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Links: Sept 16th

October 6, 2013

Why War NOW!

Who Are You Gonna Call…

Proxy War For Who?

Only The Dead’s Votes Are “Counted”

This is NOT a “hate crime..” And you DON”T need weapons to protect you. The police and campus security is more than adequate… Sure.

Hypocrisy Of The Worst Kind

Rumsfeld: ” A Lot Of People Lie, And Get Away With It…”

Does Anybody Have The “Purpose” OF Congress…???

Perverting Principle For Personal Gain… This Passes For “Virtue?” In A Whorehouse?!!

Don’t Worry More Money Goes To Israel To Commit Atrocities To Create More Terrorists… The Cycle Continues

At War With Itself…

Why Syria?

Who “We” Are

Who Is Arming Who?

Undermining 2nd Amendment

Your Tax Dollars.. To Kill Christians

Food Stamp Nation

This is NOT a “Hate Crime”


Nader Never Sold (You) Out

Who Works For Who?

Syria Unleashed

Thank You Major T.J. Kong

Vaccines Kill

Syrian Gas Attack, Who Did What

When The Law Enforcers Break Their Own Laws…

Who “We” Are…

Fighting al Qaeda Here, Funding/Arming al Qaeda There…

“Violent, Radicalized, Domestic, Homegrown, Terrorist, Extremist!”

US War Crimes

2 Billion A Year, Selling Something Mandatory That NOBODY Wants!

Congress Writing Exemptions From Their Own Laws, For Themselves

The Real Bipartisanship Of Government

The Senator From And FOR al Qaeda

Obama Outsourcing To Romney…

To the MSM, it’s “moral” to militarily fund, and back al Qaeda, with American boots on the ground… and put into the meat grinder… A sane country would deport this bitch!

I just puked! (No, I’m not kidding… effing gross!) Thanks Obama… Asshole!

Guns Don’t Put You On Hold and Tell You To Pee Yourself As A Defense

Rights For Some, Privileges For Others

The Chemical Weapons Used Came From The US to al Qaeda. This Is Entrapment.

What “The Greatest Generation” Fought And Died For?

Foreign Policy For Profit

What Are They Gonna Do, Vote Republican?

Can The Preliminaries Be At Chernobyl?

Anything “Public” Is For Sale. Even You.

No credibility, no problem. He like W. just does what he wants… And what he wants is to kill, kill, KILL!!!

Europe From Beginning To….

It Seemed So Plausible…

Bombing To “Save Lives” Didn’t Work In Vietnam

Prelude To Global War

Just A Routine “Exercise”

Please Send This To John McCain

If you don’t know how to shoot… DON’T!!!

Can’t even follow their own ideology… Why try to impose it on the world, by force of violence???

Preserving Choice By Eliminating It

EPA Armed Raids Against YOU, NOT Exxon!

Same Shit, Different Asshole!

Fracking KILLS!

Who Is “Serving” Who, And TO Whom?

Facebook Is The Patriot Act…

The Market Exists To Blame It’s Victims


Vaccines Cause Cancer




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