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The Future Of This Blog

June 21, 2013

I regret that my personal life obligations have inhibited me, from keeping up with the content of this blog. Rather than have it suffer from the paralysis of analysis, and try to do too much, or be overwhelmed by what I haven’t had the time to dig in to, I am making a change.

This change comes from the fact on one hand, timing, like I mentioned. My constant financial obligations and my constant search to meet them through several limited part-time jobs, keeps me sometimes from posting and expanding on content that I see daily from my sites, like Drudge, Infowars, Facebook News Feed and the like.

Additional frustration comes with the fact that in light of the NSA‘s ability to catalog and store every search, click and post I make or view online, several forums I have tried and social networks, simply are unable or unwilling to do this, and if so, ethically.

I don’t like having my information stored, shared and used against me on Facebook or any other site. And I don’t like losing all the content I post on other sites, because they are not technically capable of doing so. These stories help explain the content of my post, my writing and my sources for information, and it is only honest of me to be transparent with them, and bring individuals along to why I think and believe what I think and why I believe it. If I can’t reproduce that, I can’t defend my position,  and seem like just another ideological, talking point demagogue…

That get’s us nowhere….

So to bridge that gap, and shore up the inefficiencies, I have decided to post links about stories that do interest me, from multiple sources. At least I can still have them on here in the archive.

I still will write original content based on these stories, videos, and articles, and will refer them and cite them as such, but I will control that content here on my blog, where people who are motivated and interested in understanding myself and my views are collectively collaborating and sharing information with each other, than just have them lost into a NSA database to be used against me, or censored and erased without cause by Facebook or any other social network and it’s moderators/censors.

You do not have to view any of these links if they bother you, or clutter up your email and the like. I am trying to keep them all in single posts, hopefully per day. If the volume of my writing or posting clogs up your email and you want to unsubscribe, I understand. But at least let me try this before you decide to do that.

I will be posting daily, but no more than one or two per day. Really if I have the time, I may crank out 2-3 original articles at the most, but that will not be daily, I assure you.

If you like the content of this blog, please refer it and share it to and with others.

If you have anything to say, I’d love to hear you in the comments section.

I do this because I want people to be educated, informed, and inspired to find others who are motivated to take action to reform and fix our hellish circumstances of everyday life, not just be satisfied with being upset and deciding that is enough.

Whatever form of action suits you, is fine for me, vs. just staying home, and reading and doing nothing. I have my own issues and problems with the political system for recourse as any long time or thorough reader of this blog will know for sure. But as long as we are all pulling in the direction for personal liberty and the goal that is autonomy for ALL with nobody excluded provide they not act through force, fraud or violence against their fellow-man, then I welcome you and invite you to continue with me in the cause and march for justice for all individuals. No one excluded.

I am happy to agree to disagree with anyone and be civil, as long as I am allowed to state my case, and my reasoning, and I will invite others to do the same as long as they are respectful.

Many controversial issues I have covered here, have led to heated discussions on Facebook and in my daily personal life. Some I have reproduced here. With family members, Facebook “friends,” and even my harshest critics, both substantive and non-substantive.

And I don’t mind that, and I thrive on that. Because only through heartened debate CAN we actually learn from each other, and grow and be more evolved, loving, and considerate people, who look out for and desire to help one another.

Over the years, these people have helped me learn about the Federal Reserve, the folly of unrestrained war, the horrors of government intervention and even the nuances of the pro-life, pro-choice, and anti-state movements.

I want people to have the same experiences that I have had, that led to my personal growth and evolution, and this blog is a reflection of that and a product of it, as well.

As much as I would like this blog to be a success on the strength of my original posts, like the past, I realize that unless I broaden the content and the invitation to those who even disagree with me, I will be unable to change any minds, and succeed in my ultimate goal, which is to inspire, identify and rally others towards the cause of unrestrained personal liberty and freedom for all, in our times.

So let me ask you to remain involved. Not just with this blog, but with each other. Share your stories and your news that inspires you, and let’s allow each other to learn from each other, and expand our numbers in the march towards liberty and freedom.

I have ideas of how to grow this site and have more options and inclusion of others views and talents towards this blog and my neglected YouTube channel, and I look forward to working to implement those in the future. If you have any ideas, of what you would like to see, or technical expertise on how to make that happen, I would be more than pleased to talk with you. This is your site and blog as much as mine, and you deserve to have your voice heard, just as much as mine.

I would like to see more feedback, and it is a shame to me that the majority is just ads and automated spam. That makes me think that I am not doing my job, and am failing at being informative or as inspiring as I would like to be, with this forum.

I started this blog as an experiment. And I wouldn’t change a thing, as far as what I have learned, and how I have grown as a writer from it, since the very beginning. However I do know, that I am still falling short of what I hoped to do with this, and I would like your help, and your feedback of how and what I can do to make that happen.

This is not a blog to discuss how to take orders from another. This is a blog to discuss the dangers of the status quot, and providing hope for the change and reform that is necessary to address that, if not eliminate it. If you are patiently waiting for 2016, for some individual alone to save you, you are no different from the people who brought and delivered us our current dictator. I am not looking for a repeat of that circumstance. I am looking for people who will make whoever they select for us, to implement their self-serving agenda at our expense, irrelevant!

The PEOPLE have the power, when THEY decide to USE it! I want people who are angry, pissed off, and motivated to FIX what is wrong, or REFORM it, to make those bastards who are inflicting this upon us, irrelevant, or cowered to submission through the force of unarmed people with righteous indignation and a will that their natural human rights WILL be respected, no matter what the unresponsive or illegitimate forces of artificial power, or “the powers that be” think about those people actually participating and implementing polices to decide just what kind of world THEY want and choose to ultimately live in!

If you are that brave individual, you have found a home here. If you are not, read and engage with others, and just maybe one day, their influence or circumstances will bring you over to our cause.

That is what this blog is for. And I am sorry that it has thus far failed in reaching the audience that it should have…

I hope if you are a reader you will help me in reaching its full potential.

I can’t do it all myself, but with a little effort, maybe we can all do something meaningful and worthwhile together, or in some way help make that happen.

That is what this blog is for. And why I hope you will help me and support me, in this great, new journey.

For those who have continued to support me, and this blog up to this point, you have my undying thanks and personal gratitude. I am  so thankful that others like you recognize and see what I see, and will not be silent, or let it pass, without a fight or your consent! You people ROCK! And I am honored and humbled to serve the cause of liberty alongside you!

For the uninitiated, read, and decide for yourself if you want to be a part of this… All you have to gain is your freedom and the will to see autonomy for all, with no one excluded…. And that is much more than your government or any corporation ever promised you, or inspired you to act for…


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