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And Now, A Moment of Clarity…

March 10, 2014

From Facebook :

“Listen folks, do me a favor, either like Rand or hate him but stop going back and forth OK? There are people on here that have flip flopped on Rand more times than Romney, Ryan, Obama, Baden combined. You call Rand a Judas for betraying his father then applaud him when he stands up to the TSA. You throw a fit when he makes some comment on drones and then cheer when he does a filibuster. You criticize him when he meets w/ Karl Rove and George P. Bush (AS YOU SHOULD!) and then get swept away by him when he makes a speech at CPAC. Remember when you were laughing at the Romney zombies that were swept away by his words in southern Ohio a month before the election? You are doing the same thing. Now this is not to say that Rand isn’t a good guy but just remember that you liberty types pride yourself on being more realistic and knowledgeable on the issues than the rank-and-file Republicans. Words are nothing more than words. Actions is what counts.”

Comment: “I’ve been a Rand supporter from Day 1 and never wavered. His background and personal encounters with him have convinced me that liberty is the entire objective that drives him. Any disagreements I have would be on strategy, but even there he has exceeded my expectations. I view it as important to hold politicians accountable for their actions. There are hundreds working against liberty… Rand Paul is one of the few working FOR liberty.”

Reply: “But liberty for WHO and for WHAT!?! Liberty is fast becoming the new “Hope and Change” catch all for… inevitable tyrannical unchecked power! Look at the stance on Russia! This isn’t “Liberty” It’s Neo-liberalism!!!”

^ This guy’s got it…

More: ” Senator Rand Paul for President 2016, Senator Ted Cruz for Vice President 2016.”

“I completely support both of them. I wouldn’t mind Allen West or Trey Gowdy in there, either.”

Comment: “Yes, people completely supported Barack Obama, too… That… went… well…”

Comment: “When we’ve gotta good president, I really appreciate the presidency. When Obama was running, I wasn’t a supporter of him. Nor did I support McCain. I voted for Mitt Romney to try and oust Obama because I thought Obama was that bad. Leading up to the 2016 election, Rand Paul is my first choice..and I hope he always will be. He is a man of character. Ted Cruz is my second. The good thing about having a president is that one person can be held accountable for keeping the gov in check..if the people are actively defending their liberty, then we have good presidents that actively defend our rights. When the people are dormant, we have bad presidents that are still elected by the’s simply a representation of the collective mind of the people. I mean, we’ve gotta work with what we have. These people are elected to represent our interests.”

Comment: “Yeah, I have never had the slightest support for Barack Obama, and it is very clear that those who did support him were severely deceived. It’s surprising so many people couldn’t see through the BS, but all we can do now is get real Americans back into our White House. I think Rand Paul is our best shot, but it will be a hard fight for him due to the lack of true conservatives in the Republican party who seem to have been bought out by the liberal agenda we currently face.”

Comment: The very fact that we “need a good” President to protect us from a bad one… Proves Mr. Fresco’s point on Democracy.

Comment: We are not a democracy in this country. We are a Constitutional Republic and our elected leaders are supposed to follow the Constitution regardless of what the people “want”. We need true patriots who do just that in office and not those who push a socialist agenda and disregard everything this country was founded on. The people need to keep these elected officials in check which has not been happening.

(NOTE: The very concept of “WE NEED” is collectivism personified. And for that you need… government to grant privileges subject to authority, and eviscerate rights…)

Comment: Government is a representation of the people..a structure put in place to protect us from those who will call themselves “authorities” and take away our rights. The purpose of government is to defend and advance our liberty.

Comment: Government is a representation of the power structure… a structure put in place to protect the existing social and political order from us, and draft those who will call themselves “authorities” and in order take away our rights, for temporary, arbitrary privileges subject to our fealty to their unquestioned right to speak for, and act on our behalf, for their best interests, since that is able to do the most good, for the common good… . The purpose of government is to defend and advance our liberty, meaning liberty for capital and the property of the property owners to be protected from the underlcass, and for the property owners to be protected from any obligations to such.

Read “Animal Farm.”

Comment: “If the government is granting rights, then we need to remove whoever made that decision. Rights are natural as you stated. Our government’s structure is outlined in our Constitution, so that will not change. I do believe we “need” to fill those positions with people who only defend liberties that others try to take away. There are many people who cannot defend their own rights and many people who are trying to take advantage of that. The best we can do is elect individuals who will put forth their best effort to stop that.”

Comment: “And how do you suppose a liberty minded individual get (s)elected to be anything… how do they get in? You met the average Democrat or Republican voter… Tell me…”

“Running to be the Warden in the world’s largest open air prison colony, is as about as anti-liberty as I can think of. You can’t grant people something they already have, in the name of taking it, and molding it to your own aims and ideologies… Either we are all free, or we are all serving the same masters… ALL this is, is being given the illusion to pick our warden who will tell us, what freedom IS, and how to impose it, upon everyone, even the WORLD!

Comment: “What exactly are you an advocate then?”

Comment: “The free will of the common man, absent violence, force or fraud, obedient under the law of nature… This system (we are currently at each others throat defending) was created by the wealth class to protect it from the underclass, and only allows immigration as a form of modern legalized slavery. Natural rights turned into temporary privileges, and the freedom to go from plantation to plantation on the bid of the plantation owner… The rest of us are merely wage slaves. The only rights you have, are the one’s you can afford, that isn’t freedom, but the reintroduction of the medieval caste system. And now, with technology, it is global. Our government exists to send this template to all nations, and marry them into one holistic system of systems. Where we will have one rule, one class, and everyone else exists to serve that class.”

Comment: “That’s the struggle we are facing. People seem to turn elections into popularity contests without a single conviction behind their votes. I think it will be a long process to turn things around, but we could start by striking down things like Common Core and liberal bias in schools. We need to educate people as much as we can and stop re-electing people who violate our rights. There are other things we can physically stand up against like gun control. We need to refuse to follow unconstitutional laws. We basically have to have an overhaul of the American political mindset. It’s a long road, but it could be done.”

Comment: “I am not really disagreeing with you. But whether we like it or not, the system exists. I believe that there is a better way, but the World isn’t ready for it.”

Comment: ” I get where you are coming from, but most of what you describe is the liberal agenda, and that is what I am so against. Like Nathan said, the system we have exists and will doubtfully go anywhere, so I see the best way to handle this is to elect those who work FOR the people and defend rights. In all honesty, a lot of things that people take for face value as the law of the land are unconstitutional in my opinion. Anything clearly lined out in that document should have no restriction or requirement to exercise whatsoever. The government should in no way be involved in anything in people’s personal lives and everyday activities. The last decade has been such a huge threat to our liberties as our government regulates and legislates away our rights. Sadly, people do not see this and accept it in the name of safety or protection. Our news and entertainment are all controlled by this agenda. People need to wake up to see the truth. The American Revolution was fought by only 3% of the population. It doesn’t take a while lot of people to really change things.”

Comment: “Here is my only point of contention over the approach… And it’s not personal. Did MLK wait for Politics to end segregation? Would a Jew in Germany in 1933 made any impact by joining the Nazi party, if it were possible? How is waiting for another 3 years for Rand Paul to be given the honor of taking orders from this power structure going to free any person in need, right now, or then? You think JFK, could have beaten them? If not him, Rand? Really…. You think he is any different and would be untouchable? I don’t. Hell, he’s already compromising just to be in a postion to do their bidding. What happens when he gets there. I’ve seen this movie before, it’s called Barack Obama… Why do you think the Ron Paul people had to be kicked out, of the Brand Paul Movement… Does it make sense, any other way.. And this whole “he has to be a Neo-CON so he can get power and do what HE wants…” Is SO naive, it is infantile. But this passes as “Machiavelli” and the political genius of a Ninja!” What… the… HELL!!! It’s just politics as USUAL!!! And the real tragedy is that Paul is taking money from people at times of their greatest and highest need, resources they may well never have again, and using for his privilege, and his advancement. To be nothing more than the “errand boy, sent by the multinational corporate clerks, to collect the bill”, from all nations outside of the free market hierarchy and ideology… where every thing, person and resource is ripe for sale, and for a price to the highest bidder, all profits privatized, all losses socialized. And Rand Paul and his acolytes are enforcing linear thinking of the faith based ideologies, at the expense of the freedom, natural rights, and duties of the common man… This is not just a man choosing to miss his moment, like his father, this is an Atrocity! And one I will NOT be a part OF, nor excuse or be excused for imposing on the free will of all men.”

Comment: “How are we going to turn things around, then? I would be all for forcibly removing many people from our government, but then what? The reason I support Rand Paul so much is that I really believe he wants to defend freedoms. He actually has a good number of people on the Republican party who oppose him because he tends to use his position to better the people. I just don’t see things changing any other way than through our current system but with a much better group of people.”

Comment: “Google Thatcherism… Britain already tried it, and it didn’t work. Irony: “V for Vendetta” while being a rallying cry for Ron Paul, now Rand Paulers, was created as a aside to Thatcherism in Great Britain. We have become what we proclaimed to despise. The transformation is complete…”


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