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Links: June 29th

June 30, 2013

Wiretaps Up 71% in a year… for you

Obama DOES believe in Nullification of US and International law…. When It Suits HIM!

Why Gaddafi Had To Go So Quickly… (It’s NOT why you think!)

Corporations Have Immunity and Unlimited Rights… YOU–NONE at all!!!

Forget redress of grievances… they’d rather you not be able to speak out at ALL!!!

Your tax dollars at work… Sleep well…

Your Rights eliminated to grant privileges to those who come to inherit them, from those who were supposed to protect you…

Are you the exception? How? Why? Media FAIL!

What Transparency?

Let The Meek, Kick Your Ass, With A Badge!

Is The ATF The Enforcement Arm For Something, and if so… WHAT?

Rigged Marketplace…

No Banker Left Behind… Only The People… (to rot and die!)

And They Want To Take YOUR Guns?

Welcome To Medieval America! In Your Name…


Oh Crap! The Truth Just Came Out on Cable TV!

Who Would Want These People Dead? Why!?!

When “Reform” Isn’t… Our Last Hope?

Can’t Kill The Messenger? Wound him… Why Syria Now?

More Security, Less Protection…

This is NOT a “hate crime” in Barack Obama’s AmeriKKKa!

Your Standard Of Living Recedes… As Government Expands

Government Doesn’t Trust You, Now, HOW Are They Your Servants, Again?

One Must Study The Constitution In Order To Completely Eviscerate It

Media Calling Itself Out…

Government Grants Themselves The Same Rights They Eliminate Or Nullify For You

No Future, No Legacy, Nothing…

Federal Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of… The FEDS! Never Forget Why Politics Doesn’t Work

Hey 292 to 6! Where’s The Bias In THAT! What A Police State Looks Like

Supreme Court Leaves In Place  Gender & Racial Discrimination

Other Countries Have Already Lost It Over Far Less Than What We Tolerate

No One Is Safe From The NSA

How Can You Say You Have Rights While Demanding Privileges, That Are NOT Rights?

Everywhere You Go, They’ll Know…

Hating The Truth Tellers

What Drones Are Really Used For… (Hide Yo’ Kidz, Hide Yo’ Wife!)

This is not a “hate crime” in Barack Obama’s white guilt, post racial Amerikkka… Just sit back and TAKE IT, when it’s YOUR turn!!!

Go To College, Get In Debt You Can Never Repay…

Who Will Protect The Troops, And Their Family Members FROM the Government?

You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan, Until You Can’t!

Loss Of Rights, Masking As Security Theater

Hallmark of a Police State & Failed State… Everybody Is A Suspect

Wow, An Actual Discussion About What Truly Matters!

Your Computer Is A Surveillance Device On YOU! Who Are The Bad Guys Again…

Like Russell Means Said: “Welcome To The Reservation”

The Freedom To Be A (Wage) Slave

Disarming You, For Profit!

Securing The Border By Eliminating It… What Consequences?

Vaccines… Kill!

When You Break The Law, It’s Illegal, When Government Does… It’s Policy!

“Nobody is afraid of this guy…” The American people are. And now his handlers apparently are TOO!

Got A Conscience, Don’t Join The Military. We Need You, HERE!

When Central Planning Fails, We Are ALL At Risk!

A Different Take On The NSA Leak

There Is No God, But Government, And Media Is His Messenger!

They get autonomy…. YOU get the bill!

The people won’t give a shit until their cable is out…

When Congress Lies, It’s Not Perjury?

In Your Name…

A Conscience Gets You Killed…

What Do You Call It When The Traitors Accuse The “Traitors”

Bet No Doctor Will Sign This…

Now The Health Care Vote Makes Sense…

Who Will Protect The Soldiers, From The Soldiers? Who Will Protect US!?!

Invent A Proxy War, To Carry Out The Next One The TRUTH FINALLY Comes Out!

The (Un?)Intended Consequences Of Government Policy

Speak Out, And Die!

Now, Will You Listen?

Got A Point There….

Psst! WRONG Country… ASSHOLES!!!

Another Example Of When Racism Doesn’t Count

Amnesty For Them, Austerity For You, And Bailouts For Those Who Enable The Guilty To Continue This

The Next War, Right On Time

The System Works For Those Who Created & Enable It, But Never For Those It Supposedly Serves

Free Market? Nothing More Than Empty Words…

Your Kid Isn’t Really “Yours” At All…

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