlimited prosperity at the expense of those without it.

What good is taking money out, if they are just gonna do the same thing anyway?

What good is having them write ANOTHER document or edit the current one, to see to it, that all of the illegal acts and actions they are currently doing, remain so, and that some of what you can do, that is not yet illegal MUST be made so. In order to transfer wealth and use of public resources from you, over to them… In perpetuity.

What the hell are you arguing about and clamoring for? More of the same, on steroids?

Then why don’t you step back, take a deep breath and take an inventory of where we are, how we got here, and how putting faith in others to do more of the same, is going to do a damn thing different from it has since our countries inception.

You can’t solve problems with the same thinking, and mechanisms that created and enabled them in the first place.

You have to do something different.

Trying to remake the present is as foolish and trying to remake the past.

The only way the present doesn’t become our future is if we deviate from the past that took us there.

We need to find new ideas and eschew the same old voices, with the same old thinking, that have left us with the same old problems, with the same old solutions that come at our expense and the benefit of themselves.

Money is NOT the problem…

Politics is NOT the problem…

The people worshiping those with money and allowing them the privilege to solve their problems,  and using politics to get away with it IS the problem.

No politician is going to give you power…. You have to give you power. And make sure that power is extended to everyone, with NO exceptions.

That is freedom…

That is liberty…

That is justice…

No exceptions.

No rulers.

That, my friend is the blessings of autonomy…


Can you handle that?

Ok, well… then, how about YOU defend it!!!















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