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Who To Fear?

August 4, 2013

So I shouldn’t give a damn about the government eliminating my privacy and personal freedoms because they intercepted an open message from “al Qaeda” saying “something big is going to happen…” Really. That’s it. That’s all they have. Fuck Civil Rights! Save me from a faceless, nameless, entity who they can’t find, talking shit to his buddies… WOW! Our government is useless, worthless, and pathetically irrelevant, and we are fucking PUSSIES for putting up with this…

al Qaeda doesn’t have and use my health records, financial information, phone records, transcripts of emails, chats and phone calls… and doesn’t taser me for demanding evidence of a charge or proof of granted authority to do to me, as they see fit, whenever they feel like it…

Okay criminal government… Tell me AGAIN, who to fear!?!

To quote Jacque Fresco: “This shit’s got to go!”


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