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Links: Sept. 8th

September 8, 2013

Fukushima Is Getting Worse….

Don’t Call The Cops…

Peace Can Prevent War

This is Not A “Hate Crime”?

Spare Change For My War…


This is NOT A “Hate Crime”

Your Government At Work…

Your Government NOT At Work….

Policing For Profit

Meet The New Boss… Same As The Old Boss…

“Through Deception, Make War”


Thyroid Cancer, Here Ye Comes…

Serving Our Kids To The State

“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

Who Will Defend The World FROM Us?

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Government

Speech Aint Free…

You Were Warned…

You Didn’t Listen…

And Now You Will Be Made To Suffer…

52.6 BILLION, & Not a DIME for YOU!

This is what we are fighting wars for, to bring to other “uncivilized” countries… REALLY!?! God HELP them, we’re FUCKED!

Police Brutality America

Ahh, The Truth!


A Man With A Conscience…

The Agenda

Is This What We Would Call Action Based on Faith Based Ideologies?

Obama’s Children

The People’s Will Is Irrelevant In A Oligarchy

We Shed Blood FOR al Qaeda

Remember When We Actually HAD An Opposition Party?

Government… Here to Help You… Starve!


Merely Coincidence..

Syria Illustrated History


Ripping Off The Next Generation

Firing Whisteblowers

Obama’s Son…

Don’t worry, the victim later killed herself.

Stranger Than Fiction

Internet Killer In Chief

When Will The Youth, Revolt?

Who Is Our Military Serving?

Welcome To The FEMA Camp

Government Here To Help?

Can You Fire A Cop?

This is NOT a “Hate Crime”

Fukushima Kills

Again, HOW Do You Fire A Cop!?!

Since When Does The Government Follow It’s Own Rules?

A Man of (What) God”???

Have A Conscience… They WILL Get YOU!



Killing Without Cause Is NOT Murder, When The Government Does It!

Not A “Hate Crime”

This Aint Either…


Don’t Call The Police!

You… Were… Warned…

All My Heroes Are Dead, Or In Jail.

Well, your GOD of politics and politicians have FAILED YOU AGAIN! Whatever you do, do NOT hold them accountable!


Money IS The Problem!

Goodbye West Coast…


Our Sick Society

Punishing The Truth Tellers

Yeah, Then What The Hell Is the Justification For Syria, Again?


Punishment Only Comes When They Kill Their Own..

Can’t Afford Compassion, If Those In Need, Can’t Afford To Pay For It?

Truth Is Treason In An Empire Of Lies



In Case You Forgot

Your Pain Is A Windfall For The Profiteers!

Damn Good Question…

Obvious Matter Of National Security

Remember Waco, Dorner?

US Pollution From China

The UN, where people go to talk about atrocities, and drum up support for wars, instead of STOP them! In the name of “Peace!”

No Pretense There…


Keep telling yourself that the government would not use these against you… What do you have to lose? Your freedom or your life…

NSA America


Too far?

Goodbye World!

For Profit Prisons


Asking them to legalize retroactively what they are already doing…

Going After Who Tells The Truth

CON: Rand Paul – The Conservative Disguised as a Libertarian


Global Police State

Why subsidize companies that take jobs from your community?

And It Begins…

Wait… What!


Skipping The Pretense???


WHY Do They Hate Us???

Corporations Are People In Ron/Rand Paul & Ayn Rand’s Dystopic America

Hope You Got Cash!

How Egypt Fell

If Obama Had a Son

Barack Obama’s AmeriKKKa!

I Guess It IS “His Army”



What 1st Amendment?

Let Every Middle East Country Know The Same Fate?

Portrait of A Willful, Obedient SLAVE!

Que diablos?!!

Let That Headline Sink In…

Getting “Better” By Getting Worse…

“AFTER Police FAIL to Act!”




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