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Where Are They???

March 21, 2014

What MLK fought for, the Paul faction would have us ignore… Why is poverty never discussed? Why is natural law, ignored? Why is intolerance of structural violence shamed, vilified and ignored? Why has the right of “The People” been reduced to the unlimited right of those with means, with strict regulation of those without? Why is Rand Paul so obsessed with pleasing one faction over another? And herding people into such a faction, and excommunicating those who choose to be outside of BOTH. Why is the only concept of freedom acceptable, is the one that codifies and absolves the guilty, and penalizes those already victimized?What is the concept of justice in this system, and whose interests does it serve? Not supposedly serve, but actually serve? Why has the standard of living steadily declined as the number of laws, regulations, and exemptions seemingly never end? If money exists to facilitate trade and exchange of goods and services, how can their be depressions and recessions? If such inhibits trade and free exchange of goods, what good is it? If regulations prevent voluntary actions, and exempt involuntary harmful actions for those with means, against those without… What good are they, and those who run on keeping them in place, and god forbid, create even more…

Where are the people asking these questions? Where are the people looking for answers? Where are the people demanding action, instead of waiting to be told, what to think, what to do, how to do it, and not to offend those who live off of keeping everything the way that it is, benefiting a minority of privileged over the majority of the oppressed, regulated, constricted, restricted, castrated, and incapacitated, masses of humanity, who are left paralyzed and powerless to have a say in their own lives, and speak out not only for them, but for those who will soon become them?

Is this Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or some other public figure that is already silent on these issues, that is going to address this, bring this to the people, and discuss this, or is it, simply the people themselves. The oppressed and the next to be oppressed, who have to stand up for each other, and in so doing, stand up for themselves and what they will be subjected to, and what kind of world, we will all live in.

I am sick of the same old questions and the same old thinking from the same old sources… “You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them” according to Einstein. Why do we expect anything less than insane objectives being followed by insane people, resulting in anything less, than what it is: Namely the definition of insanity.

I for one, choose such a road, no more.

I for one, choose a different path, ANY path, opposite than what brought us here in the first place, and only promises the same in perpetuity…

Atlas duty was to push the boulder up the hill, and pick it up when it fell and do it all over again, forever…


Why choose more of the same?

What benefit would it be to do such?

How can we expect any other result from doing the same thing, the same approach, to the same deaf ears, and the same call of those with means to put their best interests aside for those, literally underneath them?

It can’t happen. It won’t happen. Until we refuse to play. Refuse to carry the boulder, and let those with means, have all of it back. They can have all of the money, we can fix the damn country our damn selves. All we have to do is stop looking for people besides ourselves to do something, anything different. They can’t, they won’t. They exist off of privileges, the moment they lose those, they are equal with us. They would never choose that. That would be suicide. They instead choose for us, to be sacrificed, until the last “taker” is vanquished and sacrificed for the “makers” of the world… Well FUCK THAT!

Let those with means try to live off of money, instead of skill. Let them try to convince somebody to keep themselves privileged when they have nothing left to give of themselves in return. Let the skilled laborers, the educated, those with real ability to create, fix and sustain that which sustains actual human life have their turn at the wheel. And let’s see just how far we can go. We have let those unskilled and those who only use words and invent ideologies and self-fulfilling belief systems, to excuse their expense, while eviscerating that of their fellow-man, how about we see the rise of the common man, and a return to the harmony of man with nature, and natural law, that preserves life, and cast away the anarchy of commercial law that robs man of his dignity, creativity, fruits of his labor, right to labor, and to engage in non coercive acts, freely.

Where is that call? Where are those people who will stand up for THAT, true freedom in its purest form, instead of the hollow false promise of the freedom to follow and to be nothing less than a subject, and not a sovereign.

Anybody who offers you anything less, is not offering the freedom of a sovereign, but the slavery of a serf. No matter their self-professed ideology, or their last name.

Either we are ALL free, or we are ALL slaves… You can’t be partially free. And still be in prison. A prisoner is only free when their free will is respected, and their right to self-determination is preserved, and they are protected from acts of fraud, force or violence, that subvert their fee will.

Who talks about THAT anymore??? Your “heroes”???

The silence is deafening.

And THAT needs to Change!

Where do YOU stand?

With Rand?

With Hillary?

With Obama?

With Rachel Maddow?

Fox News…. PMSNBC… CNN… The NY Times, Wall St. Journal… and other people who don’t know you, and don’t give a damn about you, and live off having their privileges at the direct expense OF you…

Wake the hell up…

Have some respect for yourself.

They already don’t.

If you do not value the freedom of your neighbor, you will not have your own.

If you want privileges at his expense, they can have the same at yours.

No politician can or ever will do a damn thing to change that, for it is not in their party’s interests, nor their own.

You can’t win a rigged game.

You have to make your own.

And you have to enforce it, yourself.

If we continue to aspire to be a part of, and enforcer and apologist for, the anarchy of the oligarchy…

We will continue to degrade into feudalism…

Cheering for “our guy” to be the warden so we can have certain privileges, at the expense of others, and the oppressed can have the promise of the same, in addition to reprisals, that come with any mob rule over rule of natural law.

What is the difference offered between Obama, Clinton, Bush, or Paul?

In that vein, I don’t see ANY!!!

And goddamnit, I am NOT about to go lockstep for more of the same BS, and call that freedom, let alone, “Change.”

I choose freedom for ALL men, NO ONE excluded…

If you want anything less, that is your choice, but you do NOT get to make that choice for me, nor get to impose such, upon me…

No… You… DON’T!!!

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