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All The World Is A (Their) Stage

September 23, 2013

Modern propaganda personified… from the largest military contractor (GE) in the world, courtesy NBC.

0:10 “The Secretary of State says the Intelligence suggests Sarin gas attack, at the hands of the Assad government

0:25 “The Secretary says the case is building and will continue to build… Is that enough for you to vote to authorize the President to use force”

–No evaluation of the evidence. Hearsay from a 3rd party, and Gregory calls out Rand Paul for not advocating World War III on the President’s word alone!

1:15 “… Kerry was blunt about what you and… the Senate and House will do–“I don’t believe my colleagues… will turn their back on our interests… credibility of our country… the norm.. of prohibiting use of chemical weapons… ” –For you and others not to authorize force, hurts the US credibility.”

–If we do hesitate, examine the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, and verify our sources unlike what we did in the run up to the second, and still ongoing Iraq War… The US will hurt it’s credibility. Never-mind the alternative to Assad, who is secular and protected Christians and Catholics and other religious minorities, is al Qaeda, who has already killed priests, raped women,  and killed nuns and executed women, children, and men who were not Muslims.

2:20 “You don’t think a compelling case has been made where Congress will follow suit?”

–Again, ignoring the consequences of who we empower by removing Assad, namely al Qaeda, our ENEMY that was the excuse for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now intervention in Iran…

3:30 “It seems to ME Senator, what the President is saying (conjecture, not objectivity)  is that he wants a resolution for Congress to authorize, that says Congress must draw a line against the use of chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction… in war. If we strike Assad, and he uses hm again, we strike him, AGAIN!”

–So you can’t verify who was responsible for the attack. Or those who do, are absolved of their open complicity and responsibility, and therefore you MUST use extreme measures to save the Syrian people from their President who is adamantly against the rebels, being al Qaeda. Taking the position that America must destroy Syria in order to save it.

5:20 “You are a Senator, may run for the Presidency. How would the President look if…. he asks for authority, and Congress doesn’t give it?”

–That is how it’s supposed to WORK!

5:30 “Sen. McCain and Graham says we must go farther… and really push Assad from power…” (But WHY!?!)

5:35 “…Kerry is liking Assad to Hussein or Hitler…  You don’t see a vital American interests (here)?”

(Here is Kerry dining with “Hitler and his wife.”)

(Here is Hillary calling Assad “a reformer”)

–So what changed? What made Assad go from a crucial ally in the Middle East and “a reformer” in the words of Kerry and Hillary, to Saddam Hussein and Hitler?

Perhaps THIS:

–But then again this is not new, remember Hussein?

–What changed?

–Indeed, All the World IS A Stage…


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