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This Post Is Not For Everyone… (So Be Warned)

January 11, 2013

This morning I read this story, and it made me sick.

Granted I work in a store like this. I can see this happening to me, and being in this situation and that is bad enough. But the fact that people have the unmitigated GALL to think that this wasn’t preventable and that the only sane thing to do to forestall it is to just to appeal to chance that this won’t happen where you live and work, makes me physically ill to the point of nausea…

What if it was you who was being stabbed and herded into a room, so that armed men could rob and rape the women you work with and have some kind of familiarity with on a daily basis? How would you feel if you had to see somebody stabbed, possibly even to death, bleeding and dying, calling out in agony for someone to help them, while help never comes…

What if it was you who was forced to listen to the repeated cries, shrieks, the begging, the muffled groans in pure agony, as a woman or young girl that you know is being systematically raped, beaten and tortured for minutes… and even hours…. What if that woman or young girl was your wife, your lover, the mother of your children or even your friend… god forbid, even a relative…

Would you be comforted that policy and a block of American citizens and those who even are not citizens who have talk shows, think that the only thing more offensive and unfortunate than what transpired here, would be if somebody was armed to prevent such a thing from occurring where they live and work. Did depending on the company to protect them, save the workers from this hell? Did the fact that no one was armed, keep these people safe from these sick individuals? Do the people have a natural right to protect and defend themselves from this kind of senseless tragedy. Or are they just left to be the next victims of circumstance, and the latest to “die for the cause” (both spiritually and in some cases literally) of political correctness,  promotion of  the absence of individual human rights and decency, and the notion that to be safe, one must be a slave to not just the individual who would victimize them, but also to the state, that is hell bent on making more victims, who must be provided for, than individuals who are capable of providing for themselves, in the context of  self defense.

Think about this when you read the articles, daily now, of restrictions on weapons, ammunition, licensing, purchase or voluntary trade of weapons. Not just firearms. Think about this when it is people who have self defense training, self education (homeschooling), who hold yard sales and engage in voluntary trade or barter, who use gold or silver as payment in transactions instead of worthless government debt, who purchase and sell raw milk, purified water, organic food, teach how to garden without using GMO seeds or toxic pesticides; People who dare to not read a newspaper, who asks questions of their doctor, of their attorney, of their teacher or professor, of their clergyman, of their family members, and especially of themselves… It is these people who are called out, and ostracized and labeled vile things like “Homegrown Terrorists/Violent Domestic Extremist.” Our government and sadly our sick society itself, sees these people as the threat, and the problem of society and the bane of our existence. Not individuals who would arm themselves with guns and knives, wait until everybody is gone, imprison  people in their place of business and attempt to murder one or more, while sadistically raping another one or more, for hours… with the guarantee that no one, will come to the individuals aide, or stop them until they are finished doing what they coldly calculated beforehand and in fact, came to do.

Is this the America you want to live in? Is this the America you want your children to live in? Are you comfortable taking the chance that it won’t be your daughter, niece, cousin, aunt, girlfriend, lover, or wife may or may not be subjected to a similar fate and even be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice? Are you comfortable taking the chance that your son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, boyfriend, lover or husband may or may not be subjected to being forced to watch the act or as has happened in the worst cases, be forced to participate in the act, and then either be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice himself, either by way of the hand of the perpetrators, or by his own, should he be overwhelmed by what he was forced to see, hear, or participate in, against his will, and cannot bear to live with it, for even one more day?

Is this the society we want for our children and ourselves when only the criminals and the government have arms, and they will look to protect the masses at the expense of individuals, like these most recent victims, who are victims of our collective psychosis in the irrational belief that the state, and a collection of those with absolute power and authority know what is better for each of us, than ourselves?

This is the kind of psychosis that believes that people should be disarmed by their own government, with an imminent and impending disaster coming that is guaranteed to wipe out any help or assistance that they will be in dire need of, for weeks, months, and even years on end. And then shriek in horror, when they hear of the theft, rape, murder, and brutalization that comes from a society unhinged, when they have lost everything and are  left with nothing and no one to help them, or listen to them.

This is the kind of psychosis that irrationally targets those who believe in the only protections we have to forestall such a human tragedy, the rule of law, respect for individual human rights, and duties that which was expressly given to the government to protect the people, from not only the people, but also from the government itself, as a government is made from the same people who society needs to be protected FROM!

This is the kind of psychosis that sees ANY individualism as a disorder, that needs to be medicated or conditioned out of the individual. Andy action taken to prepare for the worse as a sign of malicious intent against us all. Any belief that life is sacred and that we and our individual contributions are of value, and need to be respected, just as much as those who are granted positions of authority in exchange for the promise that we will continue to live, as free and as safe, as the day we gave up our power to do so for ourselves alone, in the first place.

Our nation was founded on a people so sick of the restrictions and tributes forced upon them while their grievances were ignored that they got in a ship, went across an ocean when 200+ years earlier NO one had even done that, and started a new form of government that would grant them the freedom and autonomy that was their birthright.

Today we are a nation that is expected to do what we are told, and ask no questions. We lose hours and income at our job? At least we have a job! We lose our health and well being do to nutrient deficient food, toxic spirits, artificial drugs and the chemicals that inhabit them, who are introduced to us, promoted, and sold for profit to multinational corporations, while lawyers sue us into bankruptcy for seeking justice in the courts, or politicians attack us for seeking redress for grievances by way of our representative, democratically elected,  government. Our food and farms are criminalized by the state. The FDA doesn’t seize toxic pharmaceuticals, they recall them after the fact, and seize those who use natural and homeopathic remedies to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits optimal. We don’t dare to ask questions or critique and criticize those in positions of power, both large and small, because we want to get a job at that place, work our way up, to BE in a position of power and use their influence to call the shots as WE see fit! Even though at the end, our jobs will be eliminated, our benefits eviscerated, and our prospects for future equivalent success evaporated, since we gave our best years of our lives over to this ungrateful entity, who just replaced us with a carbon copy of what we once were, and used to be.

Our retirement just became a commodity bought, sold and traded as a commodity, for other people’s profit. The promises of a pension and social security to keep us off the street and in need in our most vulnerable time of our lives, has not been kept, it has instead been used as a slush fund for the powerful to skim off more resources for themselves, while they raise our taxes, since they are paradoxically always short on money. And even worse, if you are responsible today and bother to save your money, you lose the ability to purchase needed goods and services incrementally daily, as the debt notes become plentiful and their value becomes scarcer and scarcer…. We are encouraged to spent irrationally for today, so that we can be left with nothing tomorrow, and die in debt to the bankers who own our home and our means of transportation; in debt to the bankers who paid for our mis-education,  and left to fend for ourselves appealing to their soldiers in congress for mercy, and if that doesn’t work, to our neighbor, for sympathy and compassion if they have it, and mercy if they don’t.

Whereas once the government existed to protect the right of individuals to speak, speak freely, publish, assemble, ask for redress of grievances, ask for security while trading their responsibility to account for that themselves, the right to read, watch, eat what we want, to seek out our own means of treatment, and to provide for ourselves and each other, that all has now been, or is in the process of being eliminated. Even now our basic fundamental right to self defense, or to have a Sheriff kick out those who would abuse their granted, temporary privilege of authority is now being questioned, curtailed, restricted or even in some cases… eliminated.

This is not our past, that we have evolved from and escaped for eternity. This is becoming our present, and our very near future if we continue to allow it, through abdication of our responsibilities, both personally and collectively, to ensure that everyone is protected and that all rights are preserved and respected. The basic, most fundamental right after life, is the right to protect that life. If we lose that, then we will have more tragic and avoidable events like what just transpired, detailed in the beginning of this article. WE have no hope if the narrative that emerges from this incident is that we all need to be disarmed and left to fend for ourselves when nobody is there or will be coming there to help us.  Our only hope to see to it that the next time it won’t be us, or those like us, is that we stand up for our individual rights, demand that those rights be respected by the government and by our peers and that if any individual, or group of individuals or collectives come to eviscerate or ignore these rights, those responsible will be subjected to something much, much more unpleasant than what their failed ideologies sentenced the victims of this latest abhorrent and unspeakable crime, were literally left behind to experience for themselves.

If this article has offended you, please understand that the fact that this incident could occur offends me, much, much more, than this article could even possibly offend you. That is what happens when you have a conscience.


I would hope you would want your loved one to do this, than be forced to submit, like in the previous case.


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