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Rand Paul Commits To ….. ????

September 18, 2013


The problem with Rand Paul simply is that he is a politician. Case in point Syria. Instead of doing his homework or reading a newspaper, or one of those classified briefings he’s privy to on what transpired in Syria, and who actually was responsible, with the proper motive and means to carry out such a vicious attack, Paul is content to have it both ways and be everything to everyone.

Think of it as “Senatoritus.” The problem with most Senators is that all they do is talk and debate. Pontificate. And wield spiels after spiels, on  the issues of the day, in this case, Paul is no different. He is not an aberration like his father, he is, sadly… the norm.

Already the rebels have come forward multiple times admitting their responsibility for the chemical attack that the US is now using as a pretext for “regime change” in Damascus.

This means nothing to Paul and the rest of his crew in the government who are aching, and kicking and screaming for more intervention and another intervention and bloody war overseas…

Yes, don’t blink, you read that right. Republican senators McCain and Lindsey Graham, are calling out the US Senate, demanding the American taxpayer fund al Qaeda rebels who already admit to using chemical weapons they were given, against Assad, and the people of Syria. One of the rebels even was depicted eating the heart of a Syrian Army solider.

This is who John McCain, Barack Obama and the rest of your representative members of Congress wants to turn formerly secular Syria, over to… Right into the hands of al Qaeda jihadists… who would LOVE to do this to American airmen and soldiers…

Rand nobly attempts to push back against McCain and his ilk, but where he goes too far, or not far enough, is to not question whether or not Assad is the problem. He takes for granted the most precious lesson of the 2nd Iraq war, trust but ALWAYS verify “actionable intelligence”… if you believe that Assad was behind the chemical attacks and must be removed to protect his own people, then it must be done, but that evidence MUST be clear, and unimpeachable.

Rand is giving the benefit of the doubt here, in the one circumstance where that is a life and death matter.

His father wouldn’t do this, and preached against precisely this. Ron Paul preached about “Blowback” where US involvement in the affairs of the middle east, and our bias towards Israel, ultimately led to destabilization in the region and blowback in the form of US hostages being taken in Iran so that the Shah could be removed from power, and his US funded and Israeli trained “Savak” secret police force, could be eliminated from unjustly persecuting and terrorizing his own people. He even preached about the Blowback of the US funding and giving logistic and material support for Saddam Hussein of Iraq, during the Iran Iraq war from 1980-1988. And was proven right when Hussein took action against Kuwait, with the tacit permission OF the US, in 1990.

Yet to Rand the facts, and the lessons of history take a back seat to his ambition to be the GOP candidate in 2016.

In order to appeal to the greatest percentage of GOP voters, he can’t seem to back down on intervention. So he approves of Assad’s removal, without evidence. Then he attempts to color this cavalier attitude with concern over the nature of the strike, calling it at times, too limited, and perhaps too broad… in scope. He doesn’t want Assad in power, but he doesn’t want a new likely al Qaeda government to take over, with good reason… So instead of taking his father’s principled stance, against US involvement, he hedges and called for Assad to go, by whatever means necessary, BUT leaving his government in place.

OK. Does the US military have the expertise to do just that? No. That is a matter for Assad to negotiate with his people and possibly the UN. Not the US military. There is no role for the US military to resolve this issue. This is where diplomacy is called for…

But the bigger problem is what if  there is no viable alternative TO Assad? And you have just committed US troops to remove him? What if the ONLY people capable of ruling Syria in his absence IS al Qaeda? The very same al Qaeda rebels that John McCain and Lindsey Graham and even Barack Obama are having conniption fits, over the slightest threat to call off such funding to them, that the American people oppose, and should be illegal in a time of war! Who calls on the US taxpayers to fund a declared enemy of the state in one country, while demanding unlimited troops and resources to fight the same entity in two other countries!?!

American foreign policy has gone so far after W. Bush that it’s cleared off the rails of rationality, and gone head long into insanity!

At times like these, statesmen rise to the occasion and become the voice of reason. We saw this in the primary of 2008 where Ron Paul stood up on stage and called out his peers for their irrationality in wanting to wage war in the middle east, promoting democracy, by replacing dictators we don’t like, with dictators we do (as long as they do our bidding).

Rand Paul is showing himself not to be his father, or even an effective politician, at that. His filibuster ending with agreeing with the President, and showing to embolden him, while calling such a defeat “victory.” He opposes Assad, but is unsure about turning the country over to al Qaeda. He constantly talks about protecting Israel, while never harping on the fact that American servicemen and women are at the breaking point, and are openly rebelling and speaking out against this latest proposed intervention in Syria.  As even they can see this latest proposed conflict, is not in Americas best interest, and aligned with the continental security of the US.

And this is perhaps the greatest failure of Rand Paul on this issue… His fealty to the state of Israel.

All of our interventions in the middle east have given Israel the cover to push their boundaries (literally) and flex their muscle in the region. It’s no secret that Syria is an ally of Iran, and that by breaking Syria, Israel and those who serve her, are looking to “finish the job” in Iran. Going in with arms and forces, to remove the Iranian government leadership and make them more amenable to the interests of the US, Great Britain and Israel.

Israel has used chemical weapons such as “White Phosphorus” in Gaza and the West Bank, against civilians. They have run over peace activist, like US citizen, Rachel Corrie, with bulldozers. They have tortured, maimed, and killed thousands of Arabs in the occupied territories, they have shot and killed unarmed, children. They have blocked off roads in Palestine, and limited resources, so that ill and dying Palestinians are left to die in Ambulances. They have opened fire with machine guns and missiles, at Ambulances in the occupied territories… All of this to the condemnation of the United Nations, but with immunity from the UN, due to veto power from the US. Does Rand Paul EVER “Stand Up” TO Israel?

Even when he took the unprecedented step to meet with the head of Hamas, his mission was not one of diplomacy, or peace, but to deliver a message that he rejects the Palestinian authorities mission to gain representation in the United Nations, to take their grievances with Israel to the international community, diplomatically, instead of violently on the streets of Palestine, and Israel.

WOW, what a way to miss an opportunity!

So much for being interested in “peace” and diplomacy in the middle east…

So Rand is in a box. He can’t criticize Israel. He can’t be anti-intervention. Which is why he wants Assad out. He can’t trust diplomacy to do the job, because that doesn’t set the agenda. Rand has to look like he and the government are “doing something…” Diplomacy, where you depend on the other guy to play along, doesn’t cut it. That doesn’t rally the bloodlust in the GOP! And ratchet up the fundraising… “Standing UP for Israel” does! He doesn’t trust the UN. He doesn’t trust Assad’s neighbors to engage in “third party regional talks” like we do with China, who has nuclear weapons. His only answer is “Assad must go!”

But that alone is not enough… If you expose Syria, you can’t control the aftermath. We have already seen al Qaeda kill children, and Catholic priests, and rape and kill children and women, and commit further atrocities. And these are the people Assad and his forces are fighting AGAINST! So if you remove Assad… who’s left? Why the al Qaeda that John McCain and Lindsey Graham consider to be “moderates,”  while the OTHER al Qaeda extremists, we just happen to be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and if you believe the same federal government intel, Iran.

This is the choice that the 2016 electoral class is giving us. Either fight our enemies over there, and fund our enemies who fight over here, or be called an “isolationist” who is threatening the security of the United States of America, and her allies, which now are merely limited to Israel, and Great Britain…

Ron Paul had the courage and the unmitigated GALL to stand UP to this insanity… Rand Paul and his ilk have decided they would rather sacrifice all of our security and liberty over here, so that Israel can be free to do the same over there, for their perceived right to “Grater Israel”. But this is not new… in fact in the 30’s Adolf Hitler called this same idea “Lebensraum,”  or “living space,” his contention being that the superior Germanic peoples of neighboring countries surrounding Germany, must replace the native people of these lands, due to overpopulation and the scarcity of resources…

How tragic that now, almost a century later, the United States, due to its overpopulation, crumbling resources, and mounting debts, to pay for its conquest, now feels the justification and “natural right” to do the same… for itself, and in particular Israel.

The world was silent and didn’t stop Hitler? The UN is powerless with the US veto power to counter the US. and her allies, Great Britain and Israel. Even Great Britain’s parliament has decided to sit this one out. Now the US and Israel stand alone. And Rand Paul chooses to stand with them, even at the expense of American soldiers, and the security of the continental United States.

This is not the behavior befitting a statesman. This is the behavior befitting of a madman, who wants to lead his tribe of madmen to conquer and conquest, anyone an all, they see fit, international law, constitutional law, and natural human rights, be dammed.

And the silence of the people is deafening….

Who is left to Stand UP for humanity???

If not you, then WHO?!!

America has never been more isolated…

If your unwilling to stand up to protect her, from these men, and the world of condemnation that they brought upon you, then God help all of us, for what is to come.


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