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Just Who Betrayed Who, Here? Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves For Once…

August 10, 2013


At what point does “Ron Paul didn’t know, I bet” become dereliction of duty and incapable of management? Benton is STILL there, has his hooks in Rand, and Rand is supposed to be different and save us… from THIS? Are you NUTS!

Anybody who believes politics is going to save them, or that Rand Paul or Ron Paul are infallible. You can drop me… I didn’t learn to hold people accountable, only when they tell me what I want to hear. In fact, those people I hold to a higher standard. That is how it’s supposed to be… If I lose a ton of people on here… I can live with it. But I will no longer make excuses for Rand Paul, Ron Paul and their associates, perpetuate the belief that appealing in vain to authority is the same thing as having freedom and being free, and preserving that freedom for others, and waste my time depending on others to fight a cause to ultimate victory, when they need that cause to continue in perpetuity, as they rely on it for income and have monetized it into their own niche business…. When you have a problem you solve it, you don’t monetize it, and depend on it as your means of making a living, at the expense of everybody else, and call that a virtue and everybody else “Whores of Babylon” and “Takers” who deserve nothing except an untimely death since they do not have “the Triumph of the Will” that Ayn Rand loves to talk about and preach to her sycophants… I don’t need to waste time with those who can’t be helped… Life is too short, it’s time to MOVE ON!

On that note: There is something deathly wrong with a country where Adam Kokesh is sent to rot in jail for standing up for your rights and Jesse Benton is permitted to be a Millionaire just by marrying somebody’s daughter, after living with another woman at the same time, while he was dating/fucking his future wife… and knocking her up… That is definitely symptomatic of a “Collective Value Disorder” as Peter Joseph would say.



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