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Three… Long… Years… Of This… Oy!

September 15, 2013

2016? (From Facebook)


Why would anybody with principle sacrifice what made them an exception, just to be the errand boy for the elites. Rand cannot be his father, or a watered down version of him and be (s)electable to the GOP and the media, and by extension the American voters, not people mind you, the people who actually VOTE! If Rand was, what people think he was, he never would have conducted the purges of the grassroots with people like Jack Hunter. Rand is trying to be everything to everybody and will end up pleasing no one. An empty suit, without principle with the name Paul next to it, aint liberty, it’s the status quot wolf in Liberty’s sheep clothing… As long as Rand needles the Dems, with worthless stunts like the filibuster where they let him be the front man for their agenda, all the while taking the President’s word for it, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory “FOR LIBERTY,” then Liberty is just as much in peril, from people like Rand in power, than the people he proclaims to despise while publicly emulating… Rand is an enigma, people see what they want to see. But they fail to see the big picture, and if that sounds familiar, it should, we just went through that with some “Constitutional Scholar” named Obama…

Comment: Jack Hunter is a joke. And yes, please tell everyone to never vote for any promising candidate ever again because you were burned by Obama. It’s not our fault he was elected, plenty of people saw right through him
  • FWO–
    Rand Paul allowed Jack Hunter and Austin Petersen to begin the purges to isolate Rand from Ron’s supporters. Rand doesn’t even have Jack anymore… Who is he gonna turn to? Ron’s retired and a pariah in his own party… And all those supporters Rand needs to “Stand with Him” aren’t willing to go to the GOP convention and told “to behave” while they get beaten, and have their property destroyed and stolen and booked for “disturbing the peace” while trying to stand UP to the corrupt GOP and honor their obligation to be delegates for RON PAUL! What did Ron Paul DO… Exit stage left, and have Son in law Jesse, escort him OUT OF THE BUILDING, without a word! And you call that anything less than treason? You are as delusional as the Obombya supporters you think anyone who doesn’t blindly follow your FALSE MESSIAH with you! Isolate yourselves all you want, the GOP, the Democrats, the moderates, and 70 percent of the country who is too busy trying to survive the bipartisan austerity, welfare for the rich, corporations are people, pay for play, business as usual, privatizing profits while socializing losses, and never backing down from an invented or imaginary foe, overseas, nor backing down to Obama and calling it a “Victory” and raising money for taking Obama’s word for it…–All you want! You’ve got bigger problems than losing the country for the next election, the BIGGER problem is you have lost your minds! This blind, naked partisan ideology is IDENTICAL to how Obama was selected and given TO us! And you are falling for the Tea O’ CON in Libertarian branding, hell, not even clothing, he won’t even GO there! He is straight up willing to do anything, throw anybody under the bus, to be the errand boy for the powerful, to serve his ambition. NOT his father! You don’t honor principle by becoming the best at appeasing and defending the people who make the status quot permanent. Principle comes by standing up for what is right, no matter the consequences… And Rand will not sacrifice his ambition for one moment to do honor to anything other than his own ambition to eclipse his father. He did nothing while the purges took place, and then he purged the chief of the slaughter when he was predictably cast aside to isolate Rand even further. Who is he gonna run to NOW? And it’s not gonna be you… Unless you’ve got MONEY to send him “to fight Obama” by agreeing with him, to death! Wake the HELL UP! He’s not his father, he’s NOT a libertarian, he’s not a conservative, He IS A POLITICIAN!!! Nothing more! (And could you send him some money, while you’re at it…???)

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