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Assuming The Worst Case Scenario… What IS Victory?

March 26, 2014

Okay, let’s suspend disbelief, throw caution to the wind and give the paragons of the latest incarnation of  “Hope &(for) Change…” Let’s take an inventory.

Say Rand Paul get’s (s)elected to be President in 2016.

What can he do?

Nothing without Congress….

Bring the troops home? How?

He would get called names and be seen as weak on national defense, abandoning our troops in a time of war, and causing those lost to have died in vain…

Ask for an audit of the Fed? Again Congress is in the way.

Overturn Obamacare? See Congress.

What he can do is argue for cuts to welfare and entitlement spending (that you the taxpayer already paid for).

Where does the money left over go? It stays in government coffers.

Sure he can ask for a rebate to the taxpayers. But remember the last rebate from Congress?

Avg. 450-600 dollars.

Whoo! Pig Suey! What’s that? When you’re in debt over thousands of dollars?

How much of the 2.3 TRILLION from the bank bailouts did the guilty get in BONUSES on top of revenues, in hindsight?

Privatizing services? All that is, is outsourcing the cost of doing business from the company to the customer. And inflating such cost to make them profitable for their investors and owners, and prohibitive to their customers and consumers.

Anything from water, to trash, to health care, to transportation… all serves to add increased expense to those with less if any means to pay?

How can somebody stretch their dollar further. With inflation reflected in food, gas, public utilities, health care, let alone catastrophic costs? Well, they can’t.

And now bailing out the insurance industry. Even if by magic wand or executive order, Rand puts the kibosh on Obamacare… He still has to give the insurance companies something, to compensate them.

He’s not going to just throw them into the arms of the Democrats in perpetuity, and his own party won’t let him.

So you can bet, if anything the government’s role will be even less, if at all, and the insurance companies will again be able to write their own ticket.

How about the “Pro-Growth” agenda… Rand already has come out for a slashing of Corporate Income Tax rates, which already are the lowest in history.

And where does THAT money go? Back into the community? Well no, unless the  K Street lobbyists in DC counts! No, that money goes to investment firms, and offshore banks… None of it comes back into the good ol’ US of A! Not one dime!

How about the easing of regulations on Energy companies. Already we are seeing permanent damage to water tables, and farmland and public lands, due to natural gas pollution from fracking, and the more advanced deep well drilling on US mainland. Never mind the Gulf which is still reeling from the damage from Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon blowout that cracked the sea floor, and turned the Gulf into an oil slick, Corexit, chemical cocktail, death camp and cancer ward.

Instead of taking multinational corporations to task for their abuses, and cracking down on the energy industry which operates largely on the basis of government subsides from US taxpayers, only to charge those customers for the goods that are produced, the minute they are brought to market, or diverted to the global marketplace; Rand would engorge them with even more money. In the name that they “create jobs” and keep our country running…

Actually they suck up a boatload of money and divert resources to benefit themselves and their investors, as the US consumer pays the bill. They get charged for research and development, and cultivating land for private use, then get charged again, for use and benefit of that resource.  And this is what America is fighting, dying, and killing citizens of other nations to bring upon them? In the name of “Freedom”? Well of capital maybe. A society where those of means, get to use those without means, to profit off of those without means, and keep it amongst themselves. While blaming those without for not having the ability or the means themselves to become one of them. And this is what passes for American Exceptionalism?

Is the right to control and use natural and public resources for the benefit of the public, inherently evil? It must be since we keep invading, and overthrowing nations who do just that. Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, with Iran in the cross hairs, and Ukraine already burning.

And what is this called? “Freedom and Democracy.” Well did the Ukrainians get a vote? Did the Libyan’s? The Afghans? The Iraqi’s? Anyone? Only until AFTER we were there, killed some, terrorized the others, and turned their public services into for profit corporations.

This violence and rape of Iraq is no better or worse than the same violence and rape of Africa. Where corporations like Syngenta have privatized springs and wells, and charge people for their own water. And are so careless with waste disposal, that they dump chemicals into the very same springs that natives depend for washing, bathing, cooking and drinking.

That is what we want to bring to the Middle East, South America, Mexico, Canada, and even the US. Really?

A society where “the makers” get to live on their own private islands, while the rest of us are left to fend amongst ourselves, and fight and kill for access to basic natural resources and necessities of life, that have become even more scarce, the lesser and lesser they are to the people? And they have the unmitigated GALL to call us “takers”?

Is there anything left, any resource, any opportunity, that they haven’t segregated and controlled amongst themselves, already?

They own policymakers, hell they ARE our policymakers… Just look at who works as a lobbyists prostituting and bribing colleagues on behalf of corporate interests, until they get to become yet again, a policymaker, sponsored and controlled by the same or a different corporate interests. And THIS is called  “the people’s House” and “… rule BY (and for) the Consent OF the governed?”


We already privatized the telecommunications industry. Now we turn the Health Care system into yet another public-private partnership. And all it did, thanks to government, was serve to eliminate any benefits, and compel you to yet another tax. In an era of record  unemployment.

What are we supposed to do? Go to school, to get a job, and pay for our own healthcare? Well people did that. And they are in debt to the bankers to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. And are unemployed… without health care!!!

Now what?

Now, we have empty houses, and the crime that follows, enveloping city, after city. While the police of all things are cut, in the name of Austerity…

Fuck the poor, fall back to defend the rich… Haven’t we seen this BS before?

Wasn’t it called Obama? Or Clinton? Or Bush, et. al…

When do those under the arm of those with the force of government and private means, and similarly concentrated wealth, get to have the boot momentarily taken off their face, while still yet having it upon them, blocking out the daylight?

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 30, 40… hell with the 21st century, how about the 22nd? Would THAT be “too soon” to forestall anarchy?

Well, what in the hell do you call THIS!?!


Yes, let’s crack down on the freeloaders, who go through government schools, get told the same orthodoxy, and fairy tales about justice, peace and prosperity, and then get called names when they actually think such ideas and ideals, apply to them, and that they are entitled to what they were told to.

What a fucking cruel joke, and at cost of REAL human lives, too!

Now as they learn that the only justice that exist, it that which you can afford, and that instead the only privileges and opportunities exist from those who already had them at birth or by membership of the higher social and economic classes; That minority gets to call us, the majority… names???

And because we see this on television, and read this in the newspapers, and hear this on the radio, we believe it? About each other and even ourselves… And where are we at the end… EVERY TIME…


And subject to who’s will… end’s and aims? The very same people who brought us here, and those who serve them to KEEP us here…

Disempowered, uninformed. Incapable of assembling to even ask for redress of grievances. NOT resolving, just addressing them.. amongst ourselves in civil society. But even now THAT non-violent, harmless, and substantive means  to resolve conflict peacefully is seen by “our” government as violent, radicalized, homegrown, domestic, extremism and terrorism… The kind of very real threat to America, that must be defended by any means necessary. Such as X-rays at the airport. collecting your financial information, cataloging your driving habits, profiling and storing your biometric data on computers, from pubic body scanning cameras in cites and small towns alike. Strip searching your children, while arresting you if you take a photo of them in the bathroom. Having your blood drawn at a DUI checkpoint. And arrested if you refuse. Being charged with murder after using a firearm  in self-defense, after already being beaten by a mob. Calling your member of Congress, or daring to ask an actual unscripted question in a public forum, this can get you a visit from federal agents, or tortured with electric shock, assaulted by police, and arrested for “resisting arrest, public disturbance, harassment, and, of course… assault of a police officer.”

They can get paid leave for killing you, when you call them to help you from being assaulted, you can be imprisoned for being assaulted and for resisting the attempted physical assault of a police officer, even if he is “off duty”. Children can be put in jail inside of their own school for being “disruptive” even if they are disabled and have involuntary actions or outbursts. Let alone forcibly medicated without their parents knowledge or consent.

Do you hear ANY of this coming from the mouth of Rand Paul? I vaguely remember such coming from his father. Hell, we fought for Ron Paul to have the opportunity to walk out the back door of the GOP convention as we were being surveiled, harassed, and assaulted. Now Rand is telling us, to be “on our  best behavior” less we be “pot smoking, troublemakers, and rabble rousers…” This coming from a man, who espoused the virtues of the Founders, who DID smoke pot, and dare be it, raised a lot of rabble with the existing social and political order of the day.

But I guess that is the hollow words of an outsider looking and longing for the inside game. And now that he is an insider, we who put them there, are now considered to be ALL “outsiders” with the rest that do not agree or even understand Rand’s ends and aims…

But does even he, himself?

I can’t tell, where the ambition ends and the principle begins. Oh I hear a lot about principle, when he’s talking about his positions (assumed to be in our best interests). But when people take him up on it, and actually want to have a part in their own damn revolution, and have autonomy and their free will of their own lives respected without acts of force, fraud or violence against them, Rand seems to recoil, pontificate, talk down, and slander those who took him at this own words, and tried in vain to follow his own example, after being told to abandon his father’s.

Apparently nothing we ever do is good enough for Rand Paul. We give him money, we make excuses, we throw out our principles and send him our gold, turning our heroes and allies into villains, and all that remains as our enemies. Our only strength lies in our ability to communicate  only what we agree on, and only with those we agree with.

And that is what passes for freedom in our time.

Half measures, half-truths, privileges for some at the expense of others, and the only rights we enjoy, forever being subject to our behavior, or to put it another way, our obedience to the state, and those who exist to serve it.

That this would come after 8 years of Obama,  another 8 of Bush, and another 8 of Clinton only serve to make the consolidation of power that much more seamless and complete.

We have the freedom to enjoy diminished opportunity. Were those with means, come up with ideologies to prop up their existing hierarchies. And blame the increasing masses of the underclass, for the errors of the super-class.

Errors which are then perversely taught as virtues, and the next generation is left with either the choice to “Be a part of it,” or suffer under it. And if that sounds like a false choice, it is.

Just like any choice offered from any politician, or master they serve, at the expense of the people, ALWAYS is.

Do the people want any different? Are they even capable of conceptualizing enough to even think of, let alone answer the question? So far, if so those people are a bigger minority, than those who are actively oppressing us, and so far are exempt. That doesn’t change, until we have the courage to tune them out, listen to our own voice, and grow even louder as we assemble to hear our own cries, and see to it, that our cries be heard.

Anything less is suicide.

Cancer doesn’t kill overnight, it eats you day by day.

We are running out of days to rely on wishful or magical thinking that any other individual can save us from ourselves.

That is up to us, it always was.

And until we take the steps necessary to speak to each other instead of at each other, call for solutions, instead of platitudes, decide that winning the war on inequality, is more preferable than creating freedom and opportunity only for those who the rules already DON’T apply to…

Things will not change for the better.

Only get progressively worse.

The Constitution didn’t free anyone.

The people did.

Those who oppress the rest of us, continue to do so, because we allow them to.

We prop them up, and they reply with weighing us down.

Well, we already are underwater, and are living off of our last breath.

Do we throw them off, and truly yearn to breathe free…

Or are we more willing and content, to nobly drown and recede into the abyss, as they latch on to the next resource to exploit, consume, and destroy.

We tried the noble experiment with Obama, and that got us here, that much faster.

How fast do you think Rand Paul will take us…

Are you ready, willing and able, to find out?

I sure as hell am not…

I, like you, can barely survive Obama.

The next errand boy for the elite won’t change that.

Only you and I can.

Not in 2016…


What do you say?

Do you want liberty,

or be left to pray for death.

The Calvary isn’t coming.

We are all we’ve got.

Let’s start acting like it.



























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