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On January 21st, 2013…The People Rise!

November 7, 2012

Would you be willing to do a silent 30 minute protest on Inauguration Day. Stop working. Stop shopping, do not take out money from the bank, do not buy anything, walk out of class, and stand at ease for 30 minutes inside or outside, with no explanation. Just a half hour of your time to let your government know, that if they do not stop what they are currently doing, at our expense, we WILL stop complying for at least 30 minutes. On the 31st minute, go back to work, class, shop, whatever you were doing.

See how the media decides to tell you, the motives for what you just did. See them struggle to explain to themselves and their corporate owners, why THE PEOPLE did something like that on Inauguration Day, of all days. Let it sink in that our criminal government does NOT represent US, and that we KNOW. And that until it does, WE, the PEOPLE will have NO confidence IN it, and will REFUSE to submit, and hand over OUR authority TO it!

All we are asking is for 30 minutes of your time, to deliver a wake up call that WE, THE PEOPLE will NOT be ruled against our will, we will NOT be forced to pay back criminals (Wall ST.) who already stole our wealth, and kept it for themselves (bailouts), and those who enabled them (President & Congress). And WE will NOT stand for ANY of it anymore! We will object, we will show our concern, and our thirst for justice. And if they do not listen, we will come back and do it again. At a time of our choosing. For an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month…. until those in power realize that WE have the POWER to STOP commerce, STOP participating with the system, until it chooses to serve it’s rightful, sovereign MASTERS… WE, the American PEOPLE!

Do you have half an hour to show our criminal government, their enablers on Wall St., the multinational banking industry, our corrupt for profit legal system, our medical military industrial complex, our militarized police state (cops and soldiers) the unwitting agents of the bankers themselves (who oppress sovereign peoples in foreign lands in our name to secure new markets for their cronies, and launder their profits back through those same bankers, where multinational, war mongering military contractors and corporations who have the legal protections and exemptions of people, like GE  who gets to pay NO taxes, while OURS are raised and Austerity programs are put in place to eliminate essential services the government exists to provide through contract), our thought formers and controllers in education and in the media, people of faith and atheists alike, people of all ages, and all races, and nationalities, that this country belongs TO WE, THE PEOPLE and exists for WE, THE PEOPLE,  and that ANY time the government seizes property, be it a business, wages, savings, your right to contract, your right to freely associate and speak freely, your right to assemble to demand a redress of grievances from those elected to represent YOU, and enact YOUR will, and preserve YOUR rights… You WILL exercise YOUR right and DUTY to alter or abolish ANY government when it no longer preserves protects, and defends these natural rights, that are given to you by birthright, and can NOT be eviscerated, limited, curtailed, marginalized or conveniently forgotten to serve ANY interests outside of that specifically demanded By WE, the PEOPLE…

This is NOT about party. This is NOT about those who earned their wealth by the fruits of their own labor. This is NOT about seizing the wealth and property of anyone, and giving it to others. This is about those who have abused their authority to provide basic protection through law, create and distribute money throughout the economy, invest the people’s money wisely, took the people’s income and promised that it would be returned to them, not stolen, gambled or depreciated to the point that the money became worth less, and effectively “worthless” while it was sitting in coffers and kept from it’s rightful owner, the people, and the American people specifically, and in the vaults of the bankers themselves & their cronies, both here in America, and overseas.

Will you stand up for the middle class who have become the working poor? Will you stand up for the working poor and the unemployed, who are struggling to stay in their homes, and have nowhere to go? Will you stand up for the homeless, who like you, once had everything you have today, and now are left abandoned, abused, assaulted, humiliated and destroyed? And will only be able to control their righteous anger for so long… Until they rise up, fight back in order to survive, and then YOU may be the next one to lose your right to liberty, to use your property, your right to even HAVE property, and the right to be left alone, as long as YOU do not steal, commit violence, abuse or fraud against a fellow human being, because of decree from our unresponsive, and rogue treasonous, criminal government? Will you ultimately wait until you HAVE to result to lie, to cheat,  to steal,  and even to kill, in order to preserve whatever you have left, once this begins…

Do you think that you are safe now, and will continue to be so? Do you think that the government who failed to protect you from the events of 911, and stop the Wall St. bankers from collapsing, through willful negligence to conduct oversight, as long as they got a cut of your money, and money created in your name, for YOUR welfare, is really going to save you from the rest of us… Did they save the brokers at Bear Stearns and Enron? How did they treat the whistle-blowers at Enron, the 911 Commission members and family members,  who spoke out against the commission report, that was directed by the Executive Director of the Bush transition team at the White House? How did they treat the first responders who were first told that the air was safe to breathe and were ordered to clean up, in spite of the fatal risks, that they were told, by  their own government,  were lies. How many of them died and were buried before they were compensated? Did that compensation adequately pay them for their medical bills, their lost wages, and human suffering. Did they save the soldiers during the first Gulf War from dangerous experimental vaccines that attacked their bodies to the point that they went from combat soldiers to permanently disabled, and that their wives and children would be disabled too, just like the children in NYC after 911, and that some infants, innocent children would be made to suffer and exist with horrific birth defects, and that these exposures continue for soldiers and civilians in the Middle East, up to this very day. And for their trouble were DENIED benefits and compensation from their ever loving government… Or on the condition that they cannot sue those who were responsible and irresponsible to the point of massive loss of human life and property were incurred because of their (in)actions…

If we can’t have our voice heard, our right to free speech respected, to assemble in public without being subjected to state sponsored violence, assault, sexual assault or humiliation, and exposed to lethal doses of radiation when we travel, without our right to speak to our government in private respected and to be heard, our right to keep private our financial information, our medical information, to practice the tenets of our faith in peace, without government harassment or intrusion, to educate our children as we see fit, to publish what we want, to act and proclaim our beliefs and share them in a non violent manner, and dissent, and dissent peacefully, then we have no options left but to withdraw consent. And find our strength in numbers, and in each other.

If no one wants to be our advocates then we have to be our own. If  we have no one left to depend on to protect our rights, and ensure our liberty, and to be safe and secure, then WE must be those people ourselves, who will protect ourselves. No exceptions, no exclusions.

Do you have 30 minutes on a random day for just that, small gesture, with huge consequences… And those consequences, well… rest assured, your calls will be answered, your voice will be listened to, and they must concede their agenda, or at least a part of it, to accomplish yours. In short, you get your power back.  How long depends on how willing you are to resist. And to not comply. Until our demands are met.

We are going to lose everything if we continue to be obedient to the disobedient, and comply with those who refuse to do so, in our name… The time has come to turn the tables, and flip the scales in the balance of power so that we may be preserved, and the guilty may finally be made to suffer the just consequences of their treasonous actions, and criminal associations.

If we are to preserve what we have left, and ensure a future for our children that is worth living, and does justice to them, and our responsibility to them and to each other, we must start NOW!!! The future belongs to us, as soon as we decide that it truly begins with US and US alone…

Half of you already resisted the programming and the call to participate in the most recent selection… I mean “election.”  That’s a start. But it’s not enough. We need the rest of you to come along and join us as we fight to preserve if not what we were promised, merely what we have left…

It is in everyone’s self interests to have a system that maintains and preserves order, justly and civilly and rationally. Politics is the antithesis OF that principle. We must abandon it, forsake it, mock it, and destroy it, as long as this corrupt version of it, robs us of what is rightfully ours, and shreds the notion of peaceful coexistence and autonomy, as along as force, violence, fraud, theft and abuse are not undertaken by ANY man or collection of men.

If we cannot alter, we must abolish this corrupt “For Sale” commoditized version of our political system, into something that is BY the People, FOR the People, and emanates FROM the People… Do you have 30 minutes of your time, this Inauguration Day to show our government that it truly belongs to US, and exists for US, and that if it does NOT align with our interests and preserves OUR natural rights, then it will become unenforceable, and replaced with a people who WILL preserve our natural rights, to associate freely, create freely, earn a profit from that which is created freely, and dispose of such property as the people see fit. With NO intrusion, NO interruption, and NO confiscation that is not based in justice, but is instead based on the debased notion of plunder for it’s own sake.

All you have to gain is your freedom… All you have to lose is your chains… Why not start that process now, on Inauguration Day? Show our government, just if for ONE moment, one, fleeting moment of your time on a random day, that YOU still have the power, YOU still have rights, YOU still have the ability to act of your own free will, and NO one, NO ONE can back you into a corner and defeat you buy your choice to imply consent…

Are you ready to take your power back? Then I will see you on January 20th, 2013, where you live, work, and breathe, standing at ease and sitting out, to show the government and the world, that the will of the People will endure and survive, even the most dire conditions, IF the people are willing to make their presence known to each other, their government, and to the entire world. ”

“If They Cannot Hear Our Voices… Let Them Hear… Know… & Tremble… At The Sound… Of Our Silence…”

— Our will MUST be respected, our rights WILL be protected, or you WILL be EJECTED!!!

–The People Rise.


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  1. “One hour is nothing. One day sure. One week, absolutely. Watch this. Start at 1:28:35 Watch to the end… to 1:43.”

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