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The Bigger Questions We Avoid & Ignore…

February 24, 2014

If politics fixes problems… why have so many, continued for SO long….

If money exists to facilitate the production and trade of goods and services… how can we have depressions, inflation, stagflation, inflationary depressions, scarcity, etc. If that was the true purpose of money itself, would it not be impossible to be poor?

If religion exists to preserve peace, how can it be used to justify war, hatred, rape, murder, bigotry and condemnation of people outside of its sphere.

If law protects everyone from tyranny, how can our prison system have so many uneducated, poor, disenfranchised, alienated and forgotten members of the permanent underclass, while those of privilege can “serve their time” in rehab centers, minimum security prisons, house arrest inside their own mansions, with private security, or even avoid incarceration with a fine, paid to the government, which amounts to a pittance to what they stole from the public trust?

If ideologies protect the masses…. Why do they instead of unite them, act to divide them, and turn them over to hierarchies, where unquestioned obedience is the order of the day, and rational, objective thinking and viewpoints are heresy, and heretics must be denounced, threatened and even killed for their thoughtcrimes…

If man has free will, how can society be oriented in such a way to do everything to PREVENT him from carrying it out, let alone believing in himself to not just act on it, but be entitled TO it.

If free will is evil, and bad, and wrong, what is the alternative?

A life where you are told what is right and wrong, and not left to decide for yourself.

Putting you in a subservient role to whatever hierarchy you are influenced to subscribe to, by way of immediate stimuli. Family, tradition, what your “education” taught you. How you were taught the meaning of words like, freedom, tolerance, diversity, opportunity, order, justice, and the like?

What if freedom as defined, limits not just opportunities, but the thoughts that serve to inspire and motivate others to create those opportunities?

Is it any wonder that the more expansive our list of do not’s is, compared to do’s, we are a nation and a people incapable of acting on anything other than our perceived right to nothing more, nor less, of our own free expression.

And even that is restricted, and heretic’s punished for their independence and impotence to show fealty and homage to those we did not select, to lead us, rule us, and order us, and tells us, what is just and relevant to our lives, to preserve and sustain them.

For all of us, who have done what we are told, and put ourselves second, for some, last for most… what has this transfer of our responsibilities created? With more rights, or less? With more prosperity or less? With more freedom or less?

If knowledge is restricted to only the elite, and the privileged. If opportunity is restricted to only the elite and the privileged, if the wealth of society is consumed and confiscated from the underclass and gifted to the elite and the privileged, what hope does anyone have for upward mobility, and the promise that the next generation, will be born with more rights, freedoms, and prosperity, than the one who went before.

What will our legacy be to the next generation?

A legacy of  ashes… where the best and the brightest will serve the elite and the privileged, while the rest of the underclass will be made to exist to serve them, and transfer the opportunity of upward mobility, into the opportunity for the wealthy to have all the wealth and the right to create more, for themselves, and themselves alone.

We are seeing the death of not just the Republic, where minority rights are protected from the mob, and the aristocracies, but the reemergence of feudalism on a grand scale.

A system where everyone’s right to exist in society is predicated on how well and willing they are to serve the established social and political order.

You can have the brightest child whose family is poor, and they must win the admissions lottery to achieve the opportunity to have the same education that a poorly educated, rich child’s family can be provided simply by writing a check.

You can have a remarkable innovative product that will revolutionize industry as Preston Tucker. But if it is TOO GOOD, the top car companies can bring government in to put you on trial, and shut down your right to do business in the “free market.”

You can be a young doctor, who has an uncannily ability to see the consequences of monetary policy, and as they begin to take a toll on society, you run for the highest office in the land, telling people who listen, this does not have to be so, and that conflict is not only necessary, but unsustainable, and waste resources, and that regulation meant to mitigate needs, only exacerbates them.

And you will be excoriated, and attacked with ad hominems, verbal assault, and your supporters with actual physical assault. While the preferred candidate, can speak incoherently, proclaim to honor the rule of law, while he subverts and destroys it, and is given the title of scholar, while you are given the title of bigot.

You can be a young pastor, who strategizes and tries to come up with a way to stand up to absolute power. Fighting the brutality of force, with the totality of love. And love for peace. And you can be permitted to “win” equal rights for your people. But assassinated when those rights are demanded for ALL people, even those in far away lands, where the new brothers in arms, your fellow countrymen are sent to fight and die, kill and be killed… in the name of “peace” and “democracy.”

Well WHO is “democracy” good for?

The Vietnamese would disagree.

The slaves before and after the Jim Crow days would disagree.

The trafficked sex slaves, white, black, and brown, would disagree.

The growing masses of the poor, and suffering under the weight of scarcity, and the cold compassion for the government dole, that penalizes them for having a family unit, or a job that pays a wage, would disagree.

The debt slaves of the college indoctrination colonies, where free speech is heresy, and your rights are dependent on what group or collective you subscribe to, would disagree.

The shrinking middle class, who lives in areas with “For Sale” or foreclosed houses, that attract the opportunity for assaults and violence and the exodus of capital and investment to create good paying jobs, that give the opportunity for upward mobility would disagree.

The illegal aliens who come here for economic opportunity, and can have it, as long as they take jobs where they are overworked, not given medical care, and worst of call, cannot call the police to protect or defend themselves from harm or violence, would disagree as well.

Just who does this Democracy serve? And serve well?

Who else… The wealth class.

What did the Founders promise in return for the Republic?

To pay back their debts to who they just “defeated?”

Who has “owned” us in the truest sense of the word, since that “victory?”

The bankers. Who our founding fathers pledged our prosperity over in perpetuity.

What do you think income taxation is for.

When you go before the court, WHY do you MUST have to be represented by a member of the BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY? Are we not a nation of common law, where each man is equal before the law, and has the same opportunity for justice, as the common men in the jury, who ultimately decide what law he, and by extension THEY will be subjected to?

Why is medicine instead of healing and preserving, instead used to cut and destroy?

Why is medication chemicals and not food?

Why are farmer’s market’s and co-opts raided, while McDonald’s who sells hamburgers made from HUMAN meat, NOT!

Why are raw milk farmers and advocates literally cataloged as “terrorists” by Homeland Security, while GMO farmers, whose products give tumors in animals when they ARE tested, overseas, called “just good businessmen, and fine corporations, doing good for their stockholders?”

Why are people who travel on the highways and in the airlines subjected to rape, torture, and violent trauma to the point of death, and the officers and agents are found not liable. Where if you hit a cop with a water balloon as a child, you go to jail?

Why are you met with force, when you enact your right to refuse to be searched, or travel without papers?

Why is life sacred until it exists?

Why are we told we have freedom of speech and of assembly, when it is eliminated, the moment we intend or act to use it?

Why are those who ask questions attacked, while those who attack those who do, celebrated, admired, and given millions of the people’s wealth, by destroying the people and enabling those responsible to continue even further?

Is this the nation that humanity should aspire to? Would you want another nation who acted like this, to impose this upon you? Is it any wonder how the world is united in opposition to anything America does?

Maybe they want to be treated better than the rulers of our nation and those they actually answer to, believe we deserve to be treated. Does that make them evil? I don’t think so. I think it makes them sane, and willing to fight despotism, and tyranny, both overt and covert, and assure themselves, and their fellow-man, that the freedoms they have enjoyed since birth, will be preserved and extended to their children, for generations.

Is it any wonder how the most prosperous nations, defend and preserve their rights, while the biggest indebted nation is hell-bent to eliminate the rights of their people’s, and the people’s  of other nations?

You ever wonder why Switzerland NEVER goes to war?

You ever wonder how the nobility and the leaders of nations, always are never asked and get deferments from participating in conflict, while your kids, even those in college, do not.

You ever wonder how come you don’t see recruiters in Beverly Hills, or the private schools where most politicians come from? But if you live in the barrio, the ghetto, or the “economically deprived” areas, you are sold death and destruction, from an officer, who is nothing more than a literal door-to-door salesman of death and murder, for profit.

All for the wealth class… nothing left, just those left behind.

And the illusions and fantasies that “anyone can make it in America” insulated the super-class, from those who they have condemned, and live off of.

Without the wars, they don’t have new markets and resources to exploit.

Without the monetary system, they would have a population able to meet their needs, and unite to meet the needs of others freely. It’s why you don’t see the elites and their children signing up for war. They have something to live for, instead of spending all their energy just trying to continue TO live.

Without the commercial law system, we would all be equal under the law, with no representative of the Crown to tell us, what truth is, what the law is, what evidence is, and what we think true justice is and can be, for the accused. In a common law system, the prosecutor could NOT hide exculpatory evidence from the accused, and the judge could NOT send innocent people to jail, for profit, because the civil jury would NOT allow it.

Without politics, the people would have to meet in their local communities and decide how to solve and resolve problems, instead of be penalized if they do, and ostracized if they attempt to get others to do the same.

We have seen the outsourcing of education, of self-defense, of information, of innovation, of voluntary collaboration, and we have seen what the “other” has in store for us.

All we have to do, is be silent and consent. And everything will be done FOR us…

But will  that reality be truly better than the one we can create, for ourselves and others if we took the chance and the responsibility to care about ourselves and others to see to it that opportunity is to be preserved and enforced, and anybody threatening force or violence without such being instigated against them, is to be defeated, ostracized and cast away from our society.

Instead we celebrate the worst among us. Leaving the abusers to turn the abused into abusers themselves. And we are our own worst abusers. Living life for money and not love. Enforcing other people’s ideas, instead of creating our own. Getting something from society, instead of giving back to it. Seeking the unity of the collective, particularly ignorance, since knowledge threatens the existing hierarchies and established social, political and commercial orders.

Think about how we treated Martin Luther King, Preston Tucker, JFK, even to a lesser extent Ron Paul.

What were they trying to do, and tell us?

We can do better than this?

We can do better for each other.

Instead we are told to celebrate Barack Obama. A man who uses the mechanisms of government and of Hollywood to protect himself, while he, himself, through executive order, or through enabling those with his tacit support and inaction, tear the rule of law, and fabric of common law into shreds, and serves to eliminate choices and opportunities for each and every American citizen and non-citizen in this nation.

We are told to celebrate George W. Bush, a man who instead of reaching out for peace in a time of crisis, declared a holy war against a region and a religion, that had nothing to do with such a horrible attack. Rather than look where he, and government failed to protect Americans. He chose to create and enact unlimited, and unrestrained terrorism against the middle east, Muslims in particular, and those who disagreed with him, at home. And he set the precedent for what Barack Obama has done to America…

And he is a patron saint of the GOP.

Insane extremism, practiced by insane extremists… This sounds crazy to the rational man, but to the modern corporate, highly educated and insulated mindset, this is rational. Even justified. The elite schools and societies of our day, call this the new freedom and unlimited opportunity. For they, the elites, and no one else.

Willing to go to war, to control another nations resources. Why not, they have used policy to restrict access and exploration and innovation of resources here at home. They have taken their opportunity to profit by not doing things here, why not create a greater monopoly by doing it there?

You really think a nation that is willing to leave itself and it’s people defenseless against a catastrophic attack, would give a second thought about the members of the underclass who must suffer and die in vain, in order to seize vital resources from nations and people’s who depend on those same resources for their very existence?

Only in “New Freedom Amerika” could the necessity of resources be just as justifiable a reason to invade and attack, as it is for those attacked to fight to preserve them, in order to preserve their lives and livelihood.

Yet for one, “this is a natural right, as the most powerful military in the world,” while for the other this is nothing more than “barbaric terrorism.”

Think about that for a moment.

Are we really what we think we are?

Eliminating opportunities here and abroad. Threatening those who disagree with us, or our interference with their right to self determination, while at the same time exercising our own, against their will.

Creating a caste system, where the poor stay poor, and only the privileged have the higher education to innovate to serve the privileged.

Creating a monetary system where speculation creates wealth for the wealthy, and inflation makes the poor, poorer, and the middle class, shrink; while at the same time, elite, rich politicians who exempt the corporations and enable them to protect their wealth, call on the poor, and the near poor, to subsidize themselves, in the name of cutting services in times of their highest and greatest need.

A nation of obedient workers, who never think to question their masters. That was the goal of the elites since the inception of our government. Instead of a nation of people striving for independence, freedom and autonomy, we have a nation of ideologies, hierarchies and self fulfilling prophecies.

Where is the opportunity in this land anymore? Where is it that our people are truly free from the restraints of governments and the corporations that sponsor them?

Where are the people to rise up and demand that the rights of their neighbor be respected, so that their own rights will be preserved?

Who is speaking out today? The people?

Or the corporations, through the mouthpieces and bureaucrats that work in their best interests, and their best interests alone?

When are we going to realize that the only thing in nature that has infinite growth is CANCER.

And that the only thing that sustains life, and preserves order in this  reality, is a people united under natural law, and the practice of the only universal justice that is common law, that requires everyone to be treated fairly, in order for the system to sustain itself.

We have worshiped the golden calf of lies, half-truths, falsehoods, ideologies, for far too long, and this dystopic, myopic, unreality has resulted.

We can still change this and our existence for the better.

But that would require the courage of the individual, and not the cowardice and shameless sacrifice of oneself or others en masse, to the group.

Enough of groups.

We need individuals, standing up for the rights of ALL individuals, and if the existing social and political order, the legal system, the monetary system and any other belief system does NOT value this, and is  a party to this goal, above all others, then they and anyone who subscribes to that as such, is irrelevant.

We have to purge that which is not relevant to self-preservation, and follow and lead ourselves to find paths and new ways of thinking to find that which is and does create the opportunity to preserve and sustain life.

This current established hierarchy does not do that, and is not designed to do as such.

It is time for a change.

Either that, or we all go down.

Slowly, surely, and painfully.

Each and every one, because we were too afraid to stand up for ourselves, and for each other, and instead chose to kill ourselves, and take from each other. And for what. By the time we accomplished what we set out to do, God will have taken us from our “paradise on Earth” to whatever fate that would come for us, beyond this.

I would rather have a life of freedom and unlimited opportunity and what comes from that, than a life of limited opportunities, based on lies and assumptions coming from ideologies and hierarchies I did not subscribe to, or benefit in any way from being obedient or subservient to.

Maybe I am crazy, a radical, who wants to throw away the Constitution and the miracle of modern governance…

But you tell me, this is created and exists to protect the freedoms and opportunities of those like and unlike me…

And all any sane man can see, and take from such examples, is evidence to the contrary, since our inception.

All evil needs to prosper, is a good man, who does nothing.

How much more nothing, is going to stop this evil.

That threatens to take and destroy everything.

And these questions are never asked, and nothing is ever changed, except the excuses for those who are responsible, and praises for those who enable them, and vicious attacks for those who question them.

Either We, The People, are ALL free, or we are all victims, of the ideology of tyranny…

I no longer choose, of my own free will, to be a victim any more.

And the day that other people, come to that conclusion and choose to act on that.

The more freedom, and truly free we will all be.

And the principle of the freedom to associate, to create, to share, and act upon one’s own free will, nonviolently and without force, fraud or abuse, will be preserved, once and for all.

All you need is the courage to know when to act, and when not to.

Do you have it in you?

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