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Tom Woods On Jack

July 10, 2013

Tom Woods (From Facebook)

“Like Jack Hunter, I have been on the receiving end of attacks by libertarians who, when the media attacks us, rush to assure Mr. Nice Media Person, sir, that they’re not non-respectable extremists like me.”

My Response: Jack did it to himself. That who enjoyed purging those who disagreed with him, is left with no one to defend him when the mob comes for him… Live and learn. A blind man could have seen this coming. The real story is that another supposed ally of Rand Paul is gone… And Rand is going to have to be even more careful at picking his friends, to the establishments liking. Jack earned this. But this actually puts Rand in an even bigger threat of being compromised into “the established political order.” But if that is his goal anyway, then this is a necessary step that must be done, and everybody knew HAD to be done. So where is the surprise? I’m not surprised…. at all….


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