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Who Says “NO!??”

September 7, 2013

RE: European Union foreign ministers agree

I know the elites, the political class, the moneyed class, the “intellectual intelligentsia” as Ralph Nader used to refer to them as, would see this as progress for collective humanity…

But here is the problem…

If the United Nations agrees, the EU agrees, the African Union agrees, etc,, etc… What about the will of the PEOPLE!!!

What about the people who call 96-1 against intervention in Syria? Do they have an equal say?


What about the soldiers and the military?

Does their opinion mean anything or count?


All of this is irrelevant to Obama who sees the US military as “his” and his alone…


Are we all to bow down to the unipolar agenda we ALL oppose… just so the same faces can make even more obscene profits at our expense???


Why is it that all we are told is that the eradication of national sovereignty is paramount for respect for international law, and told that to harmonize training of our police, military and armed forces, and covert operators is imperative to keeping peace, stability and order… if in spite of these alliances of convenience, conflict STILL occurs openly, atrocities are NOT prevented and are encouraged and sensationalized, sovereign leaders of nations are targeted with assassination, death or displacement, and in the inevitable void and vacuum of power, that emerges, only the people we were attempting to dis-empower, end up with ALL of the power in the place where they previously had none?

Iraq had ethnic and religious minorities that were tolerated, before and after Saddam. Now, it’s only al Qaeda. This is what is now happening in Syria…


Yet again, a country with a dictator who tolerated minorities is being displaced, for al Qaeda, who summarily robs, rapes, and gruesomely kills anyone who doesn’t convert to their ideology.

We even have former Presidential candidates meeting with these individuals and their leaders and once again calling them “misunderstood freedom fighters,” just like Ronald Reagan called the Contras, back in his day, when he broke the law, and skirted Congress to fund them through arms sales through Israel to fight the Islamist in Iran.


We even have the American people telling their representatives that they will lose their jobs if they vote for force in Syria…


And yet, why does this action still feel like a direct certainty? Why does a lame duck President who just supposedly drew down forces in Iraq, now want to throw them into another quagmire in Syria. That has shown NO hostility against the US?

In fact the only real enemy with regard to Syria here is Israel. Israel doesn’t like the potential for Syria to embolden Iran’s influence in the region. And they don’t want moderate Iran, to threaten their geopolitical aims as the supreme arbiter of the middle east.


Colonel Gaddafi learned this lesson the hard way when he proposed trading oil in asset backed Gold Dinars, instead of the US Dollar, Euros, or the “petrodollar” that is run by the Anglo-American Establishment, and banking interests in the US and Britain.


Hussein learned it the hard way when he offered to sell his oil only by Euros, instead of the Petrodollar.


Gaddafi even warned his Arab neighbors in the UN that he and they could be next…


Yet they did not listen. They did not unite, and now they will be hunted down and defeated and killed like dogs, as Col. Gaddafi warned in his speech before the UN, that was NOT reported in the Western media, but seen all over the worldwide media.

America has this disconnect. We see it in the people who oppose this latest war, but are impotent to stop it.

We see it in the representatives, who in the face of overwhelming opposition from their constituents, STILL advocate and give the President the benefit of the doubt so that his planned aggression can take place.

The excuse of using chemical weapons against their own people is rather insulting when you consider that the US and coalition forces used depleted uranium munitions, that the UN sees as a violation of human rights, for its indiscriminate killing due to unrestrained and uncontainable radioactive toxicity,

Where are the “coalitions of the willing” to hold the US and Britain and Israel accountable for using these weapons against civilians and combatants and turning the Earth into a toxic wasteland?

Are we any better than Assad? Do we have a right to be exempt from justice, just because we have control and veto power over the Security Council of the UN, just like Gaddafi was trying to make his fellow leaders of sovereign nations, understand?

How many lands has Libya or Syria invaded in the last 50 years? How many “interventions” or “peace actions” or “conflicts” has the US engaged in since WWII, always cautious to never actually legally declare war, but just to “authorize force” to avoid the ramifications and restrictions contained in international law, to limit war and keep it from becoming an “open-ended, unrestrained war” that can never end?

We ended Iraq and started Syria. For no good reason whatsoever. What do WE care if Assad is undemocratic? He certainly was more tolerant than the al Qaeda rebels who are committing atrocities against Christians, Catholics, and Muslims….

But now, people like John McCain and John Kerry, who both previously ran to oppose Barack Obama, and W. Bush, are the front running cheerleaders of yet another unnecessary act of aggression, with American hardware, and men and women, ready to be put into the grinder… And for WHAT? Or perhaps more importantly: WHO!?!

Does America get anything out of this?

Does the American soldier get anything out of this latest aggression campaign since 2001? 12 years of unrelenting war.  22 if your counting back to the first Iraq war. That is nearly a quarter of a century. And what is the admitted goal of these actions towards Syria? Admittedly, if you ask people like McCain: “A stalemate.” Simply replace Assad with al Qaeda and leave…

But we NEVER leave! Just look at Iraq. Even when we’re “gone”, we STILL have our US Embassy that is bigger than the Vatican… that we didn’t shut down and have NO intention of doing so…

McCain once said in a town hall that “maybe (we could be in Iraq for) 100 years and that was acceptable, as long as we are not taking casualties….”

But the question remains… If we leave intolerant al Qaeda and their sympathizers to run free in Syria, as the have in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, with their numbers increasing ten fold since we first got there… How can there be ANY possibility that violence and conflict will be avoided?

al Qaeda, and her sympathizers are not tolerant, they cut your head off and feed your corpse to the dogs… Is that the “peace” our men and women have been sacrificing their lives, their limbs and the last 12-22 years of their life for???

I don’t think so.

But for some out there, this fatigue of war is a very unpleasant truth. It’s why you saw Ron Paul who advocated the troops “just come home” was so ridiculed by the corporate controlled media and corporate financed political parties. It’s why he still is ridiculed and attacked with character assassination like


It’s why your voice doesn’t matter. It’s why you get beat up and tortured and have your rights violated and taken from you if you protest in public, or meet to plan to do the same. It’s why they won’t return your phone calls, and still vote for more war when less than 10% of their own constituents want them to do no such thing. This is the dystopic present that is taking us full force into the nihilistic future… that will threaten our very own existence…

Global nuclear war is always a threat when Israel is involved…

This was the threat that Scott Ritter was destroyed for exposing

So let me ask you again, if the UN, the African Union, European Union, the Asian Union, the Security Council, the House of Commons, the US House and Senate, the US and British media, the Banking Interests, the military contractors…


And legal documents like the US Constitution have and serve NO purpose as a means of restricting such absolute power… against the will of the nation’s own people…

What good is all of that for?

WHY is it even relevant to anyone or anything if it doesn’t  serve any purpose beyond its own self interests???

And I don’t even have to tell you, at whose expense….

America, your very existence is in danger… It’s time to get off of the sidelines and into the arena…

It’s time to wake up…

It’s time…  to defend… yourselves…

The whole World is watching!

And wants YOU to intervene… For THEM and for YOUR sake as well!

Stand UP!


For your right to exist and coexist, peacefully!


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