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Ideologies Blind Us To Everything Around Us & Make Us Hippocrates

October 30, 2013
Have you seen the article that says “Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday”? For those not educated about how the climate works, this type of article is serving as convincing evidence that global warming isn’t happening.

Here’s the problem.

Climate scientists have predicted for years that in the short-term, there will be lows in the temperature records, and Mojib Latif, one of the most famous German scientists talks about it in this video:

In it, he warns his fellow colleagues about a particular danger. If they’re not careful, he says, skeptics will seize on this fact and twist it by selectively promoting the cooling years while ignoring the larger picture.

But then guess what happened? After Mojib Latif made this point, skeptics turned around and turned his very point into a disinformation talking point on FOX news, talk radio and other conservative-leaning media.

So for maybe the first time, you can watch the birth of a climate change myth in the above video: clear evidence of what the scientist really said, then footage of several media talking heads promoting a twisted version of the facts to perpetuate a new myth, which can now be seen reiterated in stories that promote particular years of record cooling.

For the open-minded climate skeptic, I think it would be hard to not seriously reconsider these types of stories after watching.

My Response: The sun affects warming on every planet in the solar system, except Earth, apparently. Give it up, folks!

Rebuttal: This is another common myth. You can fact-check this one too, if you feel like it.

My Response: It’s amazing how the only apparent defense for this and other faith based ideologies, is perpetuating and creating even more faith based fallacious arguments, to enforce just another orthodoxy and hierarchy. You have a right to control your own behavior, but not mine. Fukishima, Depleted Uranium munitions, GMO foods, Geo-engineering depleting the soil of nutrients, fluoridation of the water supply which is a byproduct of aluminum and toxic, Deepwater Horizon Disaster, literally fracturing the ocean floor, and flooding the gulf with carcinogenic Corexit chemical compound, and you want to ignore ALL OF THAT for Global Warming, which was so tragic that Greenland, went from Arctic to temperate climate during the medieval warm period, so that the Vikings could colonize it and grow crops and have festivals there. What a tragedy. And yet none of these faith based unscientific deniers who are an affront to not only science but LOGIC, are willing to live in a small apt. use public transportation, restrict water usage, recycle, compost, use “Green energy, or Green products” use “energy efficient light-bulbs” containing toxic mercury, or give a damn about anything and anyone else, except this precept, which is predicated on nothing less than junk science. And eliminating property rights, and the notion of free will of man, absent the use of fraud, force or coercion to do so, or hiring others to do so, in their name. Simply Amazing, Indeed!

Why don’t they fly in another polluted corporate jet to another conference half the world away just to raise money for themselves, while they urge your lifestyle to be restricted by the state, or the global state, while they allow themselves and their business partners exemptions, so they can preserve, if not improve, their own standard of living, while we are left with de-industrialization, forced relocation into crowded, polluted cities, drinking toxic water, eating GMO food, and breathing pollution and heavy metals in the air, all in the name of “protecting the fragile ecosystem.” If ANY “system” is being protected here, it is Anti the People, and more for the powerful, who have the means to pollute at will, and call in the government to have to people pay for it, as they suffer because of it…

If this is what passes for logic and righteousness these days… The individual man, and the right of man to live free, with the natural right to enjoy the land in it’s uncultivated state, as well as it’s cultivated state, and enjoy the fruits of his own labor is dead. And replaced with others with means to enjoy everything, the fruits of another’s labor, their land, and their natural right to use and enjoy that land, and the mass of humanity is to be left, enclosed, caged, and left with nothing, and no opportunity to have more than the most with the least. For there is only equality of poverty. And to ensure that, equal opportunity for all, MUST be the first thing to go…

That is the agenda at hand, here. It has nothing to do with preservation, merely decimation. How can you call anything preservation, when you create a financial incentive TO pollute, as in carbon credits, and institutionalize and commodidize pollution itself, just like any other hedge, fraud based marketplace? Anyone who is truly serious about preservation of the environment would work to END pollution by large, multinational corporations, who are not regulated, and not bear down on the people, who use hot water and air conditioning in the summer, in some cases (elderly) simply to survive!

If man is evil, he must reform himself, NOT end himself! The faith-based environmental ideology, have it backwards, which is more than I can say for their approach to science, which is upside down.


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