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The Roundups Have Begun… Any One of Us Could Be/Are Next…

August 23, 2012

If we do not fight for the right to speak freely and speak the truth to power, there is no hope for any of us. We are just debt slaves, with temporary privileges, and NO inalienable natural RIGHTS to anything!

Now you can’t ask government for redress of grievances, they delete your email, and erase your phone messages, and ignore your phone calls. You can’t even assemble in public to demand FROM A DISTANCE that your rights be protected and respected… and that you insist that those in power you hired to do so, be put under scrutiny in public, if they will not hear from you in private.  Anything and everything you say will be used against you. Even clicking on and viewing this blog.

We are ALL “Homegrown Terrorist and Domestic Extremist” now… Anybody who dares to publicly demonstrate that they have a conscience is a target for harassment from the state or even DEATH!

No deviation from the propaganda from the corporate media and the similarly corporate occupied territory of Washington DC is to be tolerated, and will be strictly enforced. That is the ONLY “Occupation” that is allowed under the present failed state, that is the Corporation of the United States of America. Please do not make the error to believe the fallacy of seeing this fiction as YOUR legitimate government by and of the people. The united States of America died the day they became a Corporation and wrestled power from you, enacted complex mechanisms to shield their corruption from your legal and lawful duties to check their power and restrict their authority to the powers delegated to them by THE PEOPLE, and NOT the corporations who now are the only “persons” that matter and have their rights respected, and enforced against the rest of us.

If WE the PEOPLE do NOT speak UP and OUT for Brandon Raub, who will be left to speak for us? If the soldiers coming home know, that if they do the same, to try to stand up to the agents of the Corporations, and the Corporations and multinational organizations that harbor them, how can they put their lives, family, property, duty and honor on the line, for the rest of us?

If we continue to accept this, we will be next. They have a list, they have checked it multiple times, they have built the detention centers, they have trained our military and their private mercenary armies to handle the roundups, and “clean up” anyone else who interrupts their agenda, and “agitates” others to do so. We are perilously close to being finished as a nation. We are broke, we are divided, we face an arrogant foe, who will harass, steal, and indiscriminately kill to achieve their goals. At some point if your survival is at stake, you have to find the courage and defiance to get off the mat, and stand up for yourselves and defend your life, your liberty and your property.

While some may call for violence, they are merely pawns for the state and accomplishing the transformation agenda, that is almost nearly complete of forever erasing what America was, and replacing it with a centrally owned and operated, corporate, globalist, failed 3rd world state. Our only chance to stop this is NOT politics. It’s you deciding to be brave, and have the courage to NOT COMPLY with unconstitutional actions… I wish that was enough. But it’s not. We just as critically MUST DEFEND those who stand up FOR us, like Brandon Raub. If we can no longer assemble to speak the truth to power, and to each other… We resign ourselves to the failed state agenda and will have EVERYTHING used against us, and taken from us. Family, career, opinions, beliefs/values, belief systems, who you love, what you believe, WHY you believe it,  who you listen to, who you disagree with, what you own (or think you own, like your house), what you buy, where you buy it from…. EVERYTHING is on your dossier. You are the terrorist, and the next target IS you. And anyone like you. There is no place to run, there is no place to hide. You are trapped in their guilded cage that has begun to rot and will disintegrate.

Your will must be recognized and enforced. It cannot be allowed to waste and leave you empty and disarmed, ready for them to do what they will with you, and those like you. You must speak up and assemble NOW to save not just Brandon Raub, but YOURSELVES! Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time, as they move from one checklist to the next, to target dissidents for interrogation, indefinite detention, TORTURE and even DEATH! Please take action to save yourselves, so we have a chance to save each other. I don’t want to end up in a detention facility, rotting away, tortured and with nothing to do except wait for my untimely death on their terms, because you were too indifferent/ambivalent and afraid to speak out for me, as I speak out for you now… Do NOT let that be my epitaph, or yours,  or our nations.

Please, I beg you, I implore you, (because I know that I cannot force you) to do something for yourselves and SPEAK OUT for Brandon Raub. Your life and your children’s life depend on you enforcing your will upon government, through reason and determination, to STOP them from getting away from doing this, to this patriot and American citizen.

Bradley Manning has been incarcerated and tortured for over two years (since May 2010). Some people have spoken out for him. But he remains a prisoner for exposing the criminality and immorality of our government, that is no longer by and for, the people. But if We, the People, stand up for Brandon Raub, we stand up for Bradley Manning, we win their freedom that is long overdue and precious for them, and for the rest of us. If we stand up and STOP the imprisonment and torture of Brandon Raub, we do the same for Bradley Manning. We show the troops that as they stand up for us, we WILL stand up for them. And we put the criminals in and of the government on notice, saying in a unified voice, that they WILL fail and that the Republic still exists, and as we were born free men, we WILL remain so. To the last man, woman and child of this Constitutional Republic.

This is gut check time America. Do we have it in us to defend our inalienable rights and protect the freedom of those who risk everything from enemies foreign, and especially domestic, to ensure that as they enjoy those natural rights, so shall we… I am counting on you right there at the computer screen, and your keyboard to look inside yourself and ask if you have it in you to defend this man’s freedom… I hope you realize as you defend his freedom, you are defending and ensuring your own. Stand up for this brave American who fought agents both foreign and domestic to protect our Republic. Stand up for Bradley Manning and the right to expose crimes from our government that they take money from us, to carry out in “our name”… Who will speak for Brandon Raub and Bradley Manning? Believe me when I say, whoever does, will be the ONLY individuals speaking out for YOU! Please save yourselves… Save our Republic… Save Brandon Raub, and do the same for Bradley Manning.

“for  the Republic… which it stands, for liberty, and justice…. for ALL…”


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