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God Help Us All…

January 13, 2014

“If there is a new spirit in America’s rising climate of anti-politics, it is libertarian.” Robert Nozick

“…Rand Paul the Kentucky senator, whose chances of taking the 2016 prize rose with Mr Christie’s dented fortunes last week. Unlike Ron Paul, the senator’s father, who still managed to garner a large slice of the youth vote in 2008, Rand Paul eschews the more outlandish fringes of libertarian thought. Rather than promising an isolationist US withdrawal from the world, he touts a more moderate “non-interventionism”. Instead of pledging to end fiat money, he promises to audit the US Federal Reserve – “mend the Fed”, rather than “end the Fed”. Both find echo among the Y generation. So too does his alarmism about the US national debt. Far from being big spenders, millennials are more concerned about US debt than other generations, according to polls. They are also strongly in favour of free trade. More than a third of the Republican party now identifies as libertarian, according to the Cato Institute. Just under a quarter of Americans do so too, says Gallup.

All of which looks ominous for Ted Cruz, the Texan Republican whose lengthy filibuster against Obamacare last year lit the fuse for the US government shutdown. Mr Cruz, also a 2016 aspirant, leads the pugilistic wing of the Republican party that is prepared to burn the house down in order to save the ranch. Although also a Tea Partier, Mr Paul is cultivating a sunnier Reaganesque optimism that draws on the deep roots of US libertarianism. His brand of politics also strikes a chord with those who fear the growth of the US surveillance state – the types who view Edward Snowden (another millennial) as a hero rather than a traitor. Last year the US House of Representatives came within 12 votes of passing a bill to defund the National Security Agency. Mr Paul led the bill in the Senate. Next time they could succeed.

On the minus side, libertarians have no real answer to many of America’s biggest problems – not least the challenges posed to US middle-class incomes by globalisation and technology. Nor are they coherent as a force. Libertarianism is an attitude, rather than an organisation. It is also potentially fickle. Young Americans disdain foreign entanglements. That could change overnight with a big terrorist attack on the homeland. They feel let down by Democrats and hostile to mainstream Republicans. Yet they could flock to an exciting new figure in either party. Theirs is a restless generation that disdains authority. Establishment figures should take note. Tomorrow belongs to them.”

When keeping bases overseas, when keeping debt based currency in place with no alternatives, when a writer  has to use the veiled threat of another terrorist attack to bully those who dare to disagree with US domestic and foreign policy, and ALL of this is called “Libertarian,” while the youth of this nation are being characterized as supporters FOR it… and scribes at the Financial Times of London, are celebrating such, like the old town crier’s of yesteryear…
One can truly see the damage that Rand Paul, and a Rand Paul candidacy for President of the United States could really do.
This is NOT “winning…”

Mark 8:36

King James Version (KJV)

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

This is much bigger than one man, and an election. People’s whole lives and posterity hang in the balance… and “victory through defeat” and an endless series of gestures, platitudes and half measures will do nothing for them or anyone else.

But it will make one man very rich at the expense of all of them… That is a politician, and NOT a statesman.

Rand Paul is not a man for his time, but just another man OF his time.

We need much better than that.

We have all of the “free trade…takers vs. makers”…austerity and temporary privileges for the people, and bailouts and unlimited rights for the powerful, and one generation living off of the next one, that we can stand. And it clearly is unsustainable, and has done irreparable harm to so many, and will do more to so many, still…

But if you think that a man calling for more of the disease to solve the problem, and then cutting off that which is there to treat such an illness, is the cure… You will be left, sick and dying, and you won’t even have the money, or they have the decency, to bury your corpse, let alone care for your family.

If that is the future and “Hope for America” then America is already lost… All it needs is somebody to finish her off…

And Rand Paul is begging, pleading and platituding to BE that individual…

God help us all, if he and those like and alike him, succeed…

He has already killed the Libertarian movement… Or at the very least, exposed it’s core. Now he wants to blend that with the power structure of the GOP, and lead people blindly into their own captivity and ideological slavery. This is NOT an emancipator, this is a facilitator…

We have had nothing but obedient masters to higher masters since our inception. And to think that a new face leading the suffering into the arms of those who exist to make it worse, so that they have more power and influence over their free will, is what “freedom of the individual” looks like… then all we did was instead of be liberated, was have chosen for us, the new warden of our self-imposed ideological prison.

Rand could choose to transcend his naked, partisan ideology, and be a man for all people. Like Dr. King, like JFK, like RFK, perhaps even his father… But he runs away from that. His ambition needs power to be validated and sustained. And concentrated power, even at the Presidential executive level… STILL comes at the expense of, and ultimate cost of, the will and natural human right to have free choice and the unlimited opportunity that comes from that.

THAT is what the youth of America are “hoping” for once again… And they are being led into the arms of Rand Paul’s idealism, for their unquestioned belief in liberty for them and ALL of man, with NO exceptions or exclusions.

But instead what they will be given is the policy of the hierarchy and of the oligarchy, and told to “shut up, and be a good example for Dr. Paul” ALL OVER AGAIN… as he continues even more passionately to act in half measures, that those in power can agree to be enacted and given unto the American people… And NONE of that will do much of anything substantial to actually help one person evade more loss of natural human rights, liberty, and the opportunity that comes with and from it… And while this takes place on HIS watch, Rand Paul’s supporters, blind followers, acolytes, foot soldiers and brainwashed ideological slaves, will NOT rest until we ALL are given the “free choice” to live as they see fit, even as they are exempted from it…

Apparently Rand took Atlas Shrugged to heart… and never got the clue that is wasn’t supposed to be an instruction manual.

Rand Paul IS the Libertarian Obama…

What Obama did to the Democrats, Paul will do to the Libertarians even as he is a Republican.

Obama made Anti-war=Pro war.

Anti-Corporation=Pro Globalist.

The Bill of Rights=The NDAA

The Constitution=Rule by Executive Order

The Legislative Branch=The Two Minute Hate

Journalism=Marketers for his agenda

Broadcast Journalism= Primal scream for the powerful, directed at the people under them

American Foreign Policy=Unfettered Corporate expansion, to where even our wars are fought by for profit, multinational corporations.

American Sovereignty at the expense of that of other nations, particularly Israel, and settling for corporate dominance and American in name only, capitalism, while real American companies and citizens are left to suffer, without a means to provide for themselves, and nothing to help them fend for themselves.

That day that is to come, will be much, much worse for all of us, than just a few “pot-head Libertarians” or “pissed off Muslim radicals.”

The convenience of corporate Christianity, that Jeff Sharlet talked about in “the Family” of unlimited opportunity for those with means, at the expense of those without, will lead this country into even further disarray.

And while Rand will have the establishment and the hierarchy of the oligarchy to have his back, as he does their bidding in their office…

No one will be left to have ours.

Not even each other, as he will help see to it, that the individual blames “the other” and exonerates himself for his own actions and in-actions.

The media will play in and go along, pitting the Rand fanatics against the world. The GOP vs. the Libertarians. The GOP vs. the Democrats. The Democrats against the “extremists Libertarians,” hell, maybe even Rand Paul will be sitting in the oval office, when they decide to attack a “libertarian, free man” who “thinks” the tax code doesn’t apply to them, who sells pot legally to provide for his family AFTER his unemployment compensation has been eliminated, and has “illegal firearms” or worse “legal firearms that COULD be made illegal…”

Will Rand stand up for the next “wing nut at Waco” who the establishment he serves will then use to take ALL firearms!!! If not, then the right to have sufficient ammunition for those firearms.

Do we really want to live in an America where at best if you call the police you get tasered and your dog shot in your living room, in front of your wife and children, some infants, and at worst they show up while you are being assaulted and arrest YOU for assaulting THEM, while they are late to come in and defend you, as the beating OF YOU is taking place… Or if they really don’t like you, they just set fire to your house on national tv, and watch you die. Or like another federal agent, they hunt for him, corner him, and KILL him on live tv. (I guess the deaf better learn to read lips faster, too…)

Is Rand Paul’s ambition going to allow him the leeway to stand up against that. Or is that just going to be another “No Comment” at the Presidential Press Briefing…. from his press secretary, since we already know how much he distrusts the media, after his last attempts to speak from his heart, went so badly.

He will be absent. Hidden from the masses he “serves” who exists to serve his ambition and his belief that HE and HE alone, can run and right the ship of state. But he has already forgotten that it is not HE who charts the course for the ship as captain. It is the OWNERS of the ship and the cargo who give him the manifest, and tell him his destination of where the ship shall go.

And if he disagrees or the cargo arrives one day later than schedule, he is FIRED! And a new captain will take his place.

This is what Rand Paul is aching, dying and pleading for, the masters, and the people… in order to be this captain and “lead” this ship. That it is to a place the people never asked to go, let alone had a say in determining is immaterial.

That is the dystopic future of Rand Paul’s America and a Rand Paul presidency.

Do you see ANY difference from Obama???

Neither do I.

We will still be a nation where people will sing: “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free….”

And yet no man, woman, or child will even know or conceptualize what true freedom IS.

A nation of ideologies, creating the orthodoxies to be content to live to provide for the oligarchies, and blame the man next to you for the fact that you have only as much as he does, and that is only what the masters decide for you, what is just, and that is right, and that is appropriate for you to have, based on the level to just how far you will go, to be obedient to their will.

All the time praying that they will permit you with more, at the expense of someone else, and that someone else, praying that you will lose even that, so that they will have anything at all…

Ayn Rand would understand… and applaud.

God Help (the rest of) Us All…


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