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Who Is The Monster?

September 15, 2013
War on poverty, poverty still here. War on drugs, drugs available anywhere. War on inequality, equality as unequal as ever. War on lack of education, people with diplomas who can’t read or do math, let alone think critically. War on racism, racism utilized on national media. War on sexism, sexism as well as racism, enforced by affirmative action. War on disease and malnutrition, more disease and malnutrition in developed countries, as well as undeveloped countries. War on Cancer, Cancer still here. War on AIDS, aids still here. War on unprovoked aggression met with more unprovoked aggression by a 3rd party. War on provoked aggression met with negotiating with the aggressors and offering them funds and resources to continue their aggression… This is the record of government, politicians, their sponsors and all who enable them…

War indeed is the most profitable exercise, to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the common man…

Politicians are the caretakers, enablers and instigators of ALL of these “wars.” This is their record. WHY do you continue to fund and put your faith in these monsters? What is their standard of living since the early 20th century and the rise of corporations and “for profit” politicking and law making… Now, what is yours?

See a trend?

Then why are you asking them for help, in vain? And castigating and eviscerating all who can see the truth for what it is, and see any acknowledgement of, or dependence on such a schizophrenic, maniacal, sociopathic, homicidal, entity such as this unholy beast we call “government,” and the non governmental for profit and public/private partnerships and think tanks and entities designed to protect this beast at the direct expense of those it was enshrined to serve and to preserve… namely We/You, the People, as heresy and worthy of collective mob punishment?

We are not your enemy… You are your own worst enemy. You enable, defend, fund and protect those who destroy you, we are seeing you being beaten to a pulp, half dead, and know that we will be next in the ring, to be put unto the canvas. If you cannot respect yourself to take action to preserve your liberty and freedom, you have NO right to condemn, attack, and attempt to destroy those who have every reason, motivation, and natural right to do so…

We leave you in peace, you condemn us, and threaten and in some cases carry out violence? Who is the REAL threat? Who is the monster? Do you need a mirror!?!


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