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Everything Is A Choice (You Create Your Own Hell)

October 31, 2013

We worship the worst among us, and call each other names defending and enforcing laws we had no input or part in crafting, writing, or adopting.

When you vote: Is it YOUR will that is being done?

Or is it by design, someone else’s will that they commission and pay others to argue for, and implement, in their name. Letting them be held accountable, while the guilty go free.

While another class of people are drafted to demonize and demagogue, the very victims of such laws and “policies.”

And this is what passes for “justice” in our time…

This is what we are killing people’s of sovereign nations and violation of international, national laws, and even natural law. To impose upon others against their will.

And when they defend themselves, out of desperation, a right to self-determination, and because no one, and nothing else will….

We call them “Terrorists” and their leaders “Dictators,” even after funding and arming these same dictators, to rule by force over their own people. And this is acceptable to us, UNTIL they balk at just how much we are allowed to rape their country, their people and natural resources of that country.

Then the velvet glove is removed, and the Iron Fist is brought upon everyone, the leader, the people, the guilty, the innocent…

And we call this acting in behalf  of “human rights?”

How sick can we as a people and as a nation truly be?

But this is NOT relevant or important.

Until it’s your kid sent off to war and returned in a box, or in  shattered into pieces. Mentally as well as physically. And even then, STILL it’s not relevant to most, since they have no sacrifice to pay, except for their liberties and freedoms, which they are more than willing to trade for the limbs of a few others.

And all so another country can be looted and oppressed overtly, as we are looted and oppressed, slightly less.

This is defendable? This is “just”? This is in line with our collective and individual values… Then what do we expect but decline.

The established social and political order makes this so. And as long as we are content to roll the dice, and take the chance that we won’t be next, (while our neighbors are), we will be consumed by the same “high-rollers” who engineer these orders to benefit for contributing and creating nothing of actual value to society.

And the harvest will continue. Because we for some reason value their privilege to be turned into a right, and our natural human rights to be reduced into privilege. Subject to behavior, by their rule, and those that serve them.

Focusing and depending on fictions, is in opposition to natural law. No man-made edict can control nature. Only preserve or destroy what is. But it can never destroy what will come.

We are all captives to the world outside of ourselves. And thus far have deluded or willingly deceived ourselves to believing that mere belief can halt nature and the course of time.

But this is not so.

Governments, ideologies, legal fictions, principles, convictions, and related social and political orders of the day, have existed since the inception of man. But they did not save man from his own fate.

No set of words on paper can prevent the wrath of disobedience with natural law.

You either live in harmony with that which is greater than you, or you succumb to it.

At some point, all that is meaningless will be revealed by circumstances to be so. And human life will be endangered just like every other species that has existed on this planet.

Now do we want to focus on the BIG PICTURE at hand. And preserve humanity. Or focus on the infinitesimally small pixel, that is mere perception of our reality, crafted, engineered and imposed through the manufacture and deception of “Implied Consent.”

The day we take responsibility for ourselves and others, and the world outside of ourselves… is the day that man’s existence can be preserved and the children of all people’s can have the life of their predecessors, and take humanity to the next highest level.

But as long as we are content, to be content, with dysfunction of false belief systems, invented to preserve the ruling classes and existing social and political order designed to oppress the mass of humanity, while ensure permanent privilege and luxury of unlimited opportunity at our direct expense…

Expect nothing to get better…

Everything to get worse.

No one able or willing to protect you, and what you hold dear.

And nothing outside of yourself to do the same… BUT yourself!

If that is the present and near future you want for you and your children…

Please, continue, content to be a passenger in life, and an obedient citizen, who obeys, believes, and does whatever they are told to.

Clearly depending on hierarchies, oligarchies, and aristocracies,  to protect you, will turn out different for YOU as it has for the mass of man, that came before you, and was summarily left behind, as a testament to their undying faith in forces outside of themselves to protect them.

It’s natural that in this environment, sufficiently, collaboration, independence, sovereignty, and that which creates, preserves and protects that is evil heresy. But social and political orders do not exist to serve the will of man, only to limit, curtail, and eliminate them.

Enforcing and defending such an empty promise, is what has led us to our ever precarious times…

The choice remains, work to preserve and fight for what is relevant to sustain life, or enforce and create the means to eliminate it, for the illusion of status, self-preservation, and in the end, self-destruction.

Not everybody gets to live on “Atlantis.” And once there, there isn’t much to do. If the highest aspiration is to be isolated, alone, and left to enjoy the immediate presence of what is in your horizon. You are already there.

Destroying the world to get there with a better view, and no one around, and nothing to do, is not paradise, but another kind of hell all by itself.

Paradise is here, NOW. And is all around you.

You do not have to destroy the world, and man itself, to enjoy what there is to enjoy life.

You just have to choose what you value more.

Yourself, or mankind. And that which sustains and preserves mankind.

The power is in the choice.

And the choice lies with you.

No matter if you ignore it, or run from it. It will still be there.

And you will either prosper or perish by fate, of your own free will.


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