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The Only Difference Between Rand & Ron In This Case…

March 9, 2013

The only reason the GOPers that did, joined in, was that it looked like a free shot at Obama, from the GOP, with the bipartisans/capitulators of both parties pleased that it was a true “free shot” since they had already agreed to accept Brennan and the policy anyway… And therefore had nothing to lose, in an empty gesture, that is not even symbolic, since it’s not even genuine… It’s grandstanding. Nobody is with anybody. If this wasn’t see by some as a way to score points against Obama, setting up for the midterms, then the chamber would have been as empty as when Ron used to do the same thing. Rand has a higher status since he’s a Senator, but in the end NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING changes politically. YOU have to change at the local level and assert YOUR power, for you to have ANY at all..

PLEASE do not be tempted or fooled to giving up your responsibility for yourselves and each other, over to the political process, and politicians like Rand and the rest of the GOP. We have tried that, time and time again, and look where we are now… and what we are bipartisanly being subjected to… and left with… the albatross of rule by implied consent… Take your power back!


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