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The (False) Idols of Ideologies…

December 7, 2013

When you invoke labels upon nature… you have already lost the argument while thinking you won… against yourself.

To all the Paulistas and Paulestinians…. Stop worshiping the Buddha on the road… In order to progress, move on, grow and mature… you MUST kill it.

Politics is NOT a god… and politicians are even less…

And if you are content to put them on a pedestal, and yourself beneath them…

Do not act surprised when those who haven’t given up themselves over to and surrendered themselves unto your idol, choose to walk their path, on level ground, instead of reducing themselves to kneeling beneath their free will, and under that of someone else, and their ideological army.

Think about Martin Luther King Jr. and why he succeeded, and compare that to what you call and would call “victory…”

To most that would be a disservice to King’s example, and nothing short of a “hollow victory” of substituting one dogma for another and subverting the free will of all of man.

Being free to pick your master, still leaves one a slave. Even if you like your master, you are not free…

If You Meet The Buddha on the Road…


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