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Even the Daily Paul is Compromised…

September 16, 2012
FWO: The establishment Brand Paul trolls are becoming unbearable on the Daily Paul

Gary Franchi Don’t get me started on the “Daily Pail: Where the run off of the Revolution collects” Yes, Nystrom cockblocked my efforts with the PAC because I’ve advocated for a 9 / 11 investigation. He even refused our advertising dollars and wanted me to resign my position just to get a post on his front page… His latest attempt to rebrand as P.AU.L (Peace Gold Liberty) is as transparent as he is… I hope you read this Nystrom. I’ll support RPF hands down before DP. At least the site owners at Ron Paul Forums are not soaking in their power to choke avenues that support spreading liberty… Excuse me I have to flush a Benton!

FWO: WOW Gary! I did NOT know this! That explains why he lets trolls incite attacks against anyone who veers “Off Topic“/message on the DP… Holy Cow! Thank you for sharing!

This certainly confirms the worst suspicions of the motives of some on the DP…

Funny how nobody ever mentioned this. But it does explain “Off Topic” and the mods rampant censorship on here…

So now that the campaign is over, no wonder they have to pump up Rand, and attack those who would criticize the next meal ticket, just like the failed campaign(s)… So sad… and transparent in hindsight.


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