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Links: Sept. 24th

October 6, 2013

“…search for a third shooter has been called off.”

How many laws were broken, in this attack? So the obvious solution is… MORE LAWS! Don’t you just feel safer, yet?

Media FAIL!

You Don’t Need Weapons… But al Qaeda Does?

The Antibiotic Bomb Is Near…

The Article Has Been Pulled On MSM Sites, Why??

Expert, n. A euphenism for “Tell me what I want to hear…”

“Everything down is UP, everything up is DOWN!”

Your Tax Dollars At Work… Via Obama

Now That It Is A Foregone Conclusion, The Media Can Talk About It…

A Question Nobody Asked

This is not racist? Really. Oh right, white victim, sorry. Only whites can be racist, my bad? Black people are incapable of racism… no protests, no marches, no media, nothing. Just another day in the New Freedom Amerika!

“If” Indeed…

(No) Right To Petition For Redress Of Grievances…

The Defenseless Shall Not Be Defended

Wising Up To Facebook

War On Who?

“Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts!”

Lies=War. War=Lies

Know Your Rights

Amazing What Doesn’t Get Covered, Isn’t It?


For What?

Don’t Call The Cops!

Somebody Tell Obama!

Media Covering Up FOR al Qaeda

Obama Give Them Their War Or Else!

We didn’t drug test Wall St. bankers or Congress for their benefits and bailouts….

Currency War Leads To Actual War

So, What ARE You Wearing!?!

Putting Criminals In Charge Of What They Just Destroyed


This Simply Cannot Stand!

All of Them?

The Cause, Behind The Cause Of Our Problems

What Does She Know…

Evidence Of A Coverup

Pure Evil

Isn’t Science Supposed To Trump Ideology?

Some “War On Terrorism, And All Who Aid And Harbor Them”

Rape Is Preferable To Smoking Pot, According To the Government!

Most Jobs Are Bullshit!

Who REALLY “Founded” al Qaeda

I Believe It

Raiding A Picnic? Jesus Christ!

“I’d Be A Christian If I Ever Met One” –Gandhi.

Political Prisoner

Subsides On Top Of Profit. No Wonder You Are Broke & Work Less. Why Do They Need YOU, They Have Government!

Makes Sense

Protested Bush, But Silent On Obama… The People In The Cross-hairs!

Just Like the 1st Gulf War

Monopoly 101

“One Man Is Easily Broken”

New 911 Footage


No Watching The Watchers

When Thugs Have Guns And Badges… Shit Happens!


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