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You Have A Right To Think You Have A Right… That’s It!

August 7, 2013
From Facebook: “You have a right to life, just not to anything that which sustains life, which is to say that you have no right to life itself. Just as a concept that can not actually ever be attained… You have a right to be willingly deceived, more than often for somebody’s profit, and definitely from keeping you knowledgeable OF your actual rights, OR able to uphold and defend them… and remember… “You are FREE!!!” (only to do as you are TOLD, by the church, by the media, by advertisers, by corporations, by your peers, by your mentors and teachers and administrators and especially the government which never makes a mistake, they just throw money at it until it becomes “policy” and the new normal…. so you never think that anything is wrong, and if so, those who are victims, really aren’t since they “deserve it” since they are victims in the first place, and are evidently are inferior to the rest of us, as Ayn Rand would have you believe… Keep compounding your ideologies… It has worked out SO WELL for society and the world around you, so far… Has it not??? Oh right, THAT’S not allowed either! Critical thinking… DAMN! No wonder you guys are so screwed up!)”

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