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The Arrogance Of Ignorance…

July 10, 2013
Matt (From Facebook)
“Dear, God. The “cruelest” decision was to cut unemployment benefits from an annualized $27,820 per person. Why work when you’re getting paid $28k/year to sit on your duff?”

RE: “The cruelest decision by lawmakers went into effect last week: ending federal unemployment benefits for 70,000 residents. Another 100,000 will lose their checks in a few months. Those still receiving benefits will find that they have been cut by a third, to a maximum of $350 weekly from $535, and the length of time they can receive benefits has been slashed from 26 weeks to as few as 12 weeks.”

My Response to this: I work two jobs, my avg. take home is an astounding 75-125 a week.. from BOTH!. And even I had to register with an unemployment office, in order to defer my school loans which I literally have no money to pay… So yeah, I may see it a little differently than the Ayn Rand types. But what does it matter, when I’m counted among “just the little people” and not a “maker”… in this rigged marketplace, welfare only for the rich… crapitalist society. You can give a person a job, or they can come to your door and rob you… if you refuse to reform our debt based monetary system, and still want order, even YOU are gonna have to put up with things you don’t want to…. Just like the rest of us… Either way, we shall ALL meet in the street… Peacefully or otherwise…

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