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By Right Or Dictate…

January 6, 2014

Rand Paul supporters, liberate yourselves from the plantation and think for yourselves…

Ron Paul supporters could then realize that such an act is possible… and maybe with just enough informed people willing to reform themselves, and their thoughts and actions, as well as in-actions, perhaps by holding others accountable, those they agree with, as well as vehemently DISAGREE with… Just maybe enough people would be inconvenienced enough, uncomfortable enough, irritated enough, and ashamed enough, to put the well-being of society as a whole, at the forefront, by finally realizing that they are not safe, unless everyone else is safe, they are not free, unless everyone has that same freedom, and that nothing is ever secure, as long as a collection of another, is permitted to reduce masses of humanity into “the other” and unite the masses of humanity to target those with the least, in the name of protecting the sure to be UNLIMITED “rights and privileges” of those with the most…

You are being played and enforcing the game onto those who did not ask nor choose to play, or even had a hand in creating the rules of the game.

You are pawns of the worst kind, that of supposed “good intentions…” Break free from your self professed ideologies and embrace the concept of autonomy and freedom in absence of force or violence.

If you celebrate the rights of man, you shall enjoy them unlimited and unencumbered… If you should choose to celebrate ideologies and dogmas, all you are doing is taking the concept of “the other” and enforcing it, upon all who disagree with you and want their right of self-determination respected, as much as your own.

Either we are all free, or we are to be dictated to. And it is no coincidence that the root word of dictatorship is dictate.


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