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What Is Left???

August 4, 2013
If ALL of the warrantless wiretapping and email hacking hasn’t stopped any of the past attacks in the US, such as the shootings, bombings, et. al… And they couldn’t even prevent them in military bases… How much more privacy must be eliminated before I am safe according to the government. All you need is access to my financial records, medical records, transcripts of my calls, and texts. My emails. Photographing and opening (and even STEALING!!!) my mail!!! And STILL I am NOT “safe” from al Qaeda or Terrorists?

Well buddy, if the post office is opening and stealing my mail… THAT is terrorism to me! If the government is allowing corporations access to my financial and medical records to discriminate against hiring me. Or the government is cataloging everything I say or do online, and who I associate with and what I do with them when I do associate with them… I consider that to be TERRORISM!

What about THAT threat to my life, my liberty and my property! Aren’t you supposed to preserve and PROTECT that right! Well, WHY aren’t YOU!

I am no longer safe… From corporations, from financial institutions, from government sponsored entities, from the chemical medical complex, from the militarized “anti-civilian (World) police force,” from mob rule, from forced confiscation, and elimination of eternal rights into temporary privileges subject to my submission (behavior)…

If government is NOT the mechanism for preserving my natural human rights, then WHAT IS!?!

And WHAT is the justification FOR government!?! If it hasn’t helped thus far, to cease or remedy ANY of these outright abuses… Then why have it in the first place????


This is why the Founders said: “alter OR ABOLISH!” If we are not allowed to participate or alter it, THEN WHAT IS LEFT!!!


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