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“Never Again!”

September 19, 2013

In a disturbing recent interview with Tony Stiles of the Next News Network, Rand Paul makes some curious statements that should be questioned and examined further.

Commenting on the impending march to intervention in the Syrian Civil War, Paul adds: “(with the) Soldiers, there’s a war weariness…” But in the same breath he states that if Assad is found to be guilty of the chemical weapons attack, “Assad must go!” And that he supports leaving the government in power, with Assad removed, while he doesn’t say how. This is not something military intervention can accomplish, they remove through force of violence, not diplomacy, but Paul again has no faith in the UN to punish Assad.

He doesn’t like the Obama administration’s reliance on bombing to “degrade Assad,” either, so that implies that since he doesn’t believe in the UN’s authority to inspect the chemical weapons stocks, or the international community to hold Assad accountable, this implies yet another “coalition of the willing” to result to force to remove him and his chemical weapons. Paul has the impression that the UN inspectors are not effective, yet what is the proposed solution? For Syria’s chemical weapons to be sent to Iraq for safekeeping. Which is ironic, since before the Iraq invasion we accused Iraq of moving chemical weapons to neighboring countries, such as Syria, as the excuse for not finding any, after the invasion of Iraq and fall of Saddam Hussein.

Apparently, the inspectors worked. In fact, we had to evacuate UN weapons inspectors both times in Iraq before the first and second Iraq/Gulf War. Yet this is not good enough for prospective 2016 nominee Paul, nor his fellow Senators who overwhelmingly approve of Syrian intervention.

For them as well as Paul, the only viable option is  to send ground troops to support an extended air campaign against Assad.  As a means to eliminate him, if not contain him. In a mirror of the exact containment policy the US used against Iraq after the first Gulf War. No-fly zones and unlimited airstrikes against perceived targets of opportunity. This is the endgame of what the powers that be, want to accomplish in Syria, with secular Assad out, and apparently the al Nusra Front or al Qaeda to fill in the vacuum.

And here in lies the danger. Intervention in Syria, is likely to remove control of the secular government, over to the sworn enemy of Assad and the US, al Qaeda. While Sen. John McCain may call them “freedom fighters” like Reagan called Osama bin Laden and the mujahideen in Afghanistan, the plain truth is that the alternative to Assad and Syria is al Qaeda, therefore giving them another “failed state” on top of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to a lesser extent Iraq, to apply their jihad against America and her allies, and the native people’s of these lands…

But the question must be asked: “Why!” Why NOW!?! Why just after pulling troops out of Iraq, did Syria become THE priority, just like after 911, when Iraq became THE priority, while the Special Forces and military was chasing Osama Bin Laden in the caves of Tora Bora?

According to the Guardian, the urgency comes from the fact that Assad refused to cut out ally Russia’s access to Syrian oil through the proposed pipeline route, demanded by Europe, Saudi Arabia and the US. And chose instead pump oil to and through a pipeline through Iraq, Iran, Syria and ending up in Qatar, and made available to Russia.

Now, just like when the Taliban could not agree with Unocal over the direction of its pipeline, and was removed by US forces in the immediate days after 911, and later replaced with Hamid Karzai, a Unocal employee and paid consultant, action HAD to be taken immediately! All  that was needed was a pretext. How convenient that the al Qaeda opposition forces be provided with chemical weapons, by none other than Saudi Arabia, the same country where 15 of the 19 911 hijackers came from.

Not to mention the fact that George H.W. Bush is affiliated with the bin Laden family, through their business dealings with the bin Laden group which builds US military bases in the Middle East.

And that a Bush family attorney, by the name of Jim Bath, who also was a fellow pilot with W. Bush in the Texas Air National Guard, was the go between.

It’s just business you see, it’s not personal.

Does Rand Paul do any of this homework and keep this in mind, in the run up to the latest, unnecessary, unprovoked war of aggression, that our own military is begging Congress not to throw itself into? Nope. He pays lip service to the troops and their families pleas, but he never goes the extra mile to make the case… 2016 is his gag, his noose, and his albatross, keeping him mute.

“we’re winning, Victory! We were ALMOST ready to defund the NSA, in the House” “We win every day…” Rand Paul, succeeding by being defeated… More Hope instead of Change, does that remind you of anyone???

Just like his supporters, Rand is obsessed and parroting the narrative of grabbing defeat through the jaws of victory.

During the filibuster, Rand was appointed by the party to be the front man. To “push back on Obama.” After the entire one day episode, Rand nobly asks for a promise that the administration not see itself have the authority in the bill to kill an American citizen without due process. Obama, late in the day, says that is how he interprets the law, therefore there is no reason to stop the law. The filibuster is stopped, the NDAA is passed, and the president has the discretion to decide for himself, with no binding force of law, to restrain him, from designating an American on US soil as an enemy combatant, and murdering them, their family, and anyone unfortunate to be in their path, and sentenced to death, without charge or trial, as collateral damage upholding continental US security, and protecting the homeland. Think about that. Today, you can be killed by a drone with a Tomahawk missile, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that is assuming the missile hits the target, when half of the time, they don’t.

Rand goes further poo-poo-ing Impeachment for Obama stating that the issue of unchecked executive power is : “A constitutional debate(s) to settle through (RIGGED) courts and elections…” (therefore) “It has to be a high bar…” (RE: Impeachment) When the host brings up the unconstitutional wiretapping that got Richard Nixon threatened with formal Impeachment, and if that standard applies in this worldwide, unrestricted data mining and wiretapping, without a warrant, Paul goes on to say (the)  “Supreme Court ruling (is) that 3rd party records don’t have protections, (and) “They (the Court) have… wrongly decided…””  And Rand “is trying to take it back to Supreme Court.”  So here again, the question must be asked, “WHY are you counting on the Supreme Court to change their mind?” What gives you any inkling that they will throw out the legal precedent already established and overturn a previous ruling? Let alone that it was a “Conservative” Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, who “wrongly decided” that Obamacare was constitutional, as a tax, when it was voted on, as anything but… under the Commerce clause. And that any bill of revenue must originate in the House, when the version of the bill that became law, in fact originated in the Senate. Conservative, strict constructionist judges like Roberts, found this illegal Unconstitutional bill, legal, lawful and Constitutional. So THAT is who Rand Paul wants to trust with issues of War and Peace, and National Security? Really, you cannot make this stuff up. He actually believes this, or wants you to, and think he does…

This is the son of Ron Paul, who wouldn’t even accept a government pension. (No word if his family, including Rand, didn’t partake in the generous health care plan that he gets as a family member of a congressman, before he himself, became a Senator)

Yeah, if this guy is “our only hope” just like Obama was last time, I can already tell you how that is gonna turn out…If this interview is any indication of the real content of a Rand Paul administration, we are just being promised Obama lite, in place of Bush lite, and Clinton lite, ad infinitum… Which is to be told to continue to “Hope” for “Change” for another three years, and end up being subjected to and a prisoner of, more of the SAME!!! no matter who gets (s)elected as our President in 2016, and WE cruelly subjected to, for at least another four years.

The case is forever closed. There will NEVER be another Ron Paul. But looking back on what he accomplished, and what he inspired and enabled by way of his influence, namely Rand Paul and his rabid, paranoid, hypersensitive, and over critical supporters… perhaps that is a good thing. And does provide real hope for the country. Perhaps it’s time to give up one more false messiah in a long line of false Messiah’s, and perhaps it is time to take accountability for ourselves, the world we live in, and decide for ourselves if we can bear that world any longer, and if not, what we can do to change it… In OUR TIME, IN OUR TERMS, and serving OUR NEEDS, as WE see fit, on OUR timeline, and NO ONE elses… no matter their last name, or how much money we sent them, to do OUR work, for us… to shortly thereafter, be left crestfallen and defeated, when they instead used those resources for themselves, and their cronies. This must be our call from the ashes of far off lands and nations victimized overseas, to the victimized here in the USA by self-interest obsessed candidates, our cry, shall forever ring: “NEVER AGAIN!!!”

Not on our watch. Never again will we fall for putting our interests behind the interests of another politician. NEVER… AGAIN!!!

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