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Rights Come With Responsibilities, They Go When The Irresponsible Allow Them To Be Forsaken Pragmatically

August 16, 2013

If you are waiting breathlessly for somebody to be (s)elected with the last name Paul so that you can finally have permission to live free… You not only have missed the entire point but unwittingly have “Jumped the Shark” and become a parody of your own self-professed belief system. You are no threat to the establishment. You have in fact chosen to make yourself and those like you, irrelevant, with regard to having the authority, morally and otherwise, to be in a position to make any demands at all. Slaves do not dictate terms. Terms are dictated TO them. And if having a master you agree with some of the time, is more preferable, than having your inalienable right to freedom and autonomy on the condition of not committing acts of coercion, force or fraud against another human being… Then even you cannot be helped. (Just like the Obama supporters, former and current!) Nor help anyone else. This is what happens when man believes in another mortal man. They fall short of the glory of God, and bring others to that same fate. That is nothing to celebrate or hold sacred. That is something to overcome. MLK feared nothing and no one. And he freed his people. Paul feared a hell of a lot, enough to back down and be silent. And content to be marginalized, while his son could be treated better if he was willing to cast aside his father’s true believers. He did, and he has been treated better and seen as credible by our masters as a worthy would be appointee and administrator. of their blanket tyranny. He is pragmatic enough to do what it takes, renounce any friend, embrace any foe, and call his adversaries his brothers and his supporters an “albatross” he will not accept.

Free men have no masters. Free minds have no censors or sanctioned ideas and ideals. They have no need to have aides instigate purges of their own ranks, on their behalf, and even discard their agents, when it suits them and is politically expedient, even though they obediently and faithfully did what was expected and asked of them.

Would you rather live free, or trade one kind of ideological slavery for another? Trading dogmas is not going to liberate anybody… Only the belief and value of fighting for freedom and liberty for ALL, with no exceptions, as long as they do not engage in force, theft or fraud, accomplish this goal and preserve this absolute human right.

Who is carrying on that duty? Who has picked up that flag? And if they have not and will not, do YOU care enough about your own liberty to do it, if for no one else, than… FOR YOU!?!

If YOU don’t think you are worth it? How can anybody else think that you are? And how can anything change for the better, and actual human liberty, be preserved…???


Please do NOT wait until November 2016 to consider, or dare to answer this question, for yourself.

Your natural human rights, and freedom depends on the answer, and what action you take to uphold your final decision.


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