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Where The Blind Congregate…

August 16, 2013

Comment on Castro/Facebook: “Former tyrant with blood soiled hands, no democratic elections since he took power. Handed power to brother like a monarchy.”

Response: Obama has since taking office gone into: Iraq the second time, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, Jordan, Turkey, Chad, and Mali.

We have had a Bush or Clinton in office as President or Vice-President in 28 of the 33 years of my life…. That is a monarchy, and an aristocracy, not a Republic of free men and women…

We funded Saddam, then fought two wars to remove him and more died in the aftermath than in the wars. (While the chemical weapons we “knew” he had, were the same weapons we shipped to him to use in the Iran-Iraq war and had “Made in the USA” stamped on them…) We funded bin Laden to fight the Soviets, and then left him alone, with enough training, money and expertise, to give us 911.

We killed Qaddafi’s family, and then sent him money when he decided to be our puppet, and overthrew him and killed him without trial, when he refused to sell the continent of Africa and its rich mineral wealth, and natural resources, and eliminate public services he gave freely to his people, such as housing, cars, and the equipment and expertise to farm and provide food to any Libyan who wished to be a farmer. He spent hundreds of millions of his own money to house every Libyan before his own parents, and make a man-made freshwater lake in the middle of a desert. And for this he was mortally wounded, hunted down like a thief, and raped, before he was shot in the head, in a sewer, like a dog.

We have a “democracy” where the corporate financed media determines who our candidates are, (especially helpful if the are already millionaires) our voting system can be remotely electronically hacked and the outcome anti-democratically per-determined. While the media sweeps any grievances and dissent under the rug. Vast resources of wealth are given to corporations to promulgate propaganda for either party member, issues are censored and vetted so that they keep the bloated and unresponsive power structure in place, and unaccountable, When one tenth of that money could eradicate poverty, give care to the sick, the elderly and the orphans/homeless of our society. No, instead it must be wasted to convince you to pick puppet A over puppet B, to defeat you by implied consent through your illusion of choice.

You are free to choose and participate in everything BUT what matters. For that you have people who are employed to do that for you. Media, advertising, teachers, professors, big business, doctors, lawyers, managers, executives… even clergyman and women… ALL employed to tell you what is best for YOU, to their personal, ideological, and financial self interests.

We fund Wahhabism, and employ al Qaeda in other countries while simultaneously declare war against them. Calling them our mortal enemy. We bomb the largest medicine factory in Sudan, in the name of fighting al Qaeda. We murder the leading funder and supporter of Independence of the African content, and grant al Qaeda control of African resources and sovereign nations. We overthrow an Egyptian dictator, and install the Muslim Brotherhood which after it swept into power proclaiming the banner of democracy, cancelled elections and rewrote the Constitution to give them unlimited Anti-Democratic power… (like the US did with the Patriot Act under W. Bush, and reauthorized under Obama!)

Castro and the Bolivarians want independence and autonomy FROM this madness. They focus on education and health care. Gaddafi had the highest literacy rate and lowest infant mortality rate in the region… And he was supposedly a tyrant, who constituted “An Axis of Evil”?

To and for WHO?!!

Certainly not his people, a random citizen lived like an upper middle class person with a guaranteed car, and house, and the means to feed himself and others, with guaranteed access to health care, even transportation paid for by the government to leave Libya, if the medical care could not be provided in Libya. Now THAT is what I call hating your own people and wishing them the worst, right there!  A house, pifft! A car, so WHAT! Guaranteed access to health care that the government pays for so you can live a long life, and your family can be cared for… WHAT A MONSTER!

I for one am SO glad the Libyans no longer have to live under such oppression and women can now be freely gang raped, abducted, abused and held for ransom, in Iraq, and in Egypt since We, the Christian America Nation, freely “liberated” them of their oppressors, who formerly in Iraq had the highest amount of college educated women employed in the Middle East. Hell Gaddafi had women as his bodyguards. We in America, have just gotten around to having women in the military for crying out loud!

And about that monarchy thing again… Well the two biggest contenders for the election in 2016 according to the corporate media that gave us, Clinton, Bush, Obama, et al. are (wait for it): JEB BUSH and HILLIARY CLINTON!!! Well, I’ll be damned! What diversity of everything BUT thought, there! More of the SAME and the Presidency handed about among two families like it’s their personal property. Oh sure, there are two parties to make us THINK we have a choice, between the two. But DO we REALLY have ANY say and choice at ALL?!!

Never matter, So long as the policy and agenda continues. The same unipolar agenda that you are defending on here to the death, is the same policy that is killing you and the rest of us… Congratulations for choosing to be the head inmate in the world’s largest open air prison colony outside of Gaza and the West Bank. But remember, you serve at their pleasure, not your own, and they can dispose of you, when and how they see fit. If that is acceptable to you, So be it.


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