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Expect (Everything) Nothing… Take (Nothing) Everything

October 29, 2013

According to the Supreme Court, the health care bill is a TAX! This is why it is “working” just as it was intended to. The government gets you to inform on yourself and voluntarily give over your health records, financial records, bank transactions, investments, who you send money to, who sends you money, and this is cross referenced with databases of your web history and your emails to design a profile from where you will be seen as dependent on the state and NOT a threat… Or independent and/or promoting individual independence, which is a threat to the state.

If you home-school your kids, refuse vaccinations that make them less likely to be victims of the for profit health care system to benefit corporations and Wall St, and have those resources pulled back into the government in the form of campaign contributions, their system of autonomy for them, and mandates for you, unlimited opportunity for them, and none for you… collapses. This makes you an enemy of the state.

So don’t expect ANY health care coverage, and expect to be fined and charged without being provided ANY health care benefit.  That is why the website to sign up was designed to fail. They want a TAX! And they want your information for FREE that they can use against you LEGALLY, since you VOLUNTARILY gave it to them! This enables their fraud to be legal, and those who engage in it and profit off of it, are now immune from prosecution and suing for damages if that information is abused and used against you, and those like you.

They are NOT obligated to give you a DAMN thing! And where that money that is collected, is allocated… Two words for you: General Fund. It goes into the budget to be spent upon the will of Congress… It’s just another tax (in a depression no less…) nothing more… Nothing less. And the insurance companies get to be subsidized by the taxpayer, while they keep their profits from being taxed, and their employees from being taxed.  You get to be cutoff from your health care plan, and thrown into Medicare, which is already insolvent and incapable of providing any service to you. You just got taxed, and your information given to fraudsters and criminals, while the banks get to store the money they fine you, DIRECTLY out of your bank account.

But get this, supposedly the only way any fine can be collected, is only if you are due back money from the state. If you get a tax refund, you will be subjected to the fine. If you do not, you’re not liable to pay the tax. So, if your like me and counting on your tax refund to pay your bills, kiss that goodbye, you better get a 2nd or 3rd job. More than likely working one to two days a week, 8-10 hours a week, at a time.

Systematically turning a nation of perfect independents, into a nation crying and demanding to become (government) dependents… as Thomas Paine would say.

And this comes on top of the Federal Reserve providing corporations and banks with unlimited bailout funds into the hundreds of BILLIONS…  Serving to create price inflation in food, goods and services, and basic utilities, while you have even less money to pay for them all. And struggle to get by, just like in the previous “Great Depression”

Your government and agents of that government only serve to serve themselves and their paymasters, off of the productivity and natural resources of the people and of the nation itself.

Until we stand up and resist this “Grand Theft Nation” we are destined to be serfs and debt slaves, with the ONLY opportunity is to be permitted to be left with nothing, while those responsible for imposing this hell on earth unreality are left to live FREE with unlimited opportunities AND subsides, while the world BURNS.

A nightmare befitting of Ayn Rand and her acolytes that see everybody as inferior and with no value, except as  “human resources” for those who were genetically granted from birth the privilege to be the masters of us all…

Sleep well… Enjoy your nightmare, and the ideologies that were created to have you cheer your masters, and beg for more tools for your own enslavement…

This nightmare only ends, when you make the decision to wake up, and FIGHT for your inalienable natural human right, to exist… even without their permission!

These belief systems and ideologies do not serve to empower you, but to enslave you…

If you ever want to be free and enjoy the natural rights of man, resistance must begin… NOW!

They need us to participate in order for us to submit to their order.

The day we refuse, it ends.

Do you have it in you to refuse?

And can you really afford to tell yourself that you can afford not to?

The decision belongs to you…

The consequences OF that decision, belong to us all…

Make your choice.

The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Expect Everything (and fail to act) and you will be left with Nothing…

Expect Nothing (but act) and you may have Everything…

Your rights are your own. You cannot transfer them to any one or any thing. Certainly not a corporation, masking as a person. Using (and abusing) the legal system to enslave you under color of law, and defeat you with implied consent, created by disinformation about you and your natural human rights. That they turn into privileges subject to behavior.

And the only behavior that is permitted and enforced, is that which serves them at the expense of yourself, and exempts them, while mandates penalties and loss of rights to yourself.

America.. It’s time to Change!

This dystopic unreality must end. And will as soon as we stand up and refuse to permit it to enslave us and penalize us, any longer.


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