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Jack “The Hack” Hunter Brings Rand Paul Down To (With) Him…

July 10, 2013

RE: The Latest Atrocity From Jack “The Hack” Hunter

Take the money and run… “Hit The Road, Jack!” You purged Ron Paul Supporters from Rand Paul’s (bowel) movement…. Now YOU must purge yourself, if Rand is to have ANY chance at being selected to be granted the Ring of Power, to do the master’s bidding… This is what you wanted, YOU wanted to be a Gatekeeper, but THEY pick who gets to be in their inner circle, YOU don’t get to pre-select yourself OR ride in on the coattails of others…. I’m sure you remember the 1st Great Purge after the primary, when McConnell took over, with his men. Rand belongs to them now, NOT YOU! And if you want all of the hell you gave others and the purges you conducted so proudly and ARROGANTLY, to mean ANYTHING… Take the money and RUN! Far away from Rand Paul! Now you know how it feels, tell us… Just how DOES it feel Jack to be victimized in the way you victimized others… for YOUR ambition, and for Rand’s! DO TELL! Or better yet, just GO AWAY! How much MORE damage would you like to do? You killed RON Paul’s movement. Now you just about torpedoed Rand’s… Oh somebody is going to thank you for this… I’m sure.. You will be just fine! Guess the rest of us “little people” don’t matter anyway… So what’s it to ya? Well buddy, how does it feel to be “little” NOW…

Jack Hunter Built This (Mess…)



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