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A Day Of Victory? (Infamy)

October 31, 2013

What if Martin Luther King was booed and not allowed to speak, his unpopular views? Would that commentator consider it to be a similar “victory” if the prevailing mob rule, majority, was allowed to silence unpopular speech, and share ideas, and listen to others concerns, as they would have to listen to his own.

Does progress come from dialogue or dictate? By force and coercion or collaboration and shared respect of individual human dignity.

All the great minds, back to Galileo, spoke heresies of the prevailing social order of the day… And in the end, what was accomplished by their shared experience, what benefited mankind? Innovation, peace, understanding and prosperity.

But still there are individuals like the panelist, who see and embrace division, who canonize those who give and show no respect, nor diversity of thought. Who cannot see outside of themselves, of the community as a whole, and how such policies, while abhorrent, were created from a climate of respective anarchy and destruction.

Preaching intolerance as a virtue to “fight intolerance” itself, does not make you virtuous, it makes you part of the problem you proclaim to despise with self-righteous indignation, when you abandon righteous indignation, with the self-serving adulation and indulgence of the ego of the collective, instead of the respect for the natural rights due to all man.

Bottom line: You can’t fight division, by preaching and enforcing division. That is not how people come together to solve problems, it only serves to perpetuate them.


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