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The “Free Market” Or Your Soul…

October 7, 2013

“…economics IS the science of human action in relation to scarce goods. Thus the free market is purported to be the scientifically optimal way to allocate resources relative to consumer demand. On top of being “scientifically efficient” it is also ethical as it is predicated upon exclusively voluntary interactions.”

My Response: “The “free market” ideology is identical to the broken window fallacy…

Let’s break more windows, to create more “opportunity” and an open marketplace. Just like the Shock Doctrine of Crisis Capitalism. And Crony Capitalism… Which is all a government-run or corporate managed free market is. Tell me, in this “free market” what do you DO when you don’t have any money! Who’s liberty and “Non-Aggression Principle’s” are protected? NOBODY! Poor people are very Voluntaryist anyway… They have nothing left to work with. And yet your defense of them is the very same market based ideology that enslaved them at birth… The market collateralize you at BIRTH to fund government, and THEN their partners in government have the gall to make you pay taxes on top of that. If you waste resources or misallocate them or make them too difficult to utilize, what you have is an “Anti-Economy” that makes things more scarce and inefficient. This is anathema to the market cult ideology, but it is the truth. Why do we need money at all. Do the resources and wherewithal  and expertise to utilize them, and to innovate not exist without money? Does the need to create, to innovate not happen without a paycheck? Then how did any inventions come in the first place? No inventor past or present was paid until AFTER his invention worked. And that took thousands of man hours and labor to produce, without sanction or assistance from the market anti-economy…

Do we not have the right to contract or enter into co-ops or some kind of arrangement absent money? This offends pricks like Molyenux, but how else do you provide for those in need, in time for them to actually BE helped! The market hasn’t made more people independent, if anything social stratification and disease, and illness has only increased as a byproduct of it. If you have a finite planet, with finite resources and make something more valuable the less you have it, and make those who have the most resources able to dispose of them with no respect to the environment and the ability to renew those resources to maintain a standard of living, instead of erode it, then you STILL have moral hazard in the equation. The monetarist theory, Adam Smith, Von Mises, all of them care not for the effect of their hubris on the world stage. They only want to benefit off of them as resources, human and otherwise, to use and discard as they see fit. That is not humane, that is slavery. A wage slave is still a slave. Slavery was never abolished, it was only expanded to include everyone. In the market, everyone has a price.”

Defend this… Condemn yourselves…. That is what this system was designed to do. Have you identify with your own destruction, and destroy anything that could possibly save you.


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