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Links: July 7th

July 9, 2013

A Nation IN-dependence…

Need Any More Evidence of Our “Free Market In-Just-US” system???

Why is the UN landing here in the US, and where did these planes come from?

The Repercussions Of The Health Care Bill, Written By Corporate Lobbyist FOR Corporations. And Politics Made This Happen!

Welcome To Wage Slavery

Eliminating Privacy Cost More Than Just Dollars & Cents.

How Modern Propaganda Works

His Good Fortune Is The Misfortune Of Our Nation

The Emperor Has No Clothes, But, An Army Of Protectors… Even Among His Victims

“I Know Where You Go, What You Do, Who You Screw, I Know Everything…”

Your Tax Dollars Paid For This

Tyranny Of The Minority

Theft, Sexual Assault=TSA

We Are No Better Than The People Who Tortured POW’s In Vietnam

He Built His Legacy On A Lie, & On The Corpses Of His Fellow Men…

Abusing Language To Continue Injustice

Your Children DIED To Prop Up Our Biggest Competitor On The Global Market! Sleep Well….

Another Branch Of Government Ruling In Favor Of It’s Master

This Is Why You Restrain Government… Or ABOLISH It! When It Goes Too Far!

This Happens Every Day… In YOUR Name… And People Wonder If This Is NOT Torture?

Who Will Protect Us FROM The Police?

An Entire Legacy, Built Upon The WORST Kind of Treason!

Keep Voting… It Might Change Something… Like The Face Of The Guy Implementing Identical Policies We Already Hate Now!

If Parents Involuntarily Sterilized Their Children, What Would We Say? But When The Government Does It… Silence.

Power Exist To Perpetuate And Expand Itself… Just Like Cancer. The Analogy Is Not Lost On Me…

“This Man, He Speaks The Truth–Punish Him!”

And We Wonder Why They Are Killing Themselves…

This Is What Government Does To “Protect You???”

Loss Of Opportunity….

How The Government Killed Your Privacy

This Is NOT A “Hate Crime” In Barack Obama’s Amerikkka!

Citizens Are Second Class To Non-Citizens…

Who Will Protect US FROM The Government?

This Is Insurance Fraud On A Massive Scale…

Two-Tiered Just-Us System In Amerika

This Too, Is NOT A “Hate Crime” In Barack Obama’s AmeriKKKa!


The Supreme Court… By The Corporations, Rules For The Corporations

Congratulations! You Just Woke Up In East Germany

Privileges Can Be Taken Away…

How’s The Status Quo, Workin’ Out Fer Ya!

Cannabis KILLS Cancer!

When Lies Suit The Government….

W. Would Understand

When Bigots Have Power…

Don’t Sign Up. No One Will Protect You… NO ONE!

Only 20, in 4 Years!

Yeah, It Get’s Worse

The 2nd Term Jinx Continues…

“He’s Exercising His Rights, I Can KILL HIM!!!”

So We Won’t Need Our Guns After All! Russian Troops Are Here To “Protect Us!!!”

I Know What Your Thinking, But Don’t Worry, The Insurance Industry, The Lobbyists & Obama All Get Their Cut! They Will be Fine!

Can You Imagine This Happening During The Cold War…

But WHY? What Did The Judge Have To Gain Here?

The Military Works For The People In Egypt

More From King Barack

What Do You Expect From A Pig But A Grunt

Getting Worse Is Still “Change,” Right?

Well, I Feel Safer…

This Is Who “We” Are…

No Change, Whatsoever…

The MSM Is BS!

You Live HERE! Holy Shit!

All Roads Lead Back To The CIA

Washington’s Role In Egypt

You Are For Sale

How The NSA Hacks Your Gmail

Would He Extend YOU The Same Courtesy… I Won’t Hold My Breath!

Who Is Working For Who, Here?

Have A Conscience, You Are The Enemy

I Wish This Was Satire

Yeah, Obama & Your Tax Dollars Support This…

What “Changed?”


We Have All Been Drinking PEOPLE!


Corporations Caused The Boston Tea Party

This Is Tyranny!

Another FDA FAIL!

Would Somebody Who Already Was Spying On You… LIE to you?

Would You Call These Guys For Help?

When Do We Invade Brazil?

1st Amendment IF You Got the Money!

There Are No Words…

As For The Next War…

TSA Bragging About Theft

We Kill Our Own Soldiers At Home!

Democracy Kills!

This Is NOT A “Hate Crime?”

Barack Obama Would Understand

Obama Is The Muslim Brotherhood


So Nobody Read 1984?

Got A Point There!

Free To Do As Your Told…

Ever Wonder How Your Shit Gets Stolen From The Post Office

This 4th Of July



You Are Already Under Surveillance

What Is Freedom?

Who Is Free Again?

Rare Accountability

Direct Violation Of 3rd Amendment

It’s A Tax

You Think This Is Rare?

It’s Called Blowback!

Corruption & Solutions

Media Protects The Worst

This Is NOT A “Hate Crime!”

Gestapo Tactics In Checkpoint America

Whatever You Do, DON’T Protect Yourself Like George Zimmerman! There Are Worse Things Than Death!!

Just Don’t Go, Save Yourself!

You Got Resources, We Got YOU!

He’s Got A Point!

So She Wouldn’t Hire Barack Obama, Because Of His Mom?

Liberalism eats it’s own thanks to Cultural Marxism…

Yes, They Are Taxing The Rain!

W. Never Left Office

So Why Do We Have To Comply With Kyoto & Agenda 21 Again?

You Are The Weakest Link… Good-BYE!

Barack Obama Made This Happen…

Red Dawn In America

Amnesty… Didn’t Work The 1st time…

The Agenda Never Changes….

Cops Really Are That Stupid!?!

Wage Slavery

Gays, welcome to slavery of the state… And remember you asked, begged and pleaded for it… This “institution” deserves to be ABOLISHED not codified or desired!!! FOOLS!

Everything Can Be Used Against You…

Must Watch!

Can You Do This At Your Job, & Still Have It?

Here We Go Again!


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