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Links: Aug. 10

August 11, 2013

If We Just Submit Enough They Might Leave Us Alone?

Fukishima and Fracking will end humanity…

The New Feudalism

If You Subsidize Something, You Get More Of It.

More “economic stimulus”, I presume….

More Grunts From The Pigs…

Can I Have The TSA Transcripts of My Phone Calls? That Shit Was Epic!

You Get Promoted For Doing Something Your Supposed To Do…

No “Hate Crimes” Here…

As Ron Paul told us: End the subsides and they will leave! This is not difficult to fix!

MSM Shielding Those Responsible From Their Victims, Every Time! Thanks for calling them out RT!

To (Protect and) Serve you (up to themselves…)

the Washington Post featured a front page story about the prime suspect accused of carrying out a sickening murder, but refused to mention the fact that he was an illegal alien

Defiantly Continuing Illegality After Being Caught!

Well At Least He Looks Different Than The Last Guy!

Translation: Your not a “real journalist” unless your on their payroll…. Google “Operation Mockingbird.”

Oh Shit!

You Can’t Even Have The Right To Your Own Dissent These Days!

Notice Anything?

Tolerance. (The very reason you don’t click on this, is how it’s allowed to continue. Honor the victims speak out for them.)

Who REALLY Writes Policy.

The “Greater Good”

Geez, people with nothing but an axe to grind against America, let’s let them in! What’s the worst that could happen? We did it with Iraq and all that led to was the OKC bombing!

Well Put

WHO holds these monsters accountable?

Not Only Do Cops Have NO Legal Obligation TO Protect, They Can Seize Assets Without PROOF Of A Crime!

“THE Paper Of Record…” Goes The Way Of Records… Extinction!

Judge Dredd Was NOT An Instruction Manual!

Yes, Surely Drones Are For Our Own Good in America… Um…

The Death Penalty Would STILL Be More Kindness Than They Showed Her

Rand may have to lose another one…

You Have POWER!

They only care when it’s convenient…

Facts Are What They Are…

Yes, government as always is the victim. Victims always have a monopoly on force.

How Spying Became The Norm

Let That Sink In: “We THINK!?!”

For Your Safety…

Cow Puss Was Bad Enough, But Wait, There’s MORE!

Barack Obama’s AmeriKKa!

Did They Really Have To Ask?

In Soviet Amerika, your charged with assault when the cop assaults YOU!

We Never Come Home…

Government Is Not Restrained YOU Are!

The people didn’t care when Hitler did this, and THAT turned out well, didn’t it???

“How Can I Be In A Position To Hold Them Accountable IF I Actually Hold Them Accountable!?!”

If Only We Gave A Shit!

Am I supposed to feel safer from the shoplifter or the cop?

Obama’s Sons Take Note

If Only We Had An Enforceable Bill Of Actual Inalienable Rights… Oh Well…

Violent Radicalized Domestic Terrorist Extremist

The Point Absent The Ideology Here Is Your Paying To Subsidize The Insurance Industry

Yup, he’s a POLITICIAN NOW!!!

You Are Brandon Raub

“The American Dream” Only the Asleep Can (Afford To) Believe It!

Making Crime A For Profit Industry

The government fails to protect us from harm, and those of us who are left, who demand they be held accountable are seen as heretics from that same government and are victimized and marginalized from state run media. It happens in EVERY failed state.

Cocaine Importing Agency

Rulers Not Representatives

Government And Corporations Colluding To Take From You And Give To Themselves

In… Your… Name…

No Accountability… NONE!?!


Government Sponsored Violence Just Seems To Follow Pot Smokers Around…

Somewhere John McCain Understands, Approves, and Is Smiling…

Due Process Not Good Enough For YOU, But Good Enough For al Qaeda

Welcome To The Memory Hole!

John McCain associates with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood… so when do we waterboard him to find out what HE knows!!!

Impeachment Would Be The Least He Deserves…

Record foreign aid overseas… Austerity and DEPRESSION over HERE! And nobody sees a connection! Idiots!

Everything Will Be Used Against You.

NSA Is Everywhere

They KILL and DIE for Fucking OIL!

You Mean Iraq War II

Always Find An Excuse To Get In Your Ass…

Only “Terrorist” Tell The Truth According To Our Government

American… Foreign… Policy…

Your Either A Statesman OR A Politician… You Cannot Be Both!

Cops Only Disarm Law Abiding Citizens… Otherwise They’d Be Out Of A JOB!

What The Hell Is This For?

Solution: Make People Work Two PT/Shitty Jobs Instead Of One And Eliminate Benefits!

Rand Paul: Pied Piper To The Abyss

Apparently Everything Is Related To Terrorism Now…

This Is Newsworthy Think About It Nobody Died!

Turning Back The Clock to 1968!

Wow, Respecting Your Workers, Works. Who Knew?

Good Government Hides Their Mistakes?

Would Government Play Politics To Escape Accountability?

A reader wrote me privately yesterday and asked for advice about whether or not to attempt a career in journalism — on staff somewhere, or freelancing — if he wanted to raise a family. I told him by no means to do that.

Radiation Is Good For You!?!

Nullification NOT Politics Is The Answer!

Can’t Wait For The Automated Teachers Unions…

Fracking? Think Exxon Valdez In Your Backyard

The Only Terrorists Are In DC

But He’s White, A Male, AND A Libertarian… He Has NO Rights According to the Government!

No Justice For Murdered Vet T-Shirts?

Everything Used Against You

And Government And Corporations Don’t Seem To Mind…

Between These Two, There Won’t BE a 2017!

What You Get With A Two Party Monopoly

What Actually Kills You…

A Cartel Protecting Criminals… Professional Courtesy?

In Our Name…

Why Citizens Can’t Help You Either!

And We Still Call This America?

When They Escape America For Russia In Order To Be Free…

You Are The Majority And YOU Are Not Being Heard!

Raped In School, College, Jail… All Government Institutions BTW.

And God Wept…

CIA Never Up To Any Good… And Look At The Consequences…

War Is Peace

Well Obama Works It Like a PT Job…

Mother Of God

Videocamera, Cellphone. Always Have One Around!

Let Me Guess, They Work The Cheapest…

No, they only exist to go after citizens, NOT criminals…. nor illegals… Just YOU!

Keep Voting For Obama… Eventually Something Will Change, Right?


I Won’t Eat Seafood, I Just Won’t.

And… We’re DEAD!

And Yet, They Can Download Child Pornography, and That’s OK!

Ignorance Of The Law, And You Qualify For The Police Force!

Something They Don’t Want To Know?

Crony Crapitalism

When You Make A Human Right, A Privilege In Law.


Classifying Government Funding al Qaeda. Wonderful. This They Find Time To Pass And Agree On… TREASON!

I Don’t Take Vaccines!


Economic Slavery

Where Austerity Comes From…


And Mankind Failed

Nixon is smiling upon Obama in HELL!

Yeah, We Know! They Are The SAME!

Rights Still Respected Somewhere…

One of These Men Is A Statesman, The Other Is A Corporate WHORE! Can You Tell Who Is Who?

Orwell Rolls In His Grave, Heller Is Not Surprised.

Funny How You Gringos Never Hear About This.

Insanity: The New “Normal”

Accountability Works!

Do NOT Stroke Out When Cops Are Trying To Arrest You!

This Way They Get To Kill The Baby AND The Mother!

You Will Get Nothing And Like It!

They Are The Stasi



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