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Your Supposed To Stand on Principle, The Ends Justify The Means Only Makes You What U Despised In The 1st Place.

August 23, 2012

The Granger on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 09:16. Permalink

Everything I’m seeing Maeve, is like this Earthquake has decided to DO what Ron Paul has been asking us to do SERIOUSLY, NO fear, NO doubt, No second thoughts, No conspiracy or distractions, no GJ, no write-in options, none of the stuff, just all streamlined agenda, work to compromise, get our support, and GO FOR IT BIG TIME. It seems planned from long ago. I have a feeling, the next meeting is going to see double the Palin support.

Really, by comparison, it appears Ron Paul grassroots wants to be a marginalized fan club that has nothing better to do than be gadflies with their “conscience”, opinions, and excuses. Where these guys.. no time for that. Even if Romney wins, I don’t see them abandoning the seats.. these guys have a PLAN, if not now, 2016 and they are stacking the decks.

Ron Paul tried to get an Earthquake like this.. he would be the nominee for sure.

I’m glad I stepped up because it’s given me a front row on watching the GOP transform before my eyes. Thank you for not judging me, but simply taking my information and making up your own mind.

Ron Paul told us to get seats on our county central committees because that’s how we win.

“They think they rule the internet and maybe they do… Sean”

Submitted by freewillobjector on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 09:32. Permalink

Yes “Ron Paul Republicans” standing behind Mitt Romney‘s Bush/Bama agenda for the world reflects greatly on Ron Paul and his principles…

You don’t change Washington DC, it changes you… see Rand Paul and his (bowel) “movement commissars…”

Change is enevitable

Submitted by The Granger on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 10:04. Permalink

Change is growth.

He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.
Harold Wilson (1916 – 1995)

Ron Paul told us to get seats on our county central committees because that’s how we win.

But how it changes is up to you…

Submitted by freewillobjector on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 11:36. Permalink

Cancer is referred to as “growth” too…

“This is an opportunity for us to own OUR movement and make it our own. We are free to associate with like-minded groups such as Anonymous or the Free State Project, or any other organization who supports us and agrees with us on some things, that we can work to implement to preserve our liberty for ourselves and future generations. Politics, doesn’t do that. Because the hierarchy make and break their own rules and apply them to you indiscriminately. For every one thing they allow to your liking, they implement a thousand more to target and eliminate your natural rights and choices… So unless you like the slow death of a formerly free Republic, to a failed 3rd world state… now is NOT the time to quit and just give up! We must dig in and fight harder… Change our tactics of accommodation and rationalization to tactics that impose our will upon our representatives, OR recall, replace or if nothing else NULLIFY their unconstitutional actions that threaten our way of life and even our right to exist.

We have lost because we gave away our power and trusted a process, instead of our gut. We wanted to be absolved of our responsibilities and were willing to accept masters as long as we thought they were benevolent… Well that did not and has not worked, we are weaker and our masters are ever stronger. And that will remain as long as we refuse to change tactics…

Do you have the courage to stand up for that voice inside your head screaming at you that in spite of everything the media and your friends (even in the movement) tell you that, everything is going to be ok, is not only wrong but, almost insane at this late date, and in spite of current events telling you that you may be the next sacrifice on the table, and that you must take action to save yourself? Did the founders take the long view. Did they join the government and hope to change it from the inside. If not… WHY not??? Are we intentionally avoiding the truth because we do not want to face up to the role we must play and the sacrifices we must make, if we are to change this mess we are in to something that remotely resembles the Republic our founders died for and is our birthright???

Well if that is the case, then we will remain slaves. Because we lack the courage to live free. Expect disappointment(Campaign). Expect betrayal(Rand), expect things to get worse and no one to listen to you… Because you have chosen to be powerless and to submit to authority, instead of assert your authority. That is the difference between a free man and a slave. When men are in need of masters, there will be an endless supply of them rushing in to fill the void. When men become their own masters, they can protect and preserve freedom, and work together in absence of force to meet their own needs (i.e. Non Aggression Principle).”

We haven’t lost

Submitted by The Granger on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 12:15. Permalink

Some of us NEVER got on the GOP wagon and FOUGHT. Instead, they make every lame excuse they can to remain STUCK in limbo land, and cry.. Oh they took the tea party, oh they took our idea,, oh they took,,, Well, that’s what they do TAKE.

Ron Paul asked ALL of us to make a stand by getting a committee seat.


I could careless who YOU want to aassociate.. it’s not about YOU or me, but about RON PAUL’s MESSAGE!


Ron Paul told us to get seats on our county central committees because that’s how we win.

You can have a hissy fit all you like…

Submitted by freewillobjector on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 13:11. Permalink

but forgive those who do not see how being bound and gagged in the trunk of the GOP is preferable to the message of liberty than where we were before we decided to play the game… BY THEIR RULES, and their rules alone!

Quit complaining if people can see through you. You can’t fool ALL of the people ALL the time…

It’s not in their interest to act in yours…

Submitted by freewillobjector on Thu, 08/23/2012 – 13:18. Permalink

That is why it is always YOU that has to compromise.

You saw what William Wallace got when he attempted to collaborate with Robert the Bruce… Your hubris here is unbelievable. Your attitude sells it REALLY well. Anger is a sign of weakness. Usually symptomatic of an individual who is speaking in half truths and lies to get attention and divide and direct one to their own aims…

Think about it if it is really worth all your effort and time trying to get free people to follow your will, if they do not see the point of it. Then adjust your approach to selling your views, you might get a better response from those on here, if you do… Until that time. Expect this.

Your paradoxically attacking people on the basis of their principles, for not substituting what they learned from Ron Paul, for what is required in corrupt party politics. Until you rectify this with yourself, you will continue to attack, post and repost the same diatribes that have gotten you to this point in time.

If your not winning the argument, then it is you that has to change.


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