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“Get Involved!?!”

October 15, 2013


“…and this is what bugs me the most about Christians that do not feel it necessary to get involved in the political process. Quite frankly, to engage in this fight to defend our liberty at all is next to impossible for many. So many do not want their “inner peace” to be disturbed by these kind of distractions. Well…I got news for you Christian, your inner peace is about to get rocked if you don’t stand up and push back now! My best guess is that we are somewhere between the 9th and 11th hour. The clock is ticking. Your freedom once lost will not be regained again without great sacrifice. Don’t let everyone else do battle for you….pray (of course) but get off your knees and get involved!”

My Response: Christians got involved with the moral majority of Reagan/Falwell… Did that do anything? Except rip you off…. Government cannot help you, it was not designed to help you. It was designed to protect the ownership class, from the mob of the masses. And it’s doing a damn good job of that! You wanna know who government works for? Look at who is EXEMPT from their laws and edicts… THAT’S WHO! And buddy, it aint you!


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