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Links: Sept 31st

October 29, 2013

And while you were busy cheering the contrived filibuster designed to FAIL! they just gave away your gun rights…

While you were busy worshiping Ted Cruz….

Depending on Politics to Protect You From Politics…. Gives You This!

This is NOT a “Hate Crime”???

What “Constitution?” We live by color of law… NOT actual law!

Oh Rand, if only Mitch would kneel before you. But then you kept his boy Jesse Benton as a part of your campaign. So it is you that must kneel, if you want the ring of power…

Our Criminal In-(JUST US) System…

Watch “What In The World Are They Spraying” for more…

Of Course The Corporate Media Is Banning It’s Competition… In “Free Market” America

John McCain is Absolute SHIT!

Tea Party: “Sound and Fury Signifying NOTHING!!!”

Still Not A “Hate Crime”

Thank You Onion!

Just As Planned…

Psst! John, there is SUPPOSED to be opposition, there is no one, unipolar view on anything… Unless you are the UN!

Legitimate Question

Journalism: Alive & Well… In Iran!

The One Party Agenda Marches On!

Ted Cruz Is An Inside Job!

Now AFRICOM Can Raid Minerals & Resources of Africa

Obviously Taxes Don’t Need To Be Funded…

And The Empire Remains…


Long Live Net Privacy!

The Hypocrisy of Torture

The True Purpose Of Government

They Gamble With Your Life

Unrestrained Government

The Road To Hell Is Paved… With Good Intentions

Your Government Does “it” TO and FOR the Children!

Why The GOP Hates It’s Founders

The Shut Down That Wasn’t

Good for him, now they won’t have to kill him…

Let Them Eat (Shit) Cake?

TV is NOTHING But Advertising… ALL of It!

Of & For Rebellion

Rand Paul’s GOP

Government Exists To Create & Maintain Problems In Order To Exist







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