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More Of The Same…

September 25, 2013

Before you get all excited over the latest filibuster, remember the last one:

“”During the filibuster, Rand was appointed by the party to be the front man. To “push back on Obama.” After the entire one day episode, Rand nobly asks for a promise that the administration not see itself have the authority in the bill to kill an American citizen without due process. Obama, late in the day, says that is how he interprets the law, therefore there is no reason to stop the law. The filibuster is stopped, the NDAA is passed, and the president has the discretion to decide for himself, with no binding force of law, to restrain him, from designating an American on US soil as an enemy combatant, and murdering them, their family, and anyone unfortunate to be in their path, and sentenced to death, without charge or trial, as collateral damage upholding continental US security, and protecting the homeland. Think about that. Today, you can be killed by a drone with a Tomahawk missile, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that is assuming the missile hits the target, when half of the time, they don’t.”

You are being sold out, for their profit… Please “Stand with Rand/Cruz and the GOP” they need your money to line their pockets as they let Obama do as he pleases…. –FWO.

From Facebook:”Rand Paul and Ted Cruz know what they are doing as well as their supporters, so don’t waste your time on your little crusade to bad mouth them. Get over it.”

My Reply: “You DO know that Cruz wife works for that “patriotic, tea party corporation… Goldman Sachs…”

For some, ignorance is truly bliss, reminds me of Obama supporters… And THAT blind faith turned out SO well for them, and the rest of us!!!

Jesus Christ!

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