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RE: The Rand Filibuster

March 7, 2013

The Rand filibuster is appropriate, and Brennan  will still pass anyway… So in the end, this may kick up fundraising and rally people to Rand for 2016 (which mind you is a LOONG way away from NOW…) But this begs the question WHY wasn’t this done, during the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, the Banker Bailouts, Authorization of Force in Iraq… etc., etc. Please do not allow this moment to force you to put faith in a broken system…. In the end, results matter, and YOU are responsible for your own freedom… The minute you cede your authority, you are nothing but a slave. And an obedient one at that… Do NOT put your faith in politics to achieve your freedom, your faith belongs in and with each other… The obligation to fight for and keep your freedom, belongs to YOU and YOU alone! NEVER forget that!

The  authority and obligation to preserve YOUR freedom does not belong to Rand Paul, and do not for one minute be satisfied thinking because of his actions that YOU are safe. That would be false. And this is one thing you cannot afford to have a false sense of security about, and remain silent, obedient, and content to stay on the sidelines as a dispassionate observer… The American people will ALWAYS be subjected to the exact amount of tyranny that THEY tolerate! Not Rand Paul, not Ron Paul, not Alex Jones, not Barack Obama, THEY the American people… tolerate! Remember that, and let it sink in, real good and hard, PLEASE! I beg of you, for your own sake and that of your children… This stuff actually matters. And you need to be in the trenches, pushing back against the cutthroat agents determined to eliminate your natural rights and hard-fought freedoms. You can NOT afford to cede your authority to ANY mortal man…

A wise man once said:

“A person has rights until such time as those rights prove to be cumbersome or inconvenient to the government. One man is easily broken and his family, friends, and colleagues will rationalize his destruction, never suspecting the actual danger to themselves’ or the real injustice inflicted upon all of us and our posterity.”


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